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House on Sorority Row Comes To Blu-ray From Scorpion

At last, the severed-head-in-a-toilet film that spawned a mediocre remake (that failed to even provide us with a severed head in a toilet) is coming to Blu-ray from Scorpion:

"On April 22nd, in conjunction with Camelot Entertainment, we will finally release HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW on Blu. We have corrected the pre-credit sequence to the preference of director Mark Rosman (the original pre-credit sequence will be an extra on the Blu), and all the extras will carry over from the SD release (except for one, the Nightmare Theater mode, due to contract stipulation). MSRP is $29.95. This is the first of our catalog titles to be released on Blu, and based on how well this does, we will determine if we should release BluRay editions of some of our other previously released titles."

New This Week 1.28.14

Wow, tons of new stuff out there today:

Scream Factory's latest double feature is this pair of of fun prehistoric creature featuress:

The Beast Of Hollow Mountain
Based on an idea by the legendary special effects wizard Willis O’Brien (King Kong, Son Of Kong, The Lost World), The Beast Of Hollow Mountain is a classic creature feature. An American rancher living in Mexico is staying near Hollow Mountain, an impenetrable swamp where, stories have it, dwells a living prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The Neanderthal Man
A mad scientist uses his new serum on his housekeeper, turning her into an ape-woman. Like most crazed scientists, he then tries the serum on himself, creating…The Neanderthal Man! Robert Shayne (How To Make A Monster) and Beverly Garland (It Conquered The World, The Alligator People) star in this harrowing creature feature.

Pick it up from Shout!

Finally, at long last the legendary Argento's Dracula makes its US Blu-ray & DVD debut!

Horror maestro Dario Argento (Suspiria) puts his unique stylistic spin on the classic supernatural tale with DRACULA, a visually sumptuous retelling of the legendary myth. It s been 400 years since Count Dracula s (Thomas Kretschmann, Wanted) beloved Dolingen De Gratz passed away, leaving the immortal bloodsucker forever abandoned. But when he discovers that local newlywed Mina Harker (Marta Gastini, The Rite) bears a striking resemblance to Dolingen, his furious yearning is reawakened as he believes Mina to be a reincarnation of his beloved. Luring her husband Jonathan away to his castle with the help of his minion (and Mina s best friend) Lucy (Asia Argento, xXx), Dracula embarks on a bloody quest to reunite with his long lost love and live forever with her in hellish immortality. Only the arrival of vampire expert Abraham Van Helsing (Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner) can put an end to the fiend s unholy plan. Luridly violent and brimming with passionate eroticism, Dario Argento s DRACULA is an all-out assault on the senses from one of horror cinema s most celebrated auteurs.
Read my take here, if that doesn't scare you off, own it here.

Considered by many to be the first great American horror film, John S. Robertson's DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE allowed stage legend John Barrymore to deliver his first virtuoso performance on film. Blending historic charm with grim naturalism, this version of DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE is one of the more faithful of the many screen adaptations of Stevenson's story (though greatly influenced by T.R. Sullivan's popular stage treatment), recounting a visionary scientist's ill-fated attempts to unleash the human mysteries that dwell beneath the shell of the civilized self.

Mastered in HD from a 35mm negative, with a wealth of bonus material, this Kino Classics edition beautifully showcases the dramatic brilliance and gruesome thrills of this influential silent classic.

• Mastered in HD from acrhival 35mm elements
• Musical score compiled by Rodney Sauer, performed by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the 1912 Thanhouser version, starring James Cruze (12 min., Courtesy of Film Preservation Associates)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a 15-minute cut of the rival 1920 version, starring Sheldon Lewis, produced by Louis B. Mayer
• "Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pride," a 1925 slapstick parody starring Stan Laurel
• "The Transformation Scene," a rare 1909 audio recording 

Amazon, or from Kino

Also out today on Blu-ray is the latest Hammer release from Millennium, Frankenstein Created Woman:

A tormented girl (Susan Denberg) drowns herself after her lover is framed for her father s murder and guillotined. Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), experimenting with the transfer of souls, places her lover s soul into her body, bringing Christina back to life. With no memories of her past life, she becomes driven by a ghostly revenge and carries out a violent retribution on those responsible for both deaths.

Extra features: Commentary Featuring Derek Fowlds, Robert Morris, Jonathan Rigby; Frankenstein Created Woman Trailer; World of Hammer Episode ‘The Curse of Frankenstein’; World of Hammer Episode ‘Hammer Stars: Peter Cushing’; Brand New Documentary: Hammer Glamour; Animated Stills Gallery; Includes Exclusive Collectable Cards!

Five university friends gather at a house party to ring in the New Year. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic has erupted outside, causing outbreaks around the world. With nowhere else to turn, they barricade themselves indoors with only their phones, laptops, and other tech devices. They use their devices to research the possible cause of this outbreak. Information and video footage over flow their computers as they descend further into the cause and the ensuing chaos. As the virus spreads, the mood in the house changes from fear to paranoia. Who is safe? Who can they trust? Reality becomes blurred as they slowly discover the source of the virus causing the sickness...and there is no going back. 

The DVD includes a behind the scenes featurette and a commentary from the director - check it out at Amazon.

Scorpion's new Dangerous Beauties line debuts today with this double feature:

First up, MALIBU HIGH! Every teacher wanted to flunk her... but no one dared! As Kim enters her final year at Malibu High School, she has a few problems. Her grades are poor, her boyfriend has dumped her for a snobby rich girl and her financial situation is disastrous. She makes an after hours meeting with a teacher to improve her grade point average and soon, she is working her way through the entire faculty room! But when that isn't enough, Kim turns to murder as danger heats up!. Now see the cuolt classicfrom a brand new 16x9 master in HD from the original camera negatives first time anywhere!

Next up, HUSTLER SQUAD! You pay for the pleasure... the killing is free! An unlikely group of freedom fighters - professional prostitutes - are recruited by the U.S. Army to perform a dangerous, quite unorthodox military mission.! Watch this film in widescreen on DVD, from a brand new master from the vault elements, first time anywhere! 
Whoever did this write-up really likes exclamation points! Buy your copy today at Amazon!

And another Dangerous Beauties release with a write up as enthusiastic as the last:

First up, RUNNING HOT! Acclaimed actor Eric Stoltz (Mask, Pulp Fiction) stars in this volatile tale of star-crossed lovers in a last ditch escape from the law. A stripper (Monica Carrico) watches the trial of a younger man (Stoltz) accused of murdering his father. As she falls in love with his tragic image, she writes love letters to him in prison. When the object of her obsession shows up at her doorstep, having made a bloody escape, she joins him in a perilous, passionate run for their lives from a sadistic cop (Stuart Margolin, TV's Rockford Files). In the tradition of Badlands and True Romance this thrilling 1984 film is a rare gem directed by award winning director Mark Griffiths, and from the producer of the popular TV show The O.C... Now see the cult classic from a brand new 16x9 master in HD from the original camera negatives first time anywhere!

Next up, HOT TARGET! At first glance, Christine Webber (Simone Griffeth, Death Race 2000) would seem to be a woman who has everything. A wife of a successful NZ businessman, she is beautiful, sophisticated, stylish - the perfect wife and mother. But scratch the surface and see that Christine is also a Woman trapped by the very "perfection" of her life.Watch this film in wqidescreen on DVD, from a brand new master from the original IP, first time anywhere!
Get it at Amazon

After a mysterious and bloody massacre in their isolated country house leaves her parents and younger brother dead, 11-year-old Neve is taken by police to friends of the family to be looked after. When Neve tries to explain that an evil force within the house caused her family s deaths, she s met with disbelief from both the authorities and her new family. As the police try to find the crime s real perpetrators, Neve is given a social worker to try to ease her trauma. But before long it becomes apparent that whatever killed her family has followed Neve to her new home, and soon she and all those around her are in mortal danger of the malevolent power that seems to be tied to the innocent girl. A pulse-pounding supernatural thriller, DARK TOUCH weaves the tension of a horror film with the plight of a newly orphaned girl to create a unique examination of the paranormal. Buy the DVD or Digital Download from Amazon.

And finally, the Rifftrax release of Umberto Lenzi's 1988 film Ghosthouse (La casa 3) is out from Legend Films. Funnily enough, this movie never received an actual US DVD release, but here it is with Mike and the former bots Rifftraxing it up. According to the cover it has both the Rifftrax and the original audio which is great for Lenzi fans who don't care for Rifftrax. And even greater for people like myself who are fans of both Lenzi and Rifftrax. Get it here.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 1 On Blu-ray - For Real This Time

Anchor Bay is set to release Troma's Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol.1 on Blu-ray & DVD on March 24th. This was scheduled to come out from Troma back in August - I had it preordered at Amazon even, but for whatever reason the release got pushed back a bunch of months. Glad to see a new release date, and with Anchor Bay putting it out I think it's pretty safe to say we'll actually be seeing it in March. For now, you can preorder again at Amazon.

Return to Nuke `Em High Vol. 1, directed by cult movie legend Lloyd Kaufman, is a satirical sci-fi comedy event film with themes ripped straight from today's headlines: the contamination and degradation of the world's food supply, rampant bullying, love triumphing over prejudice. Nuke `Em is in the same vein as other classics such as Class of 1984, Rock `n' Roll High School, and Carrie, but seen through the unique vision of Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team. Welcome to Tromaville High School where, unfortunately, the glee club has mutated into a vicious gang of Cretins. Chrissy and Lauren, two innocent bloggers, must fight not only the Cretins, mutants and monsters but also the evil Tromorganic Foodstuffs Conglomerate. Will they save Tromaville High School and the world? Find out in this brand-new, unhinged classic from beloved Troma Films! 
Special Features:
  • Audio Commentary with Actors Zac Amico, Clay von Carlowitz, Catherine Corcoran, Stuart Kiczek and Asta Parades     
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer/Director Lloyd Kaufman, Producer Justin A. Martell, Executive Producer Matt Manjourides, Associate Producer Regina Katz and Writer Travis Campbell     
  • Casting Conundrum     
  • Pre-Production Hell with Mein-Kauf (Man)     
  • Special (Ed) Effects     
  • Cell-U-Lloyd Kaufman: 40 Years of TROMAtising The World    
  • “Architects of Fear – Edison Device” Music Video     
  • Return To Nuke ‘Em High, Vol. 2 trailer

Check Out Nathan Thomas Milliner's Key Art For Dog Soldiers

Hot off the heels of our art reveal of Sleepaway Camp last week, we have another one for you to start the week off right! Check out the newly-designed key art for our upcoming Collector's Edition of the epic werewolf film DOG SOLDIERS (DVD & Blu-ray combo out 6/24). This incredible vision comes to us from artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (who also did Sleepaway Camp, amongst others greats).

Scream Factory To Release 80's Exploitation Film Hellhole

Fans of 80s horror, grindhouse and women-in-prison films are in for a special treat as we are releasing the rare and long-lost 1985 exploitation film HELLHOLE this Summer on Blu-ray & DVD for the very first time this Summer!

Those of you who have seen this film know what fun it is. And a great cast of cult film & TV favorites highlight the wild shenanigans including Mary Woronov (Rock n Roll High School, Night of the Comet), Ray Sharkey (The Idolmaker, Wiseguys), Marjoe Gortner (Earthquake, Starcrash, Food of the Gods) and Judy Landers (BJ & The Bear, Vega$, The Love Boat).

Pre-order links should go up in sometime in March. Any extras we may have will be announced sometime in April.

Popcorn To Be Released By Synapse Films

This is actually a bit of old news at this point, but in case you somehow missed it, Popcorn, coming to Blu-ray from Synapse!

Buy A Bag, Go Home In A Box!

Popcorn, the 1991 cult classic starring Jill Schoelen (The Stepfather, Cutting Class), Malcolm Danare (Christine, Heaven Help Us), Dee Wallace (E.T. the Extra-terrestrial, The Frighteners, The Lords of Salem) and Tom Villard (One Crazy Summer, My Girl) is coming to Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD from Synapse Films, Inc in 2014!

This release will give fans a brand-new 2K restoration of the film, taken directly from original vault materials. Supplementary materials from Michael Felsher’s Red Shirt Pictures will round out the exciting package. While the line-up of bonus materials has not yet been finalized, it will feature a retrospective documentary on the making of and legacy of Popcorn along with more extra features currently in the planning stages.

“We are thrilled to be working closely with Kristy Jett and Red Shirt Pictures to bring Popcorn out properly. We now have some amazing materials, including the original camera negative and 35mm Interpositive materials to go through, to make sure this release is the best it can be. We just got a palette of amazing stuff we have to sort through for extras, including never before seen behind-the-scenes photos, documents, vintage interview tapes and even an alternate, never used original movie poster design that I found in the bottom of a random box,” says Donald May, Jr., President of Synapse Films.

Getting Popcorn to this point started very simply with a dedicated fan, Kristy Jett of HorrorHound Magazine, launching a Facebook page with the sole purpose of gaining momentum to encourage a distributor to re-release Popcorn. A year in, she gained the support and guidance of Michael Felsher and within the next year she had secured advocacy from Don May, Jr. and Jerry Chandler of Synapse Films. In late 2013, Synapse Films was able to finally secure the rights to the film, to bring it out properly for the fans.

“Make no mistake, this would not have happened without the support and efforts of Don May, Jr. and Jerry Chandler of Synapse. Other companies inquired over the years but Don and Jerry fought alongside me for the past two years. Without them or Michael Felsher, we would not be here.” –Kristy Jett

More details will be released in the coming months, including the release date (estimated date is Halloween 2014, but this is not confirmed). In the meantime, keep up to date on developments at Popcorn’s Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/popcornmovie
Sorry for the lack of  updates over the past several days. Some of you might remember the fire that pretty much wiped out Manchester Morgue headquarters (my house) back in July. Finally after 6 months in a rental house, the old house is fixed up, so I've had to spend the last several days moving a ton of things and building a bunch of pieces of furniture. I'm finally pretty much done with all of that crap, so on with the posting.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Riz Ortolani - March 25th, 1926 - January 23rd, 2014


I've just learned that legendary Italian composer Riz Ortolani, who composed music for hundreds of films since his start back in the early 1950s, has passed at the age of 82. I've seen a couple sites mention his age as 87, others as 82, terribly sorry if I've posted the incorrect age.

He was always a favorite of mine, and I consider his theme from Cannibal Holocaust (and the track "Crucified Woman" from the same film) to be some of the most beautiful horror film music ever recorded. Rest in Peace, Riz, you will be missed.

From DailyGrindhouse:

"Various Italian news sources are claiming that Riz Ortolani, musician and composer of the scores for a huge number of films, including eurotrash classics including CASTLE OF BLOOD, THE HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, DAY OF ANGER and MONDO CANE, has died at the age of 82. He was nominated for an Academy Award twice, once for “More,” the memorable track from MONDO CANE.  His music can be heard more recently in the scores of such films as DJANGO UNCHAINED and DRIVE, showing his influence on a new generation of filmmakers."

Heil Five! New Dead Snow 2 Trailer

Wow, I completely missed the fact that the trailer for Dead Snow 2 showed up online last night. I remember being a bit let down by the first Dead Snow, but this one looks like a lot of fun. Plus, Martin Starr looks to have a sizable role in this - I've been a fan of the guy since Freaks and Geeks (Bill Haverchuck was easily the best character on the show) so it's always good to see him in something other than little TV show bit parts.

Also starring New Jason (and Kickpuncher!) Derek Mears and everyone's favorite Jenna Haze-looking commercial actress Ingrid Haas.

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead - Full Trailer


Hotel Horror - Macabre Movie Poster Madness

According to movies hotels are a lot like the woods - if you spend the night there enough times eventually someone is going murder you. It's a fact. I say if you find yourself in a movie and have to choose between sleeping in the woods or sleeping in a hotel, sleep in your car. I've seen way less car based murders than woods or hotel murders. Statistically speaking, sleeping in your car is your best bet.

Moving on. I recommend you guys check out this small gallery of posters of horror films that take place in some very terrifying hotels (click on each to enlarge):

The Shining - British Quad

City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel) - British Quad Poster - Random fact: The second DVD I ever bought was the super cheap Diamond DVD double feature of this and Carnival of Souls. I've seen Carnival of Souls several times, but for whatever reason I've never bothered to watch Horror Hotel. That means I've owned a copy of Horror Hotel for about 15 years without ever watching it. That's ridiculous That has to be some kind of record.

Eaten Alive (Tobe Hooper)

Another alternate title poster for Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive. Horror Hotel and Starlight Slaughter are just a few of the alternate titles at one time used for the film Eaten Alive. I addition to the three titles I listed in the last sentence Eaten Alive is also know as; Horror Hotel Massacre, Legend of the Bayou, Massacre on the Bayou, Death Trap, and Brutes and Savages (also the name of Mondo film from ). In France its title is awesome - Le crocodile de la mort (The Crocodile of Death). In Italy its title is substantially less awesome - Quel motel vicino alla palude (That Hotel Near The Swamp).
La Bestia Uccide a Sangue Freddo (aka Slaughter Hotel) - Another with a ton of alternate titles like Asylum Erotica, The Beast Kills in Cold Blood, and a French title Google is telling me translates to The Unsatisfied Erotic Dolls of Dr. Hitchcock.
Terror at Red Wolf Inn - aka Terror House, Club Dead and Terror on the Menu. Some of these older horror films had more alternate titles than Jess Franco had aliases, it must've been kind of a bitch to keep track of which movies were which back then.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Get A Look At Scream Factory's New Sleepaway Camp Cover Art

Scream Factory has just unveiled Nathan Thomas Milliner's brand new artwork for their upcoming release of Sleepaway Camp - check it out:

I'm excited about this release, but I'm a bit terrified at the prospect of Aunt Martha in high definition. That chick is spooky. Yikes.

"Check out the newly-designed key art for our upcoming Collector's Edition of the classic slasher film SLEEPAWAY CAMP (DVD & Blu-ray combo out 5/27). "Angela" is watching you...

This original interpretation comes to us from artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (The Burning, Day of the Dead) and is officially approved from the Director of the film, Robert Hiltzik. (He was also directly involved in the creative process.)

As always, the original theatrical key art will be on the reverse side (the knife-in-the-sneaker one you all know). Production on extras have just begun and we'll have full details to report to you as to what they are in mid-March.

Pre-order links our our site at ScreamfactoryDVD.com should appear early next month in which a limited edition 18" x 24" poster of the art will be available exclusively through us with purchase of the combo."

And, what the hell, why not grab yourself a bootleg Camp Arawak shirt from Wayward Tees:


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Classic Godzilla Films Coming to Blu-ray From Kraken Releasing

Just saw this news posted on DVD News Flash:

January 21, 2014 - 1967 may have been the Summer of Love, but 2014 will be the Summer of Godzilla®, and Kraken Releasing is spreading the kaiju (giant monster) goodness with the first U.S. Blu-ray release of three classic films featuring the world’s most famous giant reptile. Also available on DVD, and including both the English dubbed and original Japanese versions with English subtitles, these are three of the big G’s wildest adventures ever and showcase why, sixty years after his atomic birth at Japan’s Toho Studios, Godzilla® is still one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry!

Click to enlarge
The fun begins as 1971’s Godzilla® vs.Hedorah™, released theatrically in the U.S in 1972 as Godzilla® vs. the Smog Monster, pits Godzilla® against the forces of pollution in the form of a constantly mutating, acid-spewing behemoth from outer space. With eye-popping 1970’s “mod” costumes, hairstyles and psychedelic visuals that include conventional cel animation alongside the special effects by Teruyoshi Nakano, Godzilla® vs. Hedoarh™ director Yoshimitsu Banno’s ecologically focused take on the world’s greatest monster is easily one of the most unique films in the series and required viewing for any giant monster fan or cult film enthusiast.

Click to enlarge
What happens when three major movie monsters slam dance in the South Seas? The answer is 1966’s Ebirah™, Horror of the Deep, originally released in the U.S. in 1968 under the title Godzilla® Vs. The Sea Monster. Pairing Godzilla® and another of Toho’s most popular kaiju, the giant moth Mothra™, against a wide variety of adversaries, including the titular sea monster, giant birds and a mysterious terrorist organization, the wet and wild widescreen spectacular was directed by Jun Fukuda.

Click to enlarge
Finally, 1972’s Godzilla® vs. Gigan™ ups the giant monster ante once again with a series of tag team battles featuring four classic kaiju. Released theatrically in the United States in 1977 as Godzilla® on Monster Island and again directed by Jun Fukuda with special effects by Teruyoshi Nakano, the film unites Godzilla® and spiny ally Anguirus™ against two of the series’ most popular opponents: the three headed monster King Ghidorah™ and the new alien cyborg Gigan™.

About Kraken Releasing: KRAKEN RELEASING is a new international video distribution label specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genre entertainment for mainstream audiences. Together with sister labels MAIDEN JAPAN (TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0, PAT LABOR, ROYAL SPACE FORCE) and SWITCHBLADE PICTURES (BIG BAD MAMA-SAN, ATTACK GIRLS SWIM TEAM VS. THE UNDEAD) Kraken’s goal is to bring the best filmed entertainment from around the world to our customers.

About Section23 Films: Section23 Films provides home video marketing and distribution services for a variety of companies, including Sentai Filmworks, Switchblade Pictures, Maiden Japan and AEsir Holdings. With its special focus on genre entertainment, Section23 Films distributes some of the very best anime, martial arts, and horror titles on the market today.

New This Week 1.21.14 - Butt Monsters & Vigilante Gardeners

Here are some of the horrific highlights hitting stores this week:

Ken Marino and the lovely (and very funny) Gillian Jacobs square off against a murderous demonic ass monster in Bad Milo! I've been looking forward to this one since the first poster appeared online, glad it's finally here.

Duncan's (Ken Marino) mounting stress starts to trigger an insufferable gastrointestinal reaction. Out of ideas and at the end of his rope, Duncan seeks the help of a hypnotherapist, who helps him discover the root of his unusual stomach pain: a pint-sized demon living in his intestine that, triggered by excessive anxiety, forces its way out and slaughters the people who have caused Duncan stress. Out of fear that his intestinal gremlin may target its wrath on the wrong person, Duncan attempts to befriend it, naming it Milo and indulging it to keep its seemingly insatiable appetite at bay.

Buy Bad Milo! at Amazon

From Scream Factory comes Taxi Driver writer Paul Schrader's Cat People:

A remake of the 1942 Jacques Tourneur horror/noir classic, Cat People stars Nastassia Kinski as Irena, a beautiful young woman who discovers love for the first time only to find that the experience brings tragic consequences. The tremendous passion of this girl’s first romantic love is so strong, however, it bypasses the chaos around her – including the extraordinary demands of her brother (Malcolm McDowell, A Clockwork Orange) – as it pushes her on to her own bizarre destiny. Written and Directed by Paul Schrader (Hardcore, American Gigolo, Affliction), this erotic fantasy about the passion and terror surrounding this first love also stars John Heard (C.H.U.D.), Annette O’Toole (48 Hrs.), Ruby Dee (Do The Right Thing) and Lynn Lowry (They Came From Within).

Bonus features:

  • New interviews with writer/director Paul Schrader, Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, John Heard, Annette O’Toole, Lynn Lowry and composer Giorgio Moroder
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Gallery
  • TV Spot 

  • Grab a copy from Shout!

    Also from Scream Factory is the ultimate in diabolism known as Die, Monster, Die!

    Boris Karloff, the greatest horror star of all time, takes center stage in this “menagerie of horrors” (Motion Picture Daily) that “spins out shock after shock” (Boxoffice). Like a deadly potion bubbling with eerie mansions, secret experiments and a warning never to look in the basement, this is “pure haunted-house hokum all the way” (Los Angeles Times)!

    An English scientist entertains a young American visitor, serving up tea, terror and a beautiful daughter – who is soon torn between her father’s evil ways and her need to protect the man she loves from a diabolical end.

    Read my review here, and you can grab a copy directly from Shout!

    This Machete sequel got killed at the box office (zing!) but I've heard it's a hell of a lot of fun, and that's really all you can ask from a movie like this.

    Danny Trejo returns as legendary ex-Federale Machete Cortez in this action-packed thrill ride from innovative director Robert Rodriguez. In his latest mission, Machete is recruited by the U.S. President (Carlos Estevez ) to stop a crazed global terrorist (Mel Gibson) from starting a nuclear war. With a bounty on his head, Machete breaks all the rules as he faces death at every turn from a star-studded cast of deadly assassins. Featuring Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Demian Bichir, Machete Kills is "a bombastic over the top combo of mayhem and fun!" (Shawn Edwards, Fox-TV), one of the wildest save-the-world adventures ever captured on film!

    Get it at Amazon (though maybe wait a couple of weeks, this one should drop in price pretty quickly)

    If you like hot Japanese women dressed up like slutty superheroes (and who doesn't) Iron Girl should provide you with 80 minutes of entertainment:

    "In a distant land and an unknown time, a small village is under siege, terrorized by the brutal reign of the bandits known as the Crazy Dogs. However, the legends of the village speak of an Iron Clad Savior, one who shall come to the aid of the people and liberate them from the forces of evil and oppression. So when brave young Anne is miraculously rescued from a vicious bandit attack by a superhumanly strong heroine in shining armor, she becomes convinced that this mysterious fighter must be the figure from the prophecy. However, the woman known only as Iron Girl has been cursed with amnesia, and not even she knows whether she can actually defeat the Crazy Dogs. Not that the Dogs are about to let any potential threat to their power stay alive. Prepare for a battle royale as a full frontal assault of female fury tears into the dogs of war in IRON GIRL!"  Get it at Amazon

    Black Water Vampire

    A group of young documentary filmmakers set off to uncover the true story behind the Black Water murders, a series of brutal killings where women were found dumped in the woods, savagely slain, with their mutilated bodies completely drained of blood. In an attempt to exonerate the man accused of the crimes, they journey into the wilderness where the deaths occurred and find themselves face to face with a form of evil they could have never imagined. What began as a mission to save a wrongly convicted man turns into a battle for their own lives.

    If you're thinking about picking this one up, might I quote this hilarious 1-star review from Amazon:

    "Unless you like terrible effects, and hearing an ugly chick say the F word for 80 mins. If you do, this is for you."

    If that hasn't dissuaded you (the other reviews are actually positive), grab a copy now.

    Saturday, January 18, 2014

    Details For Scream's Upcoming Slumber Party Massacre Blu-ray


    Pre-Order This Scream Factory™ Home Entertainment Collection Today!

    This March 2014, loyal fans and horror enthusiasts are invited to join SCREAM FACTORY™ for the ultimate sleepover when Amy Holden Jones’ THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, starring Michele Michaels (Death Wish 4: The Crackdown), Robin Stille (Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama), Michael Villela (Wild Orchid) and Andree Honore (Strange Reality), debuts on Blu-ray™ for the first time on March 18, 2014. This highly collectible Blu-ray edition features new high definition transfer and killer bonus content. A must-have for all slasher fans and movie collectors, this definitive Blu-ray release of THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE is priced to own at $24.97 SRP.

    THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE (1982) helped define the slasher film ethos of the 1980s.  Put together by first-time director Amy Holden from a script, titled “Don’t Open the Door," by celebrated author Rita Mae Brown (Rubyfruit Jungle), the film was an immediate hit for Roger Corman's New World Pictures, eventually spawning two sequels and became a staple in mom-and-pop corner video stores of the 1980s.

    When Trish (Michele Michaels) decides to invite her high school girls’ basketball teammates over for a slumber party, she has no idea the night is going to end with an unexpected guest – an escaped mental patient and his portable power drill – crashing the party in the cult classic, The Slumber Party Massacre.

    Pre-order now at

    • NEW HD Transfer From The Original Camera Negative
    • NEW interview with actor Rigg Kennedy
    • Sleepless Nights: The Making Of The Slumber Party Massacre
    • Audio Commentary With Director Amy Holden Jones, Actors Michael Villela And Debra De Liso
    • Theatrical Trailer

    Starring Michele Michaels  Robin Stille
    Michael Villela  Andree Honore
    Edited by Sean Foley  Director of Photography Steve Posey  Music by Ralph Jones
    Co-produced by Aaron Lipstadt  Screenplay by Rita Mae Brown
    Produced and Directed by Amy Jones

    High-Definition Widescreen (1.78:1)/DTS-HD Master Audio Mono /1982/Color/77 minutes/R

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    UK Label Second Sight to Release Brian Yuzna's Society

    Independent British distributors Second Sight Films have detailed their upcoming Blu-ray release of director Brian Yuzna's Society (1989), starring Billy Warlock, Devin DeVasquez, Ben Meyerson, and Evan Richards. The release will be available for purchase online and in shops across the United Kingdom on March 31.

    Billy (Whitney) is a just a regular teenager growing up in late-80s California. Surrounded by rich, upscale friends Billy is soon introduced to the lifestyles of the Beverly Hills set. But the partying takes a turn for the weird when Billy is shown a video tape of his family getting up to some truly sick activities at a party, and Billy is about to step into the nightmarish and surreal world behind the facade of Hollywood hi-society.

    Special Features:
    • Limited Slipcase Packaging for Blu-Ray with newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
    • New Audio Commentary with Director Brian Yuzna
    • Governor Of Society with Brian Yuzna
    • The Masters Of The Hunt with stars Billy Warlock, Devin Devasquez (pictured), Ben Meyerson And Tim Bartell
    • The Champions Of The Shunt with FX Artists Screaming Mad George, David Grasso and Nick Benson
    • Screaming Mad George music video
    Always nice to see Screaming Mad George included in a bonus feature, that dude is nuts. I've been fascinated by him since I first saw him on a Making of A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 VHS I bought for a buck at a Jamesway in the very early 90s. Very interesting guy, with some very unusual FX ideas.

    Thursday, January 16, 2014

    The Quiet Ones - Coming From Hammer Studios April 25th

    The official trailer for Hammer's latest film The Quiet Ones has made its way online today, and the film will make its way to theaters April 25th.

    I know Hammer has produced a few movies since reforming (The Woman in Black, Let Me In, & Wake Wood), but I still get really excited seeing that Hammer logo in front of movies again. It's awesome.

    Inspired by true events,The Quiet Ones tells the story of an unorthodox professor (Harris) who uses controversial methods and leads his best students off the grid to take part in a dangerous experiment: to create a poltergeist. Based on the theory that paranormal activity is caused by human negative energy, the rogue scientists perform a series of tests on a young patient, pushing her to the edge of sanity. As frightening occurrences begin to take place with shocking and gruesome consequences, the group quickly realizes they have triggered a force more terrifying and evil than they ever could have imagined.

    Random thought: The Quiet Ones could potentially be a great name for a Goth band.

    Jarmuschian Vampires - Only Lovers Left Alive Trailer

    Noted indie director Jim Jarmusch directs the vampire story Only Lovers Left Alive. Tom Hiddleston stars as Adam, a bloodsucker who makes a living as a reclusive musician. He reunites with the love of his life, Eve (Tilda Swinton) a fellow vampire who leaves her home overseas to be with him in the downtrodden Motor City. They eventually get a visit from Eve's irresponsible sister (Mia Wasikowska) who irritates Adam and eventually causes trouble with the one human - the vampires refer to the living as zombies -- with whom the depressed music hero gets along. Only Lovers Left Alive screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

    I've been saying Tilda Swinton looks like a vampire since I first saw her in Tim Roth's The War Zone, good to see that I'm not the only one who thinks so. From the looks of this trailer, I think this has potential to be pretty great:

    Only Lovers Left Alive - Cannes Trailer by dreadcentral

    Ravenous Coming Soon From Scream Factory - Eat Up

    Scream Factory has just announced a surprisingly new title - this June they'll be releasing the 1999 cannibal film Ravenous from director Antonia Bird (who actually just passed away about 3 months ago).

    This is one of the more exciting announcements from them in some time, in my opinion Ravenous is one of the all time best cannibalism themed movies, up there with Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Fried Green Tomatoes (okay, I never saw this one, but I do believe a guy gets eaten at some point). Don't listen to these assholes, this movie rules.

    *BREAKING!* We know you guys have been hungry for a new title announcement from us for awhile...so here's one to satisfy your appetite...

    RAVENOUS - the 1999 cannibal film starring Guy Pearce, David Arquette and directed by Antonia Bird - will be coming to blu-ray for the first time come this June with all-new extras planned!

    No other details to report at this time. But check back here in next few months for more updates on this exciting project. The original theatrical poster key art will be used as artwork (as seen here). 

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    Adam West's Batman Series Finally Coming To DVD?

    DVDs have been around for what, 18 years now, and it looks like Warner Brothers is finally, FINALLY set  to release one of the most popular superhero shows of all time. According to Warner, the Complete '66 Batman series is scheduled to be released on DVD later this year.

    From TVShowsOnDVD

    "Wait, WHAT? YES! We've JUST gotten off the phone with Warner Home Video, and they confirm that the Adam West version of the Batman TV show IS indeed coming to DVD - FINALLY! - sometime in 2014. They have no other info for us at this moment in time, but stay tuned of course and we'll update you as further developments occur!"

    People have been selling unofficial copies on iOffer for years now, but hearing that real, legit DVDs are being produced is amazing news. Speaking of iOffer, how is this site still around after 12 years? There are thousands of bootleg DVDs on that site, that's still pretty illegal right?

    International Psycho - Macabre Movie Poster Madness

    Here's a quick gallery of some of my favorite International posters for Psycho. Click on each for a larger view:

    Paramount 1970 Czech Poster
    Czech Psycho/The Birds Combo Poster
    Psycho Israeli

    Spanish One-Sheet

    Psycho (Universal, R-1972). Italian Locandina

    German A1

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    New This Week 1.14.14

    Not a ton of stuff out there today, really but there are a few big 2013 theatrically released films that I'm sure a lot of horror fans will be interested in checking out.

    Chloe Grace Moretz and Academy Awardr nominee Julianne Moore* star in this exhilarating reimagining of Stephen King's iconic best seller. After merciless taunting from classmates and abuse at the hand of her religious fanatic mother (Moore), Carrie's (Mortez) anger - and her telekinetic powers - are unleashed. And when a prom prank goes horribly wrong, events spiral out of control until the terrifying conclusion of this powerful, pulse-quickening horror story.

    Okay, so this one got so-so reviews, but Chloe was great in the Kick-Asses and Let Me In (which was actually quite excellent despite a couple of wonky CGI bits) so I'm willing to give it a shot, though I will most likely be renting it first. Amazon

    An exploding industry without rules! Direct to-video madness! VHS vs. Beta! In the 1980s, videotape changed the world and laid the foundation for modern media culture. REWIND THIS! traces the rise and fall of VHS from its heyday as the mainstream home video format to its current status as a nostalgic relic and prize to collectors who still cherish it. Featuring interviews with both filmmakers and enthusiasts from the VHS era, including Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman, indie auteur Atom Egoyan, and Hobo with a Shotgun filmmaker Jason Eisener, REWIND THIS! is the definitive story of the format that came to be synonymous with the home video revolution. So gather up your friends and start the pizza party just make sure to have your tapes back on time. 

    Special Features:
    Packed with extras, including commentary, original animations, a special music video, and over an hour of bonus interview footage on laserdisc, remix culture, video panic and more! 
    Get it from Amazon.

    Aubrey and Paul Davison decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary by inviting their four children and their significant others to a family reunion at their remote and slightly rundown weekend estate. But the family reunion goes awry when their home comes under siege by a mask-wearing team of crossbow-bearing assailants. The family has no idea who's attacking them, why they're under attack, or if the attackers are inside or outside the cavernous, creaking house. All they know for certain is that nobody is safe.

    Get it at Amazon, currently only $17. It's definitely one of the more entertaining "home invasion" movies I've seen, certainly well worth picking up at that price.

    Vin Diesel reprises his role as the antihero Riddick in the latest chapter of the groundbreaking saga. A dangerous, escaped convict wanted by every bounty hunter in the known galaxy, Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he's encountered. The only way off is for him to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. With time running out and a deadly storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won't leave the planet without Riddick's head as their trophy. Also starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Dave Bautista (WWE). 

    Fun Fact: I've never seen one minute of any of the Riddick movies. I'm honestly not even 100% sure exactly what they're about. Here's a question for my reader, are any of the Riddicks worth a look?

    Pick this one up at Amazon.


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