Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chuck Cirino - Hard to Die

This is Chuck Cirino's score from Jim Wynorski's film Hard to Die. The film was touted as being kind of a female Die Hard as produced by the Playboy Channel, but apart from being set in a large building and featuring the occasional machine gun it's not really like Die Hard at all. I don't remember John McClane being menaced by a serial killer's spirit while running around in his underwear. As hilarious as that might have been. While I don't agree with Joe Bob's 4 Star rating, Wynorski's usual combination of horror, comedy and gratuitous nudity definitely make this Sorority House Massacre II semi-sequel worth checking out.

Like a lot of Chuck's work (Chopping Mall, Ghoulies IV, 976-EVIL II, Evil Toons) there was never an official release for this score. So thanks a lot to Tony over at The Old Hockstatter Place for supplying the files on his site. He also has the Sorority House Massacre 2 score streaming over there. I could've sworn I had already posted SHM2 here, but I guess I never actually got it up. I'll be posting it on here soon, but if you can't wait you can head over to Hockstatter to get the files directly from there.

Since there was no release I had to make my own Hard to Die cover. I'll probably fix it up a bit more, fill in the huge empty space, but for now it'll do. There isn't a tracklist, the tracks are just numbered 1-33.


Calimero said...


I just want to let you now that I recently discovered your blog and I love what you do!

I don't know if I am allowed to do this but I have a special request... :)

I have been looking for Stefano Mainetti's "Ratman" ("Quella Villa in Fondo al Parco") and the score for "The Sect" ("La Setta").

Thanks a bunch regardless if you can help me or not... :)

Chuck Cirino said...

I'd like it a lot better if this wasn't a bootleg. Some day I plan on releasing this for real. Please check out my 'legal' releases at BSX Records.

-Chuck Cirino


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