Monday, January 08, 2007

The "We've Got Bush" Edition

I just felt like sharing a little DVD news. On March 6th a special edition of one of my favorite comedies Revenge of the Nerds finally makes an appearance. According to DavisDVD it will include a commentary track with actors Jeff Kanew, Robert Caradine, Timothy Busfield & Curtis Armstrong, six deleted scenes, "I'm a Nerd and I'm Pretty Proud of It" featurette, the rarely-seen "Revenge of the Nerds" TV Pilot and the original theatrical trailer. Finally, Booger and Poindexter on the same commentary track, man it took them long enough. They are also releasing the 3 sequels on the same day in a box set. Now, does anyone know what this "TV Pilot" is about? I'd never heard anything about this ever, anyone from the movie in it?

This "news" is a couple weeks old, but the awesome DVD cover was just released today and I had to share it with someone because it's now one of my favorite DVD covers ever. Very simple, I could've designed it myself probably, but it looks great. I usually hate these weirdly titled special editions, like the Half Baked "Fully Baked" Edition, but I gotta say this "We've Got Bush" Edition is just brilliant. I can't believe they're actually using that line on the cover. I'm sure someone will bitch and get it changed. Probably the same women of the overprotective maternal variety who used to come in my video store and bitch at me about the huge boobs on the Maxim magazines we carried. They would yell at me about it, and even go as far as to turn the magazines around so the back was facing out, yet they never said a thing about the Fitness magazines with equally attractive and scantily clad women on the covers. Always bothered me, they would've just died if they'd seen an issue of the UK version of Maxim. They show whole nipples in those. Oh no, nipples!


neal snow said...

Oh, I'll be picking that bad boy up for the commentary track alone.

Feel free to post this up on your blog:

The only song I'm still looking for is the japanese version of "Bicycle Built For Two" (the song used during the drunken tricycle race).

Shane said...

Sweeeeeet, man! I'm still here and still groovin' the tunes just to let you know! Helluva job, Phelpster! Helluva job!

Dave S. said...

Good LORD.

What worries me though is the boxset with all three movies. ROTN 2 and 3... will they have any bonus features, or will they be simple movie-only discs?

phelpster said...

Neal - Cool I'll make a little post and link to it later on today. You know, I could've sworn I saw that Bicycle version somewhere like 4 years ago. On the DVDTalk forum, but I've searched and can't find anything now.

Dave - I'm not sure, the MSRP on the boxset is only $29.98, which puts the price it'll be avaible for purchase around the $20-$25 range. So I think there will be any extras on those sadly.

phelpster said...

Crap, that last line was supposed to say "So I 'don't' think there will be any extras on those sadly."

Dave S. said...

Good thing I held off on buying the Nerds 1 + 2 set.

It's kinda sad that they don't seem to care about anything other than the first film... I'd love to hear a commentary track with the actors.


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