Monday, December 03, 2007

Francis Lai - La Leçon Particulière

Here's some more Francis Lai for you guys. This is from the 1968 film La Leçon Particulière. Like the last Lai score I put up I haven't actually seen the film the music is from, but the music is fantastic and I highly recommend checking it out.

1. Theme De La Lecon Particuliere (01:43)
2. Rencontre Sur La Neige (05:15)
3. Melancolie D'Olivier (01:30)
4. Theme De La Lecon Particuliere (00:40)
5. Rencontre et La Gare (00:50)
6. Rupture (00:33)
7. Le Telephone (01:40)
8. La Lettre et La Promenade (03:23)
9. Generique (02:35)
10. Bossa Nova pour Christine (01:50)
11. I Don't Know Why (02:12)
Performed by Nicole Croisille
12. Theme D'Olivier (01:52)
13. La Lecon Particuliere (01:18)
14. Bar D'Avoriaz (01:30)
15. Night In Avoriaz (02:50)
16. Where Did Our Summers Go (02:18)
Performed by Don Black

I finally got around to getting a new banner up top. I wanted to put it up when I posted the Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers music, but it's actually a bit of a pain in the ass getting them to fit properly so I didn't get it up. Someone mentioned that they thought I should post all of my previous banners, I guess as a bit of a "History of the Morgue" kind of thing. I thought that was a cool idea so I'll do that here soon. I'll have to go through my archives I've saved on my computer monthly to make sure I get them all. (Yes, I'm a dork.) Until then I thought I'd post a couple other banners that I haven't put up yet for various reasons. Anyone know if there's an actual Flash Gordon font out there? Or something similar? I'd like to use the yellow one at some point, but I couldn't find a font anywhere close to the real thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi phelpster,

I am a long time visitor stopping by simply to say: your page is absolutely great! Your range of material is impressive and I can firmly say it very much broadened my interests in the obscure. Thanks a lot for that!

Now that you are talking about banners I know of only one way you could make your site even more awesome: make your banner a link so it will redirect to your site. I am usually visiting via rss feed and end up with the individual post that I clicked on. I then have to cut away the end of the address in the address bar when I want to go to the main page. If you'd make your banner a link to this would save me 3 seconds every time I come here. Maybe that sounds quirky but having read so many of your humorous posts I hope you can understand the weird thoughts that go through people's minds, well at least through mine ;)

Rock on! Long live the Morgue!

isbum said...

If you are feeling the Christmas spirit phelpster, could you share this one with my friend Tony?
His blog is dedicated to the works of Francis Lai, check it out here

now that you're kind of a fan of the Lai, you may find some scores of interest.

Best wishes for a great Christmas at The Morgue!

phelpster said...

Anonymous - Thanks a lot, really glad you like what I'm doing here. As for the banner thing, it's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I don't actually know how to get it to link back to the site. I've tried to make it do that before but I couldn't figure it out and I just gave up. Once I figure out how to do it I'll definitely put the link up there though.

Isbum - Holy crap, what a site! I'll be getting a lot of stuff from there for sure. Looking through his site it looks like he actually has this one already. This might've actually been from his original post even, I found a RS link on a forum a couple of months back and downloaded my copy from there. Not sure, they didn't say where they got it from.

isbum said...

Great phelpster! Indeed tony has experienced the "thieving magpies" of blogland.
His blog, much like Morricone Lover exists through the generosity of others who spread the Lai's around.

Drop in to my place if you like.

It's really just a monthly requests post much like the one at You Don't Have To Visit This Blog.
Same folks, minus Greg.

Say hello and ask for something you can't find if you'd like.

Thanks for all you do here at the Morgue!

djem said...

Bulgarian language:

Много ти благодаря за музиката от филма "La Lecon Particuliere" !! Аз търсих дълго откъде да си ги дръпна, докато не попаднах на твоя блог. Ако още не си гледал филма, непременно го направи. Там има една прекрасна любовна история."La lecon particuliere" е един от любимите ми филми :-)

English language:

Thank you very much for the music of the film "La Lecon Particuliere"!! I looked long how to pull them until they fall to your blog. If you have not seen the movie, be sure to do it. There is a beautiful love story. "La lecon particuliere" is one of my favorite movies :-)


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