Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Math - Wake The Dead

Here is New Math's Wake The Dead, this has songs from their 'They Walk Among You' and 'Gardens' albums. If you downloaded the Jet Black Berries album I posted a few months back, give this one a shot. It has pretty much the same goth-tinged kinda pop/punk sound and contains the exact same lineup as the Jet Black Berries. They started as New Math in the mid 70s' and then changed the name to Jet Black Berries. For a little bio on the band check out this little fan page.

They Walk Among You
Garden of Delight
American Survival
The Flesh Element
Meets the Eye
Dead of Night
Pipes of Pan
Two Tongues
Take to the Night
Love Under Will
Johnny on Top
The Restless Kind
Break Up the Dance
Power of the Air [Live]
Ominous Presence [Live]

I highly recommend Invocation, damn fine song if I say so myself. Special thanks to Robert for sending me the tracks, thanks Robert!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Slumber Party Massacre 1+2

Slumber Party Massacre - The 1982 classic "feminist" slasher film, directed by Amy Jones who was the editor on Corvette Summer and later wrote all of the family friendly Beethoven movies. (The dog, not the guy. And yes, I pronounced it "Beeth-oven" there.) My question, how was Linnea Quigley not in this movie? Seems like something they would've asked her to do, and she was certainly never one to turn down work in the horror genre.

Slumber Party Massacre 2 - From Deborah Brock, the director of Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever! This one belongs up there with Luther the Geek as one of the more bizarre slasher films ever made. Courtney Bates (Crystal Bernard, who was later on Wings for like 5 years.) is the sister of Valerie from the first film. While on a trip with her band she starts having terrifying visions of terrible things happening to her friends, mostly caused by a guy who looks like a skinny Andrew Dice Clay wielding a crazy-ass electric guitar with a comically large drill bit on the end of it. You know, one of those movie guitars that doesn't need to be plugged into an amp or anything for you to still be able to hear it. Is this all in Courtney's head, or is The Driller Killer really here?!

Speaking of this "Driller Killer", this guy is almost too bizarre for words. Played by the oddly named Atanas Ilitch, this guy prances around like a badass combination of Prince and John Travolta while wailing away on his custom-made guitar. Hell, he even sings a song or two while offing people with this instrument of death, let's call it a drilltar. (Where would you even go to find a guitar like that? Looks like something Skwisgaar Skwigelf from Metalocalypse would have sitting next to his Swiss Armytar.) Does anyone out there know what happened to this guy? Seriously, if he's not dead, this guy needs to do some more work. I think they should've made a movie with him and that creepy Aunt Martha from Sleepaway Camp where they were a Mother and Son serial killing duo. I'd see it. I'd even help out with the funding. Upon looking the man up I didn't really find much, but I did find this. Now it doesn't really look like him, but how many people named Atanas Ilitch can there possibly be? Not many. Maybe if we "Greasered" him up it might look more like him?

Slumber Party Massacre 1
Side One:
Main Title (1:42)
Stalking the High School (3:10)
Confrontation in the Gymnasium (2:27)
Russ Dreams (1:19)
Snail Hunt (2:57)
Valerie Does Battle (1:57)

Side Two:
Uninvited Guest (3:15)
Meditation of the Mind of Russ Thorn (7:45)
End Titles (3:10)

Slumber Party Massacre 2
Can't Stop Loving You
Don't Let Go
First Born - Tokyo Convertible (special thanks to John Coinman)
First Born - Tokyo Convertible (Courtney & Amy)
Hell's Cafe - Hell's Cafe (The Girls)
Let's Buzz
Richard Cox - Beginning Credits
Sally Burns - Pie In The Sky
Wednesday Week - If Only
Wednesday Week - Why?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

MST3K The Horrors of Spider Island - Review

This is one of my personal favorite episodes, one of the very final of the entire series, Experiment 1011 - THE HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND!

The Horrors of Spider Island is a German film from 1960 (original title - Toter hing im Netz, Ein, translates to something like A Dead One Hung in the Net). It begins in what is supposed to be Los Angeles where a bunch of strippers and dancers are auditioning in front of Gary, a typical 1960 beefy box-bodied misogynistic bastard to be in a dance troupe in Singapore. They pick the girls and set off to Singapore, only, the plane to Singapore crashes, hilariously no less, in the middle of the ocean. Luckily for the survivors, which is pretty much all of them, they make their way to a deserted island. Little do they know, they've just found Spider Island. Let the horror, spiders and more importantly, half-naked shenanigans begin.

It's pretty much a sexploitation film with very little in the way of Spiders or Horror, prompting several sarcastic cries of "THE HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND!!!" throughout the film. Apparently, according to the informative review over at Monster Shack this was never intended as a horror film, they just added the horror element and the dubbing later and it shows. And man is it bad, terrible dialog, the same woman has dubbed several of the girl's voices with no attempt at changing her voice, Mike and The Bots have a field day with this one. Regardless of their opinions on the film Tom and Crow, at least, really seem to get a kick out of the scantily clad "broads" running around on a deserted island. And I hope you're a fan of the name Gary because you'll hear this name more times in this one movie than you'll hear your own in your entire lifetime. In addition to hot foreign 60s women there is even a guy who is a dead ringer for Dr. Strangelove who shows up as a talent scout.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yvonne "Lily Munster" De Carlo dies at 84

I just saw here that Yvonne De Carlo, most popular for her role as Lily Munster on The Munsters has died. She was 84. With Al Lewis dying last year and Fred Gwynne dying in the early 90s this means that Eddie and Marilyn are the only surviving Munsters. It's depressing, really, I was just watching The Munsters the other day and now Lily is gone. Click on the link above to read more about the life and times of Yvonne De Carlo. Also I just saw she was recently immortalized in bobblehead form, actually the only bobblehead doll I've seen that has hair that is able to move.

Those Nerds Are a Threat to Our Way of Life!

Okay, I know it looks like the site is turning into some kind of Revenge of the Nerds fansite. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Neal, a Morgue Attendant (bringing back my attempt at giving my readers some kind of catchy nickname there) sent a link over to a damn near complete soundtrack he's put together for Revenge of the Nerds. There is an official soundtrack, but Neal's includes several tracks that were excluded from that for various rights issues. It has everything except the Japanese version of "Bicycle Built For Two" that plays during the Beerchugging Tricycle Race. Now, if anyone actually has that track and can share it they will be a god among men, or women, don't wanna leave anyone out. The link. It's actually a very cool soundtrack, I love the Ya Ya tracks, but I can't find any other music by them, did they have any albums or anything?

ROTN features my favorite panty raid scene, hands down. It was funny, well staged, they had the perfect music and and it worked because you really felt bad for the Nerds at this point. You wanted them to snatch some coed undergarments for revenge and then film the girls doing naked things. Okay, maybe they took it too far with that whole filming naked women thing. But still it's a movie, so it's okay, creepy perversion is acceptable in movie form. However, I do not recommend doing so yourself, I'd imagine it's quite illegal and you will probably be quite arrested. Then your parents would have to come and bail you out, and while they'd still love you, they'd never quite be able to look you in the eye again without feeling ashamed. So in short, don't be a pervert.

Anyway, back on to the Nerds, did it bother anyone else that Betty, the hottest of the hot popular girls was the first to run to join Lewis and Gilbert after the "people who've ever felt picked stepped on, left out, picked on, put down" speech? So what, she has sex with a nerd 2 hours earlier and now she's an unpopular nerd that people pick on? Nerdism by association I guess. I think they should've made a spinoff television series with Booger, Poindexter and Wormser as time traveling detectives. It would've been like Columbo meets Back to the Future, only, you know, with Nerds.

Since I'm linking to that site above, I might as well just throw the link I have for the regular soundtrack in MP3 format up while I'm here. If anyone opposes to that, let me know. But if you download this one still be sure to visit Neal's site to grab those tracks that aren't on the soundtrack.

Ogre, you asshole.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Wicker Man - Nicolas Cage's Greatest Hits

I just came across this and had to post it. Some brilliant individual went through and found all the awful hilarity to be found in the Wicker Man remake. For those of you not brave enough to watch the film, this should do the trick. Of course be warned of major spoilers, don't watch this if you still plan of watching the film. And here's my review of the film in case you missed it:

Monday, January 08, 2007

The "We've Got Bush" Edition

I just felt like sharing a little DVD news. On March 6th a special edition of one of my favorite comedies Revenge of the Nerds finally makes an appearance. According to DavisDVD it will include a commentary track with actors Jeff Kanew, Robert Caradine, Timothy Busfield & Curtis Armstrong, six deleted scenes, "I'm a Nerd and I'm Pretty Proud of It" featurette, the rarely-seen "Revenge of the Nerds" TV Pilot and the original theatrical trailer. Finally, Booger and Poindexter on the same commentary track, man it took them long enough. They are also releasing the 3 sequels on the same day in a box set. Now, does anyone know what this "TV Pilot" is about? I'd never heard anything about this ever, anyone from the movie in it?

This "news" is a couple weeks old, but the awesome DVD cover was just released today and I had to share it with someone because it's now one of my favorite DVD covers ever. Very simple, I could've designed it myself probably, but it looks great. I usually hate these weirdly titled special editions, like the Half Baked "Fully Baked" Edition, but I gotta say this "We've Got Bush" Edition is just brilliant. I can't believe they're actually using that line on the cover. I'm sure someone will bitch and get it changed. Probably the same women of the overprotective maternal variety who used to come in my video store and bitch at me about the huge boobs on the Maxim magazines we carried. They would yell at me about it, and even go as far as to turn the magazines around so the back was facing out, yet they never said a thing about the Fitness magazines with equally attractive and scantily clad women on the covers. Always bothered me, they would've just died if they'd seen an issue of the UK version of Maxim. They show whole nipples in those. Oh no, nipples!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sleepaway Camp - The Complete Trilogy Unofficial Soundtrack

Okay, I've got something special for today. As some of you know there was never an official soundtrack for any of the Sleepaway Camp films, but thanks to the hard of work John and Giles from the fantastic Sleepaway Camp Official Site a soundtrack for the trilogy has been put together. It's been compiled from various sources, from CD rips to DVD Audio rips. There are even a couple audio splicing experiments to be found. This was finished a few months back and I'm sure some of you have found it on their site already, but John was nice enough to let me share it with the rest of you here on The Morgue.

Be sure to visit this page before you download, it gives a complete overview of everything on the soundtrack. It would take a huge amount of space listing everything on the post, so head over there to see what all you're getting when you download this one. There are also links to each individual track if there is only one or two tracks you're interested in. I recommend downloading the entire thing, a lot of hard work went into this and a lot of these tracks are very hard to come by.

Sleepaway Camp, also known as Nightmare Vacation in the UK. A title card informs us that this is An American Eagle Film Corps Production". American Eagle? The clothes people? Anyway, I just watched this today actually. While it's not an outright terrifying film it's certainly one of the creepier films of the past 30 years. Half the people running Camp Arawak in the film are rather grimy and really give you an uneasy feeling. Especially Artie, the head chef, who goes as far as to refer to the young girls at the camp as "baldies". There's a bizarre pyschosexual undertone throughout the entire film, from Artie's attempted rape of Angela to the curling iron death of Judy (well, only if that curling iron went where I think it went) all the way to the infamous ending shot. Speaking of that curling iron scene, I don't know if curling iron was "inserted" anywhere or not for sure, but that scene is very effective. It doesn't show much more than a hand holding a pillow and the shadow of Judy's hands writhing in pain but it is incredibly cringeworthy nontheless, I think Judy's muffled screaming really added a lot to the scene.

The one part of the film that did frighten me is Desiree Gould's portrayal of Aunt Martha. No reviews really seem to mention her, but this is easily one of the oddest and creepy characters I've ever seen. Aunt Martha is a frighteningly campy character and honestly she scares the hell out of me. I've had nightmares with this woman floating towards me, smiling with that deranged smile of hers. I don't know if it's that hat or her very androgenous appearance, but god she freaks me out. She really seems to be completely mentally unbalanced, I wouldn't have been suprised if she had ended up as the film's killer.

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers and Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland were pretty much unrelated to the 1983 original. I mean the Angela Baker character returns but it's not a continuation or anything and they take place at Camp Rolling Hills. And Angela has lost the wang and is an actual girl this time around. They actually shot both sequels back to back, kinda like a low budget Back to the Future 2 and 3. Only minus the time travel part. Totally the same otherwise. These two went the comedic horror route, which I really don't mind because I have a soft spot for horror comedy. A lot of people don't seem to care for funny in their horror, but I generally approve. Angela Baker was played by Pamela Springsteen, sister of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. And speaking of famous people's younger sisters, Charlie "Carlos" Sheen and Emilio Estevez's sister Renee Estevez also stars as the cute "good girl" of the camp for Unhappy Campers. While I'm on Part 2 still, I especially enjoyed this guy. He answers the question "What if Ron Perlman and Joey from Full House had a kid?" Part 3 brings back a little of the creepy feel of the original by including Michael J. Pollard as Herman, the sex offender with a heart of gold. They are very cheesy, but very entertaining sequels and I'm happy to have them complete the trilogy in the boxset sitting on my shelf.

Anyway, head over to the site after you're done here and have a look around. There's a ton of great stuff to be found, not just the music from the films. Pretty much all the Sleepaway Camp info you could ever need.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hot sauce not to be used as a sexual lubricant

I was just about to sit down with some chili, in my opinion, when done properly, chili is the best food ever made. Next to lasagna, of course. So I grabbed some hot sauce, this time I went with Hard Times Cafe brand because my trusty Tabasco was out of reach and I found this little warning label quite amusing:

"Warning: If you're messy and get this sauce on your hands don't stick your finger in your eyes, nose or touch private parts without washing your hands first."

This, I believe, marks the first time I've ever seen human genitalia referenced on a food item. Who says "private parts"? Whose grandmother wrote this label? I don't know, I'm probably the only one immature enough to giggle about something this dumb, but this is one of the oddest labels I've ever seen. I'm sure they were trying to be cute while being educational, but this is just weird.

There's some music coming soon, I just had to share that label with someone.


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