Friday, September 22, 2006

Freddy's Greatest Hits

Okay, this is godawful, but my complete amazement that such a thing exists compelled me to share it. This is Freddy's Greatest Hits by the Elm Street Group. The Elm Street Group is apparently just some random girl singer singing over super cheesy music while Freddy occasionally says something in the background. Freddy's kinda there for moral support I guess, he just sorta pops up to yell out random things during the songs. Thing's like "I'm Freddy and this is for you!", or "Awww, did you miss Freddy?" He also laughs alot, like he's auditioning for that part in the song Master of Puppets or something. The music is so cheesy I kept waiting for Freddy to get all excited and yell out "Say it, sister!" or something equally ridiculously stupid.

This is one of the most baffling things I've ever come across. Who in the hell was this intended for? Freddy fans wouldn't have listened to music like this, and people who did listen to music like this wouldn't have wanted Freddy talking over parts of it. Check out the Wooly Bully cover, worst thing ever. Freddy starts yelling "Yeah! Now, watch it! Watch it!" at the end, I nearly died. As bad as this thing is I actually like "Obsession" and "Don't Sleep" a little bit.

01. Do the Freddy
02. Obsession
03. Wooly Bully
04. Don't Sleep
05. In the Midnight Hour
06. Dance or Else
07. All I Have to Do is Dream
08. Down in the Boiler Room
09. Elm Street Dreams

Stop! Hammer Time!


Anonymous said...

I have to download this, sounds very 80's :-)
Thanks for sharing, I'm a big "Nightmare"-Fan, too.

Anonymous said...

awesome post
thanks alot

Anonymous said...

See, there's one of the things I like about you - You described the contents of this album well enough that I know I don't need to hear it. Just knowing about it is good for a chuckle though...

Mucknmire said...

i think that song Don't Sleep embodies the 80's vibe of the movies well. Thanks for the album.

Anonymous said...

By the way guys, if any of you have an extra million laying around, you can buy the actual Elm St. House! Yes, it's for sale at this very moment!

Erin said...

Sounds beyond cheesy. With everyones blogs here I've been downloading left and right and think for now I can leave this one out. Amazing how an icon originally so frightening could turn into a stand-up comedian overnight, even in music, eh?

eftimihn said...

Having a soft spot for such weirdo stuff i couldn't resist and i have to thank you for this, awesome post. It's beyond cheese, exactly as you described it. Unbelievable. Probably was a modest hit in Japan though, oh well, maybe not.

darth said...

any chance of a repost, its a dead link?

phelpster said...

Darth - Thanks for the upload request, I've put a new link up for you. Have fun!

RabidHummingbird said...

hahaha i actually really like this album! how pathetic am i??

Andre said...

Um, lots of young "Nightmare" fans in the day enjoyed this. It's an album for kids. No big mystery. It's good, clean fun.


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