Friday, January 03, 2014

Japanese Draculas and Dismembered Ghosts - Japanese Movie Poster Madness

I've posted many Japanese posters of American movies over the years, but I haven't really posted many Japanese posters of actual Japanese movies, so here goes.

Click on each for a closer look.

 Evil of Dracula (1974) "Chi o suu bara" (original title)

 House (1977) "Hausu" (original title)

 Kuroneko (1968) "Yabu no naka no kuroneko" (original title)

     Ghost Stories (1964) "Kaidan" (original title)

Mr. Vampire 2 "Jiang shi fan sheng xu ji Da jia fa cai"

     The Dismembered Ghost (1968) "Kaidan barabara yurei" (original title)
I have these several of these posters in much higher resolution, if anyone needs a larger image of any poster for whatever reason let me know.


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