Friday, October 31, 2008

Brian May - Dr. Giggles

Well, it's Halloween, and what better way to celebrate than with the score from the horror classic Dr. Giggles (real name, Doctor Rendell). Okay, certainly not a classic but I do think that while it lacks in quality, it makes up for it by being really, really odd. It's so full of inventive gore scenes and terrible zingers that on some level it's hard for me to dislike it.

The score was done by Brian May (not the guy from Queen). One year prior to scoring Dr. Giggles he worked on the equally bizarre Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. Another movie I really enjoy despite it's best efforts to prevent me from doing so.

1. Dr. Giggles (05:21)
2. Tivoli Street (03:01)
3. Re-Opening Case (02:37)
4. The Doctor's In (01:54)
5. The Gentle Blue Pill (04:07)
6. The Cops Search (02:18)
7. Jenny Talks To Max (00:47)
8. We Are What We Eat (01:44)
9. A Heart Problem (01:49)
10. Mirror Maze (04:32)
11. Magruder's Flashback (04:04)
12. Doctor Heal Thyself (04:36)
13. Have A Heart (03:54)
14. The Rescue (03:02)
15. Fight And Flight (05:39)
16. He's Not Dead (04:36)

If you're wondering, I think Giggle would have to be the 3rd worst word for laugh, right behind Chortle and Guffaw.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - 20th Anniversary out now

As any MSTie* out there should already know, Shout Factory now has the rights to future MST3K DVD releases. They just put out their first release, a 4-disc set containing the episodes First Spaceship on Venus, Laserblast, Future War and one of my favorites, Wahrwilf. The set comes in a large, very shiny tin (shiny good) with a cool little Crow T. Robot statue.

The tin, in all it's glory. It's pretty huge, actually. Looking at it from the front, it's not much bigger than a normal DVD case. But, this thing is pretty deep. It's not as far back as, say, the Blind Dead Collection coffin box, but it's close. It's about 6 1/2 regular Amaray cases thick. Think Planet of the Apes Legacy Collection thick.

And here's a shot of everything else. DVDs, Lobby Cards and Crow.

Those of you interested in owning this set (like myself) might need to hurry. Shout released this statement a few days ago on their site:
News Flash...News Flash...News Flash

Due to an unexpected level of demand, all copies of the deluxe version of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 20th Anniversary Edition 4-DVD box set have shipped to retail outlets in advance of the October 28, 2008 release date.

As a result, Shout! Factory is rush-releasing the standard version of the box set, which contains all four film episodes and DVD bonus features, but not the collectible tin box, the Crow T. Robot figurine, or lobby cards that are part of the deluxe version. The standard 4-DVD box set version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 20th Anniversary Edition will arrive in stores on November 18.

Shout! Factory

It sounds like a huge deal, but it's not. Places like Amazon or even some stores like Best Buy should still have them available. And if you miss it, fear not, the set will be released without the tin on November 18th. But if you want the tin or the Crow statue, you might want to visit your nearest DVD purchasing establishment soon.

*Speaking of MSTies, you're not a true MSTie unless you're wearing my newest creation - The MSTie: Coming Soon From Phelpsco:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Psychos in Love - Theme Song by Carmine Capobianco and Debi Thibeault

I'm just posting one track this time, but it's a great one. This is from the obscure 1986 horror/comedy/mockumentary Psychos in Love. A touching love story that follows bloodletting barkeep Joe and his deranged soul mate - a maniacal manicurist named Kate - on their mission to kill every person they meet that enjoys grapes. Or any grape products. You see, Joe and Kate hated all kinds grapes. They hated green grapes. They hated purple grapes. They hated grapes with seeds. They hated grapes without seeds. They hated them peeled. They hated them non-peeled. They hated them in bunches, one at a time, and in small groups of twos and threes. They fucking hated grapes. With a vengeance.

Anyway, the theme song that I'm presenting here was actually performed by Joe and Kate - the very love-stricken Psychos of the title. Unfortunately the theme is all I have right now, but given the obscure nature of this film I don't think the score stands a chance of being released. And unless Gorman Bechard and Carmine Capobianco somehow see this post and let us know where to find it, I don't think we're getting it. Hell, the movie itself is near impossible to find. You've got the long out of print Wizard Video copy, or the super limited German DVD (limited to 300 copies). That's it as far as I know. Odd that it's so limited because it's actually a very funny film with two of the most likable and entertaining on-screen serial killers you're likely to find.

I ripped this myself from the German DVD earlier today. As you'd imagine with a 16mm film made over 20 years ago, the sound quality isn't great, but it shouldn't make your ears bleed or anything of that nature.

And what the hell, how about the lyrics?

Joe's Part:
You walked into my life one night,
at first I thought you’d be like all the rest.
Boring to talk to, and boring in bed,
in general an all around pest.
I was all set to cut you into little bitty-bits,
chop you, dice you, slash you, slice you,
Drill you with drill-bits.
You turned my life around with your beauty and scent,
and all I did was kiss you once and it was straight to heaven I went,
Said, all I did was kiss you once and it was straight to heaven I went.

Cuz I’m a psycho in love, I can’t help myself,
Psycho in love, I’m a psycho in love,
Never felt this way about anyone else,
I’m a psycho, psycho in love.

And now the lady's:
You’d be just another victim so,
when you asked me out I said sure.
My motto has always been: "An ounce
of prevention is worth a manicure."
I thought you’d end up being just some other guy,
I was set to stick my scissors right into your eye.
You proved to me that life could be fun without the blood,
I love you even though you’re pudgy and you look like Elmer Fudd.
I love you even though you’re pudgy and you look like Elmer Fudd.

Cuz I’m a psycho in love, I can’t help myself,
Psycho in love, I’m a psycho in love,
Never felt this way about anyone else,
I’m a psycho, psycho in love.

And then it just kind of goes on like that, you get the idea.

One more thing before I go. Does anyone have, or know where I can find a good quality scan of the Wizard cover art? That art is fantastic and I'd love to make a DVD cover for it. I found decent scans of the front and back, but the front has a lot of glare that might make it a pain in the ass to work with.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3

Here's the soundtrack from the third installment of the Texas Chainsaw series, Leatherface: TCM 3, or Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III for long. Featuring Death Angel, Sacred Reich, and several other bands of less importance. Coincidentally, this is the second time I'm posting something with the song Methods of Madness by the band Obsession - That song was also in Sleepaway Camp 3 (soundtrack here). I'm a little disappointed that the punk band Leatherface doesn't have a track on the soundtrack. Having a band named after the main character in the movie appear on the soundtrack to a sequel seems like something you'd have to make happen if you were responsible for the soundtrack. TCM3 came out in 1990, they were around then, they should've called them. Bastards. Lääz Rockit (what the hell is a Lääz Rockit anyway?) has a song called Leatherface on here, but that's just not the same.

The film is not the best in the series (though certainly no TCM: The Next Generation) but there are some great casting choices, Viggo Mortensen, Ken Foree, Tom Everett and even Clu Gulager's wife Miriam Byrd-Nethery as Mama Sawyer. By the way, don't be shocked if it is eventually revealed that David Duchovny is the illegitimate son of Tom Everett. I mean come on!

Now that the word Leatherface has appeared more times in this post than it did in the entire script for the movie, I should finish up. Here's the tracklist:

1. LEATHERFACE (04:10)
Laaz Rockit
2. BORED (03:27)
Death Angel
4. SPARK IN MY HEART (04:56)
5. POWER (04:05)
6. ONE NATION (03:20)
Sacred Reich
7. MONSTER MASH (05:31)
Utter Lunacy
8. THE GIFT OF DEATH (08:50)
Wasted Youth
MX Machine

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mary Shelley Overdrive - Bride of Shock Theatre

Hot on the heels of the release of their debut Mary Shelley Overdrive has unleashed a new EP just in time for Halloween. I debuted a couple of the tracks a few weeks back, and now the full EP is available for download, for the low, low price of on the house. Just head on over to their site for more info and download links for Bride of Shock Theatre and the prequel, if you will, for that one entitled Shock Theatre.

Here's the write-up from their official site:

"October 3, 2008 — Columbia, SC-based band Mary Shelley Overdrive has made two albums available today as free downloads.
The band made a splash earlier this year with an impromptu collection of covers titled Hideous Sexy. Released the same weekend as Bo Diddley’s death, the album featured a cover of his classic “Who Do You Love,” described by New York Magazine as a “muscle-bound goth dirge.”
Hideous Sexy was a collection of cover songs recorded during the creation of the band’s self-titled LP, released September 24, 2008. It has been available as a free download at the band’s website,, since May.
Joining that album today are two more EPs — Shock Theatre, and Bride of Shock Theatre. Both are also posted as free downloads.
Shock Theatre is a re-mastered version of the band’s first EP, originally posted for download a year ago today. It has since been discontinued but, after the release of Hideous Sexy, the band was hit with requests to make their earlier effort available again to the public.
“Shock Theatre was recorded when we were still trying to find our sound,” said guitarist Simon McCorkindale. “We had some problems with it and wanted to tinker a little with the sound before making it available again.”
Most of those changes were minor adjustments to the mix. During the re-mixing process, though, the band decided to record new vocals for the cover of Rob Zombie’s “House of a Thousand Corpses,” turning it into a duet between singer Mark Wood and bassist Miss Wyckedevil Jones.
When the band finished its self-titled LP, they returned to the studio and recorded seven new songs in a week. Titled “Bride of Shock Theatre,” it’s a collection original compositions peppered with covers of tunes by Blue Oyster Cult, New Math and Bauhaus.
“It’s got a rushed, impromptu sound that I like,” said singer Mark Wood. “It sounds very ‘live.’ We didn’t do many takes or spend much time obsessing over details.”
Hideous Sexy, Shock Theatre and Bride of Shock Theatre are available as free downloads at These albums are available to bloggers, podcasters and radio stations to post and share however they wish."

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The most interesting fact we've found, these killings occured during sexual intercourse

Here is the soundtrack from the 1983 Heroin Addicts From Outer Space classic Liquid Sky. This is easily one of the most bizarre albums you'll ever hear - up there with Bonanza: Christmas on the Ponderosa or Electric Dragon 80.000 V (which I've also been meaning to post). Not knocking the album, just a heads up, this one starts weird and just gets weirder. Don't listen on an empty stomach.

1. Noon (01:49)
2. Alien's Theme I (01:40)
3. Night Club I (01:01)
4. Jimmy's Theme (01:17)
5. Margaret's Childhood Theme (01:41)
6. The WayThe Alien Kills (01:07)
7. Me And My Rhythm Box (02:46)
8. Night Club II (00:37)
9. Sunset (01:00)
10. Margaret's Apartment I (02:17)
11. Katherine In The Club (01:01)
12. Afternoon (02:40)
13. Wordplay (02:45)
14. Night Club III (01:21)
15. Fashion Show (02:25)
16. Seduction of Victims (01:07)
17. Margaret's Apartment II (02:18)
18. Alien's Theme II


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