Monday, January 07, 2008

Angela Morley - Watership Down

This is from the 1978 animated film Watership Down. I've actually never seen the film, it's supposed to be excellent, or so I've heard, but it seems to have trouble staying in print. The 2002 Warner DVD release is out of print and going for close to $50, hopefully a new release will come out in the near future so I can actually see it.

1. Prologue And Main Title (05:43)
2. Venturing Forth (01:11)
3. Into The Mist (01:24)
4. Crossing The River And Onward (02:24)
5. Fiver's Vision (02:08)
6. Through The Woods (02:49)
7. The Rat Fight (00:41)
8. Violet's Gone (01:21)
9. Climbing The Down (01:41)
10. Bright Eyes And Interlude (03:06)
11. Bigwig's Capture (03:06)
12. Kehaar's Theme (02:48)
13. The Escape From Efraf (04:00)
14. Hazel's Plan (01:36)
15. Final Struggle And Triumph (03:08)
16. The End Titles (02:59)

You're closer to death than I am.


Anonymous said...

It's not nearly as good as it is in people's memories. I think it stands out only for being a huge break from the happy-message animated features that dominated cartoons of the time, but the story is awkwardly handled and the animation is very sub-par (poor visual and animated compositions, many repeated sequences to save work, etc). Even as an animator, i have a difficult time finding much in Watership Down that's redeeming. The original book is good though, as is usually the case. If you do catch the movie some day, keep my warning in mind if only so your experience can be better than what i said... ;-)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Whole thing can be watched on YouTube right now (you never know how long that'll last, though)...

CG said...

Excellent film. Don't know if it's worth the $50 price tag though. Especially if you've never seen it. I enjoy it for mostly nostalgic reasons.

Anonymous said...

One other thing, Watership Down holds the second place slot on this list:

The 10 Best Animated Movies for (Traumatizing) Kids

Omnivoor said...

Bright Eyes (Mike Batt): the one and only original from the film: the best, one of the best songs EVER.

Nate said...

It's out on DVD now, from Warner Home Video...

Anonymous said...

Truly awesome to find such a treasure. Thanks!


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