Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hey! You're cutting into his butt!

Tonight The Manchester Morgue presents the absolute funniest cannibal film since Alive, Cannibal: The Musical. Or Alfred Packer: The Musical if you prefer the original title. I actually wish Lloyd Kaufman could've gotten them to go with Fudge, Packer?: The Musical as he mentions on his DVD intro, but no dice. This is the movie that teaches us it's better to eat some dude named Humphrey than it is to eat your shoes because "You put your feet in shoes!" It's also the movie responsible for me saying "Nice hat!" everytime I've seen a comical hat for the past 8 years or so. I never really liked the art for this one, so I used some random Italian South Park character poster I found, I thought it was kind of cute. You know, a manly, non-wussy kind of cute.

This has all the songs featured in the movie as well as some dialog tracks. Embarrasingly I actually find the songs "This Side of Me" and "When I Was on Top of You" to be quite good. Not the greatest quality on these tracks, but certainly not terrible.


SkunkApe said...

I agree that this is one funny movie with good tunes. I have the official Crap TV release which is very good quality if you would like me to post it or submit the link to this blog.


phelpster said...

Sure, if you want to post it that would be cool.


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