Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Delirium - Charles Band Launches The Official Full Moon Magazine

I love a good horror magazine, I've got a 70 pound box of them in my storage unit, but unfortunately magazine pricing went apeshit in the last 6 or 7 years so I very rarely pick them up anymore. I did pick up a HorrorHound issue last year for $7, which isn't bad, but magazines like Rue Morgue or Fangoria cost a fortune now, like $10 an issue. I say an 80 page magazine shouldn't cost $10 unless it's packed cover to cover with aggressively raunchy porn, and even then it hardly seems worth it when you have infinite porn resource like the internet at your fingertips.

Either way, high price or not this does seem like it should be pretty cool from the write up at least:

"Full Moon presents DELIRIUM magazine - a bi-monthly, pulp-fiction-salute print periodical dedicated to exploring and celebrating the joy of making movies. For over four delirious decades, filmmaker Charles Band has created some of cinema’s weirdest and wildest horror, fantasy and exploitation genre movies.

This is a bloody, bold, and beautiful magazine published by Band, produced by the Full Moon Features team and edited by filmmaker, film journalist and FANGORIA Magazine editor-in-chief Chris Alexander. DELIRIUM features exclusive interviews, bizarre stories, garish photos from Band’s expansive and foreboding vaults (many of which have never been seen before), posters, retrospectives, special FX make-up secrets, laughs, shocks, thrills and chills.

Delirium will be published 6 times a year and will not be sold on newsstands. The only way to get it is by subscribing at DeliriumMagazine.com or purchasing it directly from the Full Moon booth at one of the near 200 fan conventions coming up nationwide!"

You can grab the premiere issue for $10, or snatch a 1-year, 6-issue subscription for $45 directly from Full Moon.


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