Friday, December 07, 2012

Arsis - Lepers Caress

While trying to find out where to buy the new Arsis EP, I discovered Scion A/V Metal is offering it up to download for free. These guys are pretty awesome, I recommend everyone grab this now, I'm not sure how long it's going to be up for.

Click "Get it now" below, enter an email address (a real one) and they email the link to you. Took me about 8 seconds.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Double Dragon - Last Caress (Gore Glam)

This is Double Dragon's music from Last Caress (or Glam Gore, if you prefer), a Giallo homage from France. I'd give the movie a rating of "ehh" out of 10. Not great, but it didn't make me want to off myself or anything. Decent enough on the gore front, but the killer looked like a British gangster and kinda seemed out of place and the Vaseline lensed soft porn look of the movie actually kind of started hurting my eyes by the end. Maybe worth a look for Giallo lovers, but pretty hard to find and probably not really worth the effort.

The soundtrack on the other hand - 10 Stars! I love the music to this, it's just really quite awesome. Kind of a really synthy Goblin feel I think. Definitely one of my favorite musical discoveries of the past year. I believe this was only available with the limited edition (of 2000) DVD. Someone please release this album officially so I can give these Double Dragon guys some of my money.

I can't seem to find a tracklist for some reason, but there are 20 tracks, the standout for me is track 7. When listening to this album start with that one, and end with that one.


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Amazon $3 Voucher for Free, $3 Amazon Soundtrack Sale

Amazon Local is offering a $3 MP3 voucher for the low, low cost of absolutely free. Follow this link, Amazon Local is just Amazon, so you'll have to sign into your Amazon account and you should be good to go.

If you're looking for something soundtrack-ey to blow your virtual $3 on allow me to point you towards Amazon's mini $3 soundtrack sale. Actually some good stuff there, I recommend the excellent Drive soundtrack.

Make it quick though, not sure how long the voucher will be available, or how long the soundtracks will be on sale.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anthropophagic Cookbook - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

I haven't done a compilation on here in a while, so here's my latest. Actually, I did this one quite a while ago but for some reason I keep forgetting to post it. I call it Anthropophagic Cookbook. As far as I know, there are no audio cookbooks - even fewer dealing with the art of preparing human flesh for culinary purposes, so I know the title doesn't really make any sense. But like with all my compilations, logic is irrelevant if I think the title is funny. This has has a bit more specific of a theme than usual. Anthro Cookbook is filled with music about cannibalism. It's half scores from cannibalriffic films like Cannibal Holocaust or Ravenous, and half songs about cannibals, or cannibalizing, or learning to count using cannibals (that'll make sense after you listen to it).

I've tried to avoid just filling this with metal songs. I could've knocked this compilation out in about 14 minutes just by going through a couple Cannibal Corpse and Avulsed albums. I wanted a bit more of a challenge than that. There are a few metal songs from Blood Duster, Macabre and the mighty Exodus, but I think I've got a pretty good variety of other stuff to keep things interesting.

The image for the cover was taken from an old VHS cover from the truly horrible film Microwave Massacre. I remember seeing this cover in a video store when I was about 9 and it scared the hell out of me. For years I was afraid to watch it, completely unaware that it's actually a really low brow, low rent wacky horror comedy. What's funny is I think we actually rented Robocop that night, which is astonishingly violent and gruesome. Moreso than probably a hundred Microwave Massacres. Still, that image is pretty disturbing. Though I do wonder why he's cooking the lady's head with the hair still on, he'll never get that smell out of the microwave.

  • Angelo Badalamenti - Parents Theme (I think this might be called Meatloaf Mambo.)
  • Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibals
  • Riz Ortolani - Crucified Woman (from Cannibal Holocaust)
  • Thurl Ravenscroft & Cliff Edwards - The Cannibal Song - Crazy old counting song featuring Jiminy Cricket
  • Macabre - The Wustenfeld Man Eater
  • Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman - Let's Go Kill That Bastard (from Ravenous)
  • Phil Ochs - The Ballad of Alfred Packer
  • Budy Maglione - Into the Bush/Rudy and Gloria are Screwed (from Cannibal Ferox)
  • Blood Duster - Dahmer the Embalmer
  • SNFU - Cannibal Cafe
  • Riz Ortolani - Savage Rite (from Cannibal Holocaust again)
  • Kitty In A Caskeet - Cannibal Paradise
  • White Sea - Cannibal Love
  • Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh
  • Christopher Granger (Not 100% on this) - Cannibal Campout Theme
  • Electric Six - Slices of You
  • Severed Hand Back Scratcher Funk (from Microwave Massacre) No clue what this piece of music is called, but it's funky, and it's played over a scene where a homeless guy uses a severed arm to scratch his back. Excuse the quality, ripped from a VHS.
  • 8-bit version of Bloodbath's Eaten - The novelty of 8-bit death metal wears off pretty quickly, still pretty cool though. Now, if they had added vocals, this could've been hysterical.
  • New York Dolls - Stranded in the Jungle
  • Cannibal Campout - End Credits "If"
Bonus Track
Aural Vampire - Cannibal Coast - This song is Japanese and I put this one here before I read the lyrics. The song actually seems to be about vampires, so this one doesn't go with the others, but this song kind of rules so I'm including it anyway.

We are what we eat

Friday, May 18, 2012

Maniac - The Remakening

Maniac (remake) - Teaser trailer (VO STfr) by ohmygore

Here's a teaser trailer for the Franck Khalfoun directed, Alexandre Aja written Maniac remake - Jesus, how many remakes is this guy going to be involved in? Looks like a bummer, much like the original. I'll probably see this. I love Elijah in Wilfred, and he made for a good creepy bastard in Sin City so this might work. Weird sound effect choice during the first murder they show, sounds like she's being killed with Flubber.


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