Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mystery Science Theater on The Morgue?

I've noticed online that outside of torrent sites there don't seem to be any sites to download Mystery Science Theater epiodes. Sometimes the torrent sites work great, but sometimes you just don't get the damn things to finish. I have some of the unreleased episodes I would probably be able to post on here, is there any interest out there from anyone for .avi files of some of the unreleased episodes?

The episodes I have are mostly from the DAP, and I think it's cool to post those other places, unless someone knows otherwise. Or maybe there is a site out there that puts them up on Rapidshare or Megaupload and I'm just not looking hard enough. Either way, reply to this if you're interested in the idea. I'll have to see what all I have to post, I know I have Future War, Clonus and probably about 20 others.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Carlos D'Alessio - Delicatessen

This marks post #100 on The Morgue, for those of you keeping track. Which I think would pretty much just be me, so nevermind. Anyway for this "special" occasion I'm going with Carlos D'Alessio's score to the 1991 film Delicatessen.

I've always been fond of cannibalism themed comedy or horror/comedy for some reason. I never really cared for most of the Italian cannibal films, Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Apocalypse (Saxon!) aside, but give me something like Delicatessen or Bob Balaban's Parents and I will be one happy bastard. I think Delicatessen and Parents would make the perfect double feature, in fact I may have to try it out myself tonight and test my theory. Parents is actually quite a bit darker and more frightening than people seem to think though, so maybe it would be a little uneven after all.

1. DELICATESSEN Generique debut (02:38)
2. TIKA TIKA WALK (02:43)
3. LES BULLES (02:55)
4. BAISER SOUS L'EAU (03:30)
5. LA VALISE (02:40)
6. DUO (02:30)
7. CIRCUS DELIRE (02:17)
H. Manzi - M. Mores
10. BONGO BOLERO (03:12)
Mc.Intire - S.Larry - W. Joseph
J. Cesare
16. DELICATESSEN generique Fin (05:07)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Freddy's Greatest Hits

Okay, this is godawful, but my complete amazement that such a thing exists compelled me to share it. This is Freddy's Greatest Hits by the Elm Street Group. The Elm Street Group is apparently just some random girl singer singing over super cheesy music while Freddy occasionally says something in the background. Freddy's kinda there for moral support I guess, he just sorta pops up to yell out random things during the songs. Thing's like "I'm Freddy and this is for you!", or "Awww, did you miss Freddy?" He also laughs alot, like he's auditioning for that part in the song Master of Puppets or something. The music is so cheesy I kept waiting for Freddy to get all excited and yell out "Say it, sister!" or something equally ridiculously stupid.

This is one of the most baffling things I've ever come across. Who in the hell was this intended for? Freddy fans wouldn't have listened to music like this, and people who did listen to music like this wouldn't have wanted Freddy talking over parts of it. Check out the Wooly Bully cover, worst thing ever. Freddy starts yelling "Yeah! Now, watch it! Watch it!" at the end, I nearly died. As bad as this thing is I actually like "Obsession" and "Don't Sleep" a little bit.

01. Do the Freddy
02. Obsession
03. Wooly Bully
04. Don't Sleep
05. In the Midnight Hour
06. Dance or Else
07. All I Have to Do is Dream
08. Down in the Boiler Room
09. Elm Street Dreams

Stop! Hammer Time!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Black Christmas remake. There is no God.

The picture above is terrifying, isn't it? It's from the upcoming Black Christmas remake, and I’m not too happy about it. Well Lacey Chabert is never bad to look at, so I'm happy about that, I mean I'm not happy about the remake. It’s not gonna ruin my day, or affect me really in any way, but still. The real Black Christmas is one of my favorite movies, one of the only that I actually find scary. I was thinking about this earlier today after seeing a commercial for some new Fox show, Black Christmas is the only movie I've seen that had a "threatening caller" whose voice was actually frightening. Listen to the guy in the Scream movies, he sounds like some cheesy DJ, one of the really sleazy sounding ones that come on late at night. The voice is Black Christmas is genuinely scary. It sounds like the caller is just absolutely fucking nuts, like he has multiple personalities, and they all want to wear coats made out of human flesh and eat dogs. It’s demonic almost. No way they can top that.

I'm not totally against remakes. The Thing, The Fly and The Blob are among my favorite movies, but those movies had balls. Aside from The Hills Have Eyes or maybe Texas Chainsaw Massacre, horror remakes these days are almost like family films. They’ve all been kinda "blah" lately as far as I'm concerned. What was the point of When a Stranger Calls? All I got from that one is that while Camilla Belle is really hot dry, she's even hotter when she's wet. That and that track stars get winded running 100 feet from a house to a guest house. Aside from a slightly brutal (like Lifetime network brutal) bit of ass kicking at the very end there was not a whole lot going on. I personally got more of a kick out of yelling “Roy!” at the screen when the guy from The Office appeared than I did from the movie. It wasn’t completely terrible, it was just sorta there. That’s how all of these remakes are, just sorta there.

The main thing that pisses me off about a remake of a movie I like is I have to refer to it as "the original" when I talk about it. Instead of saying Black Christmas is one of my favorite movies, I now have to say "The original Black Christmas, not the shitty remake." Or "The original Dawn of the Dead." Then you have to read high school kids on message boards talk about how lame the “old one” is, when most of these kids don’t even pay attention and actually watch the damn movies they pay to see anymore anyway. They show up, talk to each other, goof off, use their phones, absolutely anything else they can do to not pay attention to the movie they’re seeing.

Who knows, it might be good. The director is Glen Morgan, whose only other feature was Willard, which I thought was actually pretty good. But not great. It was like Tim Burton’s remake of Mousehunt set in the Addams Family house or something. Andrea Martin is in the cast, who was in, here I go already "the original" Black Christmas, so that's something. I don’t know, I don’t hold high hopes for this one. By the way, John Saxon is still alive, why in the holy hell couldn’t they find him a part? He better at least have a small uncredited cameo or something or I’m gonna be pissed. Anyway it comes out this Christmas, so instead of spending the day with your family, go see some sorority girls get iced instead.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Uwe Boll kicks ass!

Okay, we all know Uwe Boll is not the most popular or talented guy, in fact the phrase "worse than Hitler" gets thrown around a lot when his name is mentioned. But it looks like what he lacks in directorial prowess he makes up for in his ability to pummel nerds:

I remember hearing about this a while ago, but I just thought it was a joke. Uwe offered critics who thought his movies sucked (which is all of them from what I've seen) a chance to fight him in a boxing match. Of course I don't think this poor guy in the clip knew that Uwe can actually box, judging by his resorting to running from Mr. Boll for most of the match. Not just regular running, but like terror running. Uwe was a "semi-professional" boxer at some point, which I think means he used to beat up kids at school and take their lunch money. But he was like 26 years old when he did this. In fact that's how he financed his first movie.

I personally don't hate the man. His movies are pretty bad, but I enjoy watching bad movies and heckling them, so he's helped me do that on several occasions, so I personally find him to be better than Hitler. Just wanted to clear that up. He cast Tara Reid as some kind of scienctist for god's sake, the man is one hilarious bastard. Give the clip a look, it's Morgue-Approved. Judging by the camera work, I think Uwe might've directed the clip also. Zing.

And now for something completely different....

Okay, this seems entirely random, and it is. I noticed this isn't currently available, so here you go. The SSQ album actually ended up being fairly popular on here, and this is kinda sorta similar. This is Vanity 6 with Vanity 6, plus a couple of bonus tracks, one called "Vibrator", which suprisingly, is kinda dirty. I think everyone should download this one, I think you'll secretly kinda like it. Then feel kinda embarrassed. The group was initially going to be called The Hookers, and Prince wanted Vanity to use the stage name "Vagina", but somehow she thought Vanity sounded less like, uh, vagina. Also the 6 in Vanity 6 apparently represents the total "breast count" of the group. Either Prince is even more of a pervert than I thought, or my source for this information was just dicking me around. I'm totally not sure which, could go either way really.

I apologize to those of you who a) saw this post and said "why in the hell is this here?" or b) anyone who got excited because they thought something Python related would've been posted. Later on today I will be back on track, posting the soundtrack for the 1997 film Insomnia, so stop back for that. I meant to post that now, but I only have this one uploaded at the moment.

1. Nasty Girl
2. Wet Dream
3. Drive Me Wild
4. He's So Dull
5. If a Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)
6. Make-Up
7. Bite the Beat
8. 3 X 2 = 6

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bruno Nicolai - Il Conte Dracula

This is Bruno Nicolai’s score for Jesus Franco’s Il Counte Dracula. I honestly didn’t know about this movie until I got the score for it. I’m interested in seeing it being that it stars Christopher Lee, Klaus Kinski and Soledad Miranda. Fred Williams is also in the movie as Jonathan Harker. I initially read it wrong and thought it said Fred Williamson, as in Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. I was utterly baffled and incredibly excited at the same time. For about 2 seconds. Before I realized I was just an idiot and that it actually said Fred Williams. If only it were true, because that would’ve been some damn fine casting right there. At the very least Fred Williamson would’ve made a better choice than Keanu being cast like 30 years later in the same role. Don’t get me wrong I like that version, but Keanu always looks like he’s kinda gotta use the bathroom and he’s little confused about it everytime you see him. Maybe that’s just me.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Meiko Kaji

If you're wondering what happened to the last post I got a few complaints on posting the Red Queen soundtrack so I decided to take it down. Not really complaints of the "you suck, we hate you" variety, but actual valid complaints. The site I saw it on sale at was down to 1 copy in stock, but it's apparently a newer release. Sorry to anyone who planned to stop back by later on to get it.

Free Image Hosting at

Okay, to make up for it I'm posting this Meiko Kaji album, but I'm not entirely sure what all is on it, being that it's not in English and I couldn't even seem to find this cover picture anywhere. When I got it the listing mentioned Uramibushi, Flower of Carnage, and Alley Cat, but the other tracks are just numbered. It was listed as Meiko Kaji - Lady Snowblood, but I know Alley Cat was. I hate posting something I don't have any solid info on, makes me look a bit like a dumbass, but the music here is really good so I wanted to share anyway. So anyone out there who knows more, I would appreciate any help. Of course so far the few times I've needed help you guys have been really quick with helping me out.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hey! You're cutting into his butt!

Tonight The Manchester Morgue presents the absolute funniest cannibal film since Alive, Cannibal: The Musical. Or Alfred Packer: The Musical if you prefer the original title. I actually wish Lloyd Kaufman could've gotten them to go with Fudge, Packer?: The Musical as he mentions on his DVD intro, but no dice. This is the movie that teaches us it's better to eat some dude named Humphrey than it is to eat your shoes because "You put your feet in shoes!" It's also the movie responsible for me saying "Nice hat!" everytime I've seen a comical hat for the past 8 years or so. I never really liked the art for this one, so I used some random Italian South Park character poster I found, I thought it was kind of cute. You know, a manly, non-wussy kind of cute.

This has all the songs featured in the movie as well as some dialog tracks. Embarrasingly I actually find the songs "This Side of Me" and "When I Was on Top of You" to be quite good. Not the greatest quality on these tracks, but certainly not terrible.

Friday, September 01, 2006

You shouldn't have buried me. I'm not dead.

Free Image Hosting at

I've got 2 from the same movie today. Both Craig Safan's score and the soundtrack for Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. For some reason the soundtrack does not have several songs that appear in the movie, not even Tuesday Knight's theme song "Nightmare", but does feature several songs I don't remember hearing. But I've included the ones that aren't on the soundtrack as well. The missing tracks were Anything, Anything by Dramarama, Nightmare by Tuesday Knight, I Want Your Hands On Me by Sinead O' Connor, Are You Ready For Freddy? by the Fat Boys, Fatal Charm by Billy Idol and In the Flesh by Blondie.

By this installment in the Nightmare series Freddy was in absolute full-on zinger mode. I mean sure he was pretty bad about it in Dream Warriors, but he's on an almost Crytpkeeperian level with the bad puns in this one. This one has always confused me because it has a scene with Freddy being resurrected after a Border Collie pisses on his bones. Flaming piss no less. Okay. I know it's a dream and all, but what the hell? I still like this one despite it's lack of John Saxon. My theory is that John Saxon is what makes an Elm Street movie good. Not Freddy. I've noticed part 1, 3 and 7 are generally considered the best. You know why. John Saxon, that's why. Also, next time you watch The Dream Master look out for Linnea Quigley as one of the souls who escape Freddy's torso at the end of the movie.

Free Image Hosting at

If anyone happens to have Tuesday Knight's album I'd love to hear it. I really like her voice, so I've wanted to hear her actual album for some time now. But it's virtually impossible to find. I'm this close to emailing that ToeBrights company her and Lisa Wilcox own and asking if they know where to obtain a copy. I wonder if Tuesday herself even has a copy.

SCORE Tracks:01. Kristen's Haunted Dream02. Freddy's Back03. Kincaid Killed In Junkyard04. Joey's Wet Dream05. Drugged To Death06. Alice Lured Into Dream07. Rick's Kung Fu Death08. Freddy's Pizza Restaurant09. Debbie Checks In / Time Circles10. Sheila Sucks Face11. Theatre Madness12. Freddy's Calliope13. Alice Battles Freddy14. Corpus Krueger
SOUNDTRACK Tracks:01. Sea Hags - Under The Night Stars02. Angels From Angel City - Standing Over You03. Go West - Don't Be Afraid Of Your Dreams04. Divinyls - Back To The Wall05. Jimmy Davis/Junction - My Way Or The Highway06. Vinnie Vincent - Love kills07. Vigil - Therapist08. Blondie - Rip Her To Shreds09. Love/Hate - Angel10. Craig Safan - ResurrectionBONUS SOUNDTRACK Tracks:Billy Idol - Fatal CharmBlondie - In the FleshDramarama - Anything, AnythingThe Fat Boys - Are You Ready For Freddy?Sinead O' Connor - I Want Your Hands on MeTuesday Knight - Nightmare


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