Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where the hell have I been?!

Just wanted to drop in and apologize for the week without any posts. I'm out of town, so to speak, and I don't have any music or anything on the computer where I'm staying so I haven't been able to update. But don't worry, I'm not throwing in the towel or anything, I should be back home tomorrow and I've got a lot of new stuff to put up once I get back. In the meantime, please enjoy this random image I found while looking for something else.

Friday, August 17, 2007

CREEPY - Illustrated Horror Awaits You...

Someone had requested more CREEPY, so here are three more issues. This set includes Issue #12 (Dec. 1966), #13 (Feb. 1967) and #14 (Apr. 1967). In case you don't have a CBR reader (or don't know what the hell a CBR reader is) head on over and download CDisplay. As always, credit goes out to the original scanner or scanners.

Monday, August 13, 2007


This is from the 1982 Scott Baio/Willie Aames comedy Zapped! Not trying to sound extra excited there, that exclamation point is part of the title. I actually just watched this for the first time today. It's pretty mediocre really, even downright bad on a couple occasions (The Star Trek part, Scatman's drug induced dream sequence) but it did have one of the few actually funny De Niro "You talking to me?" impressions I've seen, so it did have that going for it.

Even though Scott Baio hasn't really done much notable work since Happy Days ended, he has kept himself busy appearing in random projects over the years. Plus he did appear on one of my all-time shows, the brilliant Arrested Development for a few episodes as Bob Loblaw, so he'll always be cool in my book. Willie Aames is also still finding things to do here and there. He recently ended up directing, producing and starring in the spectacularly terrible Bibleman. If you've got a mean-spirited sense of humor like myself and enjoy yelling things at your television I recommend seeking out a copy of one of the Bibleman episodes if you can find one for cheap, it's absolutely hilarious.

1. Got to Believe in Magic (03:29)
David Pomeranz
2. Shoot the Moon (03:12)
Plain Jane
3. King and Queen of Hearts (03:34)
David Pomeranz
4. Ready or Not (03:23)
Plain Jane
5. Just for Fun (02:56)
Rick Derringer
6. Tryin' to Kill a Saturday Night (03:22)
The Keane Brothers
7. Updike's Theme (03:33)
Robert Incorvaia & Joe Esposito
8. Star Spangled Baby (03:10)
The Twisters
9. Bomp Me (07:36)
Greg Mathieson Project
10. This Power Of Ours (04:30)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Year Later

Well, it's August 12th and that means it's officially been one year since The Manchester Morgue opened it's doors. Just wanted to make a quick post to mention this and thank all the people who have stopped by throughout the past year. All your comments and requests have helped keep the site alive, so keep commenting and requesting and the site will be here for quite a while. Check back later on today or tomorrow, I'll have some new music up.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Nightmare On Elm Street: Paranoid

By request here are some more of the Avatar Press horror comics, this is the 3-issue Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid series. If you ever wanted to hear Freddy call some guy "Dawg" or see some girl bite his nose off (not unlike the Saigon whore did to Chris Farley in Dirty Work), look no further. Unlike the Friday the 13th Bloodbath series this one is lacking in the random nudity department, but it still features several crowd-pleasing ridiculously gory death scenes.

The story for this series was actually done by Brian Pulido (who also did the Friday set from yesterday, and the Texas Chainsaw set I'll be putting up later on) and it features artwork by Juan Jose Ryp. Hope you guys enjoy them, and as always credit goes out to the original scanner.

Friday the 13th: Bloodbath

I recently got some more recent horror comics in CBR format. Stuff like Texas Chainsaw and Nightmare on Elm Street and the like. Thought I'd put some up and see if anyone is interested. This is the Friday the 13th Bloodbath 3-issue series from Avatar Press. If you guys want to see the Nightmare or Chainsaw series let me know, if not some more Creepy can make an appearance. In keeping with the NC-17 nature of the site these are for Mature Readers only due to scenes featuring tremendously over the top gore, boobs, brief man ass, premarital fornication, and girl on girl action. Oh, and did I mention the tremendously over the top gore? Throughout the 3 issues here several teenagers are dismembered, cut in half, or impaled, often mid-coitus (not unlike the scene in Friday the 13th part 2, a scene they blatantly stole from Bava's Twitch of the Death Nerve). Only it's much more gruesome here. But, like I mentioned it's very over the top so it ends up being pretty comical seeing how carried away the artist got, with blood and guts flying every which way in every single death.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Smokey and the Bandit

Jerry Reed and Bill Justis' music from the Oscar Nominated film (no, really, look it up) Smokey and the Bandit, starring Burt "Turd Ferguson" Reynolds, Sally Field and the late Jackie Gleason. I was just reading about Sally Field (I subscribe to her newsletter) and was amazed to see that she still looks pretty much the same as she did way back in 1977 when Smokey was made. She's over 60 now but she's still rather young looking. My theory, she's a robot. It's really the only logical explanation I can come up with.

Smokey and the Bandit is another classic movie which for whatever reason hasn't seen a soundtrack release in a few decades. It was released on LP and Cassette way back when the movie first came out (which have long since gone out of print, obviously), but there's never been an official CD release. Kinda sad really because I think West Bound and Down is a fantastically catchy and genuinely fun song. Plus it also perfectly fits in with the movie, I couldn't imagine a better song for this type of movie. The rest of the music is also great and I find it makes for really good driving music. Try it next time you've got somewhere about 45-minutes away to drive to. But you know, keep the speed somewhere near the posted limit if possible.

So here you are, I don't have the tracklist written down but the tracks are titled so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll type it up later if I have time.

Oh I love your suits. It must have been a bitch to get a 68 Extra Fat and a 12 Dwarf.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No One 17 And Under Admitted to this blog

I was over on DVD Trash (a very cool site you guys should check out) and came across a site where you can have your blog rated. The Manchester Morgue was given the dreaded NC-17 rating for 15 counts of the word "death" and 7 counts of the word "ass". Click on the picture below for all the gory details of the language responsible for me receiving the dreaded NC-17 rating. Also, if you happen to be 17 or under I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

While I'm here I thought I'd mention that this marks the 400th post on the site. I'm very happy that I've made it this far and here's hoping I've got a bunch of hundred posts left to make. Yes, "bunch of hundred", new phrase I'm trying out, let me know what you think. Feel free to use it often in social situations.


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