Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Young Monsters in Love - A Thanksgiving-ey Manchester Morgue Compilation

Okay, so there's actually nothing "Thanksgiving-ey" about this compilation at all because, well, nobody has ever written a song about Thanksgiving. Look it up, nobody. Unless you count Pugsley's Eat Us, or Happy Turkey Day from Addams Family Values (music and lyrics by Gary Granger) there aren't really any songs about Thanksgiving. In fact, I think Labor Day has more songs, and that's not even a real day.

Since my I Got Erection and Creatures of the Night cover compilations were fairly well received, here's another collection of cover songs. Some covers you'll love, some you'll hate, but that's part of the fun of listening to bands do cover songs, isn't it?

I've found some pretty standard covers for this collection - like Laos' More Than a Feeling - but I've also uncovered a few very bizarre choices. Veruca Salt taking on a Sex Pistols track? Paradise Lost doing Small Town Boy? And, the most bizarre part on that one, it actually works quite well (up until the "cry boy, cry" part, that bit sounds awkward).

Given the art I've used, this would've been more ideal artwork for a Valentine's Day compilation, but I'll just have to come up with something else when the time comes. This cover does have me wondering one thing - is it still necrophilia if both parties are technically dead?

Between the Buried and Me - Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)
Hellsongs - Seasons in the Abyss (Slayer)
Blutengel - Stay (Shakespeare's Sister)
Bat For Lashes - A Forest (The Cure)
Chromatics - Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)
Ether Aura - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (The Smiths)
Paradise Lost - Small Town Boy (Bronski Beat)
Even Vast - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
Laos - More Than A Feeling (Boston)
Ghostlines - Brave New World (Iron Maiden)
Epica - Replica (Fear Factory)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sheena is a Punk Rocker (Ramones)
Nightwish - Where Were You Last Night (Ankie Bagger)
Tapping The Vein - Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos)
Iced Earth - Transylvania (Iron Maiden)
The Birthday Massacre - I Think We're Alone Now (Tiffany)
Theatre of Tragedy - You Keep Me Hanging On (The Supremes/Kim Wilde)
Angelzoom - Crawling (Linkin Park)
Veruca Salt - Bodies (Sex Pistols)
45 Grave - Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Poly-Unsaturated Blood (Don Hinson And The Rigamorticians)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Jet Black Berries Strike Back

About 2 months ago I finally set up an actual Manchester Morgue email account (to be found in my profile on the right, tell your friends) and 2 months ago, I promptly forgot all about it. So, very sorry to the people who sent me emails and didn't get replies. I'm not a dick, I'm just an idiot. I'll be getting back to everyone (there were dozens of you, dozens!) shortly.

Anyway, one of the emails I got was from the band Jet Black Berries. What I gathered from the email "Holy fucking shit, The Jet Black Berries are back!". They're scheduled to have an EP released this month and a brand new album sometime in 2010. This is tremendous news and I for one cannot wait to hear their new album.

You can check them out, and a new song or two at their Myspace page.

Evil Dead: The Musical

Do you like The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and select lines of dialog from Army of Darkness? Do you like low-budget gore-comedy musicals? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you just might enjoy Evil Dead: The Musical. This is a recording of the show from way back in 2003. I downloaded this about a year ago and forgot I had it. I was reminded of it yesterday, finally gave it a watch, enjoyed the hell out of it and thought a few of you out there might like to check this out.

From what I understand this is a VHS rip of a performance of the show, and it is certainly not high on audio or video quality. However, I sat down to do a quick quality test of the file on a 42" TV and ended up planted there for the entire duration of the show, so if I could tolerate it at that size, for that long, I'd say it's watchable quality.

There is a lot of funny in the 90 minute runtime, and plenty of blood and entrails as well. If you watch one gory slapstick musical featuring a headless candarian demon attacking a man with a chainsaw, make sure it's this one.

The show is still running today, so be sure to check out a live show if they visit your town. Looks like Council Bluffs, Iowa is the next stop. So any Iowians (Iowans? Iowanese? Whatever you guys want to be called...) reading this make sure to get out there and check it out.

WARNING: This production contains fountains of spraying blood! Front row "SPLATTER ZONE" seats are First-Come-First-Serve. Ponchos will be available for purchase at the box office for anyone wanting to protect their fabulous clothing!

Split over 5 parts, you'll need all 5 to extract the file:

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Remake of the Demons

I love Night of the Demons, Night of the Demons 2 and Monica Keena, so Monica Keena in a Night of the Demons should be okay, right?

Hey, at least it can't be any worse than Night of the Demons 3.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Mary Shelley Overdrive - Learn Karate

I just received a very exciting email from The Manchester Morgue's favorite band Mary Shelley Overdrive. I'll let the email do the talking:

"Here it is ... Learn Karate, a new full-length LP from Mary Shelley Overdrive. This is a FREE compilation of outtakes, demos, interviews and bootleg-quality live recordings. As with our other freebies, you share this music however you want. Post it, e-mail it, stream it, etc.

Learn Karate runs 59 minutes and has 21 tracks. Inside the ZIP bundle is a TXT file with notes on each song, an MP3-file sized cover, a printable cover and a PDF scrapbook of band photos.

This is a grab-bag collection of random songs recorded over the last two years, so expect a disjointed feel. Some of the tracks have less-than-perfect sound quality."

Phelpster says check it out (especially The God In The Bowl, my personal favorite of the bunch), and be sure to share it wherever you see fit:

  1. I Heart Cthulu
  2. Spider On The Ceiling
  3. Dread Media Interview
  4. The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria
  5. Birmingham Jail
  6. Dinner With Drac
  7. A Word From Our Sponsor
  8. Dread Media Interview #2
  9. The God In The Bowl
  10. We Heart Music Interview #1
  11. Pornstar 80 (Stardust Demo)
  12. One Quarter, One Play (8-Bit Kill Screen Version)
  13. The Tomb of Dracula
  14. We Heart Music Interview #2
  15. Zombie Apocalypse Blues
  16. Murderworld USA
  17. Charlie's Angels (Live)
  18. Jack The Ripper (Live)
  19. Pornstar 80 (Live)
  20. The Devil You Know (Live)
  21. Science Fiction Double Feature

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Three Dimensions of Pete Walker

I haven't made a poster post in a while, so here are a couple Pete Walker one-sheets, and a couple of Pete Walker ads from some old issues of Fangoria.

The Flesh and Blood Show - With Free Blood-Proof Smock!

Three Dimensions of Greta

House of Whipcord

Note the tagline from Schizo; "When the left hand doesn't know who the right hand is killing!". Now that is a tagline. Hilarious.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Adam Gorgoni - Candyman 3: Day Of The Dead

Adam Gorgoni's score from Candyman 3: Day of the Dead. Directed by Turi Meyer who wrote such gems as Chairman of the Board and Leprechaun 2 (which was apparently called One Wedding and Lots of Funerals on the UK video release - can any Britlanders out there confirm this?)

Bonus points to the composer for having the word "Gorgon" in his name.

01. Main Title (03:19)
02. Flashback/Love Theme (02:09)
03. First Death/Aftermath (03:12)
04. The Hallway (01:46)
05. It Was Him (02:04)
06. Are You OK (00:56)
07. Abuela (02:31)
08. A Brief Romance (02:56)
09. Tamara Dies (01:57)
10. The Warehouse (01:50)
11. The Goths Die (03:09)
12. Finale (05:30)
13. Epilogue (02:13)

Is it just me or is "Blood is sharper than the blade" the worst tagline ever? I've seen thousands of silly or corny taglines, but this one doesn't even make sense.

Introducing The Manchester Morgue's Completely Optional Donate Button

I'm seeing more and more bloggers putting up their little Paypal Donate buttons, so I thought I might as well give it a shot. This is, of course, entirely optional for anyone. If you're making more money than you need, you like my site and want to throw a couple of dollars towards it, that's great. If not, that's great too.

I'd considered this before, but I felt it seems a bit like begging. Not outright "hey man, do you have any change so I can buy a sandwich" begging, more like "guy playing a saxaphone while collecting donations in his upturned hat" kind of begging. Begging, but with a service attached. But now, with my current job/car situation I have to try and pull in a bit of extra income however I can.

I know, it seems weird to add the donate button now that I haven't had an actual post in about 2 weeks, but rest assured I am ready to get back into action and start posting regularly again, probably starting today.


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