Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Goblin - Phenomena

Goblin's score to Dario Argento's Phenomena, starring the frequently naked Jennifer Connelly. Of course, not here, since she was like 15 in this, so that would've been weird. I meant the other stuff. She was willing to be thrown into a huge pool of maggots for this one instead, and doing that without vomiting probably took a great deal more effort than you would think.

1. Phenomena2. Jennifer3. The Wind4. Sleepwalking5. Jennifer's Friends6. Phenomena (Film Version 1)7. Phenomena (Film Version 2)8. Phenomena (Piano Solo-Film Version 3)9. Sleepwalking (Alternate Version)10. The Wind (Film Version Suite 1)11. The Wind ("Insects"-Film Version Suite 2)12. Jennifer's Friends (Alternate Version)13. Jennifer (End Titles)14. The Monster Child (Spfx Bonus Track 1)15. Phenomena (Video Clip Version-Bonus Track 2)16. Phenomena (Alternate Version-Bonus Track 3)17. Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor - the valley18. Simon Boswell - the maggots


Mr Shrubber said...

Awesome score to a gloriously OTT film. Donald Pleasance, a maggot petting zoo and monkeys with frickin' razor blades? Count me in.

Don't feel too bad for Jennifer. I read somewhere that the 'maggots' contained chocolate and essence of mint - think of that the next time you wonder how she developed those gazongas.

Anonymous said...

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