Monday, November 16, 2009

The Jet Black Berries Strike Back

About 2 months ago I finally set up an actual Manchester Morgue email account (to be found in my profile on the right, tell your friends) and 2 months ago, I promptly forgot all about it. So, very sorry to the people who sent me emails and didn't get replies. I'm not a dick, I'm just an idiot. I'll be getting back to everyone (there were dozens of you, dozens!) shortly.

Anyway, one of the emails I got was from the band Jet Black Berries. What I gathered from the email "Holy fucking shit, The Jet Black Berries are back!". They're scheduled to have an EP released this month and a brand new album sometime in 2010. This is tremendous news and I for one cannot wait to hear their new album.

You can check them out, and a new song or two at their Myspace page.


Lorne Dixon said...

It's out and available on Amazon. The new track, "Welcome to my World" is highly reminiscent of the bonus LP material from the limited edition Sundown On Venus (most of which was updated New Math material). Very, very, very cool.

2vs8 said...

Happy Thanksgiving!


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