Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Those Nerds Are a Threat to Our Way of Life!

Okay, I know it looks like the site is turning into some kind of Revenge of the Nerds fansite. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Neal, a Morgue Attendant (bringing back my attempt at giving my readers some kind of catchy nickname there) sent a link over to a damn near complete soundtrack he's put together for Revenge of the Nerds. There is an official soundtrack, but Neal's includes several tracks that were excluded from that for various rights issues. It has everything except the Japanese version of "Bicycle Built For Two" that plays during the Beerchugging Tricycle Race. Now, if anyone actually has that track and can share it they will be a god among men, or women, don't wanna leave anyone out. The link. It's actually a very cool soundtrack, I love the Ya Ya tracks, but I can't find any other music by them, did they have any albums or anything?

ROTN features my favorite panty raid scene, hands down. It was funny, well staged, they had the perfect music and and it worked because you really felt bad for the Nerds at this point. You wanted them to snatch some coed undergarments for revenge and then film the girls doing naked things. Okay, maybe they took it too far with that whole filming naked women thing. But still it's a movie, so it's okay, creepy perversion is acceptable in movie form. However, I do not recommend doing so yourself, I'd imagine it's quite illegal and you will probably be quite arrested. Then your parents would have to come and bail you out, and while they'd still love you, they'd never quite be able to look you in the eye again without feeling ashamed. So in short, don't be a pervert.

Anyway, back on to the Nerds, did it bother anyone else that Betty, the hottest of the hot popular girls was the first to run to join Lewis and Gilbert after the "people who've ever felt picked stepped on, left out, picked on, put down" speech? So what, she has sex with a nerd 2 hours earlier and now she's an unpopular nerd that people pick on? Nerdism by association I guess. I think they should've made a spinoff television series with Booger, Poindexter and Wormser as time traveling detectives. It would've been like Columbo meets Back to the Future, only, you know, with Nerds.

Since I'm linking to that site above, I might as well just throw the link I have for the regular soundtrack in MP3 format up while I'm here. If anyone opposes to that, let me know. But if you download this one still be sure to visit Neal's site to grab those tracks that aren't on the soundtrack.

Ogre, you asshole.


Anonymous said...

Here is "Bicycle Built For Two" from the flick. It's right from the movie so it has dialogue and it's a bit scratchy, but still, better than nothing.


Mistressmarshmello said...

Thanks Phelpster & Neal:)

neal snow said...

RE: On what to call your "regulars"...
Instead of "Morgue Attendants" why not "Stiffs"?

Moloch said...


The song you are looking for, Bicycle Built for Two, is by a Japanese group known as Swing Slow. Swing Slow is otherwise known as Haruomi Hosono, a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra. I've scoured the internet looking for a recording of this song, but I've had no luck. The details of the mp3 that may be floating around somewhere are:
MPEG 1 Layer 3
224 kbps CBR
44100 Hz
2.57 MB
I'm not too big on p2p or any other system so I'm not sure if it's too helpful, but if a search would take those parameters I'm sure it would be found if it exists. Also, I've found a CD that contains the song, by the original group. However I'm not sure if it's the original recording. The name of the CD is Daisy World Tour, which seems to be a compilation, I've found three used copies on Amazon, but they're quite expensive. The CDs can be found here: (The Amazon link didn't fit in the frame)
I'd buy it but frankly I don't think a single song is worth forty bucks, maybe we can get a fund together then host the files online, and I'll finally be able to get my mind off of this. Cheers

JamiroFan2000 said...


Great blog, found some classic OSTs on here lately. By the way, could you please re-up your MP3 copy of the Revenge Of The Nerds OST for all of us nerds? Thanks again for a awesome blog! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Link doesn't work

Prime_2004 said...

The link is down, is there any chance of a repost?

Jeff said...

I second the request for a re-up. :)


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