Monday, December 08, 2008

Walter Rizatti - 1990: I Guerrieri Del Bronx (1990: The Bronx Warriors)

Here is one of my favorites, Walter Rizatti's score from 1990: The Bronx Warriors - the world's only post-apocalyptic tap-dancing street gang film. Bronx Warriors was Directed by Enzo G. Castellari of Inglorious Bastards, and Warriors of the Wasteland fame and featured Mark Gregory and Enzo's go-to badass black guy Fred Williamson (which of these post-apocalyptic Italian movies was this dude not in?). Castellari also directed the sequel, which appeared on a Mystery Science Theater episode I posted a while back.

1. Bronx 1990 (02:34)
2. Fire Knights (01:53)
3. Trash And Annie (02:22)
4. Radioprogramme (03:00)
5. Hammer Boss (02:53)
6. Bronx Suspense (02:34)
7. Learning To Die (04:43)
8. Bronx Traffic (01:51)
9. Skaters Group (02:10)
10. NY Suspense (03:10)
11. Spillo's Death (01:44)
12. Ring Mystery (01:34)
13. Trash And Annie (II Vers.) (02:54)
14. The Warriors (02:08)
15. A Bar In The Bronx (04:08)
16. Fear And Death (02:43)
17. Still And Again (01:23)
18. Slow Run (01:44)

Request. I'm in the middle of watching the Pia Zadora movie Voyage of The Rock Aliens (which, incidentally, happens to be one of the most ridiculous movies I've ever seen). Does anyone out there have, and want to share the soundtrack? The movie is absurd, but the music is pretty entertaining, in a cheesy-Pia-Zadora- alien-musical-comedy kind of way.


Jeff said...

Well,I don't have a lot about "Rock aliens" and the quality is not always good. Justine have an abrupt end; "Let's dance tonight"and "Real love" are coming from a vinyl ; "openhearted" is apparently a remix (?)
but better than nothing

Kim said...

Thank you so much!
Love that film
but the sequel is even better!!!!

phelpster said...

Jeff - Awesome, thanks a lot! I've managed to find the other Pia songs, so I'll try and put together a semi-complete soundtrack and post it on here soon. Thanks again

Anonymous said...
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Gargoyle93 said...

I can't decide which is goofier - Voyage of the Rock Aliens or the video for "When the Rain Begins to Fall."


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