Friday, January 19, 2007

Slumber Party Massacre 1+2

Slumber Party Massacre - The 1982 classic "feminist" slasher film, directed by Amy Jones who was the editor on Corvette Summer and later wrote all of the family friendly Beethoven movies. (The dog, not the guy. And yes, I pronounced it "Beeth-oven" there.) My question, how was Linnea Quigley not in this movie? Seems like something they would've asked her to do, and she was certainly never one to turn down work in the horror genre.

Slumber Party Massacre 2 - From Deborah Brock, the director of Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever! This one belongs up there with Luther the Geek as one of the more bizarre slasher films ever made. Courtney Bates (Crystal Bernard, who was later on Wings for like 5 years.) is the sister of Valerie from the first film. While on a trip with her band she starts having terrifying visions of terrible things happening to her friends, mostly caused by a guy who looks like a skinny Andrew Dice Clay wielding a crazy-ass electric guitar with a comically large drill bit on the end of it. You know, one of those movie guitars that doesn't need to be plugged into an amp or anything for you to still be able to hear it. Is this all in Courtney's head, or is The Driller Killer really here?!

Speaking of this "Driller Killer", this guy is almost too bizarre for words. Played by the oddly named Atanas Ilitch, this guy prances around like a badass combination of Prince and John Travolta while wailing away on his custom-made guitar. Hell, he even sings a song or two while offing people with this instrument of death, let's call it a drilltar. (Where would you even go to find a guitar like that? Looks like something Skwisgaar Skwigelf from Metalocalypse would have sitting next to his Swiss Armytar.) Does anyone out there know what happened to this guy? Seriously, if he's not dead, this guy needs to do some more work. I think they should've made a movie with him and that creepy Aunt Martha from Sleepaway Camp where they were a Mother and Son serial killing duo. I'd see it. I'd even help out with the funding. Upon looking the man up I didn't really find much, but I did find this. Now it doesn't really look like him, but how many people named Atanas Ilitch can there possibly be? Not many. Maybe if we "Greasered" him up it might look more like him?

Slumber Party Massacre 1
Side One:
Main Title (1:42)
Stalking the High School (3:10)
Confrontation in the Gymnasium (2:27)
Russ Dreams (1:19)
Snail Hunt (2:57)
Valerie Does Battle (1:57)

Side Two:
Uninvited Guest (3:15)
Meditation of the Mind of Russ Thorn (7:45)
End Titles (3:10)

Slumber Party Massacre 2
Can't Stop Loving You
Don't Let Go
First Born - Tokyo Convertible (special thanks to John Coinman)
First Born - Tokyo Convertible (Courtney & Amy)
Hell's Cafe - Hell's Cafe (The Girls)
Let's Buzz
Richard Cox - Beginning Credits
Sally Burns - Pie In The Sky
Wednesday Week - If Only
Wednesday Week - Why?


Scumbalina said...

Slumber Party Massacre 2 is one of my all time favorite movies! I always thought the same think about John Travolta meets Prince. And you're right, Swisgaar is the only other guitar player metal enough to pull off the drilltar.

I've been looking for this music for years. I downloaded that "if only" from you before, and I've downloaded a lot of things that have thrilled me, but this is by far the best. I can't thank you enough!

ps... I don't suppose you have, or know where I can find the Bad Channels soundtrack?

Mistressmarshmello said...

Phelpster! you have NO IDEA how long the music from Slumberparty massacre 2 has haunted me. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Cineaste said...

Man, somebody already deleted these files!

Sorry I didn't check your site last night and mention this post on OST Hub. More people might have had a chance to snag them. My bad.

scumbalina said...

fuck,I only got part 2 last night cause I fell asleep.

and I can't open part 2 without part 1 can I?

phelpster said...

Oh balls! That's a record. Sorry yeah you need both parts to open. Terribly sorry about this guys, I'll get cracking on reuploading everything now.

mistressmarshmello said...

i was wondering what was up when i couldn't open it..thanks phelpster.

phelpster said...

Yeah sorry, I do try and avoid any multi part uploads, apart from the MST3K episodes which are huge. I'm going to reupload it on Megaupload as 1 part, it's taking forever but it should be done in about 45 minutes or so.

Scumbalina - I've actually been looking for the Bad Channels but I haven't had any luck. That one video with the band Sykotik Sinfoney absolutely scares the bejesus out of me. I have no idea why but that little nun guy is actually responsible for a few nightmares I've had.

Vinnie Rattolle said...

The driller killer and Aunt Martha?! That'd be a fantastic combo! Since both actors played camp as camp could be, they'd be perfect together! THAT Atanas Ilitch doesn't look like the same guy, but two people with that same bizarre name is somewhat improbable.

I have the first one on disc, but I haven't seen SPM2 in eons... though it's one of those films that defies explanation and sticks in your mind! Can't wait to hear the songs again (though megaupload's gone crazy today and it's saying it'll take an hour+ to download the file).

mistressmarshmello said...

i saw on the the Atanas Ilitch site that you posted, at the very top there is a little ceasar's logo, and i do remember reading that he was involved with little ceasars in some way. and I do think it looks like him. Thanks again Phelpster.

scumbalina said...

The Sykotik Sinfoney song is the main reason I want the soundtrack! And that nun makes me pee myself! a good way :-P

I saw a few inexpensive used copies on amazon if that helps?

phelpster said...

Thanks, I'm a bit financially limited at the moment so I need to try and find it to download. However if you're after that Sykotik Sinfoney video they do have it on their site: Still mind numbinly terrifying after all these years. According to the site the Nun guy now plays or played with David Lee Roth.

I'm starting to think that might actually be the same Atanas. I'm doing a little more research but I think it might be the same guy, I found a photo of his Dad Mike on the Little Ceasars site, looks a little Driller Killer like. Man, I feel like a really lame reporter. More on this later as the story develops.

Kristy Langford said...

OMG!!!!! I have been looking everywhere for the soundtrack to Slumber Party Massacre 2! Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh please re-up this one, Phelpster ! I´v been looking forever for this soundtrack, i can´t believe you´ve actually managed to find it ! Keep the good work by the way ! ;-) Muchos gracias

phelpster said...

I just checked the link and it's still up, just click here here to get to the link. It's on Megaupload so if it says "File not found" or anything like that, just try again later, very stubborn site lately.

mita said...


Slumber Party Massacre II is by far the most ridiculous horror film I've ever seen. The only thing I can think that comes close is the last 5 minutes of Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare. I can't wait to listen to all the awesome rockabilly songs that the killer sang.

Scott said...

Thank you so much for posting these!

I've been looking for a vinyl copy of SPM 1 soundtrack forever, with no luck. However, I did find Wednesday Week's CD a while back, only to find out a couple weeks ago it was just recently reissued as an extended remaster! LOL

Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Atanas Ilitch is indeed one of the children of Mike and Marian Ilitch, who founded the Little Caesars Pizza chain and also own the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings. They are a very wealthy and influential family in the Detroit area.

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Tony said...

The new address to The Old Hockstatter Place is and you may view the music page here -

The Writer said...

"Slumber Party Massacre 2" was never intended to be a "straight" horror flick. It's a musical satire of a horror flick with a lot of very black comedy. It always amazes me when people try to take this film seriously, and then say, it's not a good horror movie. It was intended as a satiric comment on the American horror genre, and was actually banned in the UK for it's pungent combo of music, comedy, and violence.

Ray Crowe said...

I think that, as cliched and distinctly non-feminist as SPM is, it's totally addicting and stands head and shoulders above most early '80s slasher flicks in terms of sheer entertainment value. The severed-limb-heavy finale is one of the most memorable demises for a slasher villain ever! I also love Part 2 and to a lesser extent Part 3.


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