Friday, November 29, 2013

New Code Red Titles Available Now

Up first, one of the odder DVD releases I've ever seen. It's a double feature of Night of the Living Dead and I Eat Your Skin, which is a perfectly fine double feature. It's an unnecessary set of titles to release - I Eat Your Skin has been on DVD 24 times, and there are no less than 150 releases of Night of the Living Dead, but it's not a bad double feature (just ask the people making Elvira DVDs). What makes it odd is that for whatever reason this release is vaguely racist, just look at the title: BROTHERZ REVENGE DOUBLE BILL! NIGHT OF LIVIN' DEADZ + ZOMBIEZ

The vague racistness (that's not a word) carries on in the write-ups:

George Romero directs this cult classic! The radiation from a fallen satellite might have caused the recently deceased to rise from the grave and seek the living to use as grub. This is the situation that a group of losers penned up in an old farmhouse must deal with. Racial tension escalates as African-American brother Duane Jones tries to tell everyone what to do, and one honky (Karl Hardman) doesn’t want to listen. Code Red is proud to present this classic motion picture in the euro-cut in 2.35:1 Letterbox as many Asian countries viewed it that way. To add some creativity, we did a tribute to Al Adamson by adding color dimension to this historical release.


A bunch of groovy white cancer researchers partying on a remote Caribbean island discover that by treating the black natives with snake venom, they can turn them into egg-eyed zombies with attitude. Soon, they have an army of the soulless brother creatures in order to conquer the world!! Zombies never got as lame as in this 1964 movie that is so intense that it was not released to the theatres until 1971. Now it has become a cult classic since it's on tons of vhs/dvd releases from public domain companies. Code Red is proud to present this motion picture in the euro-cut in 2.35:1 Letterbox as many Asian countries viewed it that way. Too add some creativity, we did a tribute to Al Adamson by adding color dimension to this historical release.


Shown in Lollipop Covermation? What in the fuck does that mean? What is lollipop covermation? Nevermind the lillipop part, what is covermation? I looked it up, it's not a word. It's no more a word than "racistness" is. Did he write covermation, but mean to say Colormation?

This is such an odd release, it just seems like a colorized versions of the films in 2.35:1 ratios, but what's with all the "Brotherz" stuff? I'm not sure the terms "soulless brother creatures" and "honky" should be written on a businesses' website, even as a joke. I mean, I don't care, I'm pretty unoffendable, I'm just saying racial stuff is a really touchy subject for most people and this could potentially really piss some people off.

Now a more normal release (apart from the "Pre-Apocalyptic Collection" banner)

PROBABILITY ZERO 1969 / R RATED / 1.85:1 (16X9)

Horror icon Dario Argento wrote this WWII action film set in Norway. A plane with some top secret cargo (Radar Equipment) was shot down over "Once Occupied Norway". With that technology, the Germans could finally win the war (but only when they can repair it). One of the aircraft captains is seriously injured, but survives the crash and the Germans hide him (so he can regain his strength) in a hospital to get his knowledge about the technology. The Duke (Henry Silva, TRAPPED, JOHNNY COOL) takes over the job to destroy the "Radar Equipment". He and some Norwegian guerrillas are on the perilous mission to stop the Nazis before they win the war! Classic War action directed by Maurizio Lucidi (STREET PEOPLE, STATELINE MOTEL).

SULLIVAN'S MARAUDERS 1968 / PG RATED / 1.85:1 (16X9)

From the mind of Dario Argento and Menahem Golan comes a lean, mean war film! Tough Sgt. Sullivan (Western tough guy Lee Van Cleef) puts together a group of Italian-Americans into disguise as Italian soldiers in order to infiltrate a North African camp held by the Italians. After the soldiers have knived the Italians in their beds, they find a hooker (Marilu Tolo THE GREEK TYCOON) living at the camp. Sullivan's commandos are to hold this camp and its weaponry until an American battalion arrives, all the while these Italian-Americans pretend to be Italian soldiers, often hosting the enemy. Lt. Valli (Jack Kelly, TV's MAVERICK) is a young, "green," by-the-book officer who constantly argues with Sgt. Sullivan, and tells his superior that he has no idea what he is doing. One man on the base, probably a touch from Argento, is an entomologist who is needlessly killed. Things go terribly wrong after that. Marino Mase (ALIEN CONTAMINATION), Duilio Del Prete (VOICES FROM BEYOND), Gotz George, and the loveable Romano Puppo (ENDGAME, AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK) co-star. Directed by Armando Crispino (THE DEAD ARE ALIVE, AUTOPSY). This is the shorter theatrical USA cut!

Grab these (and a DVD version of Just Before Dawn) from Code Red.

MST3K Turkey Day - Watch The New Joel Host Segments Now

Shout! Factory's MST3K Turkey Day live streaming event was a big success with over 20,000 fans catching the event, with close to 35,000 comments on the YouTube page alone. We got a good mix of classic episodes, 3 with Joel; I Accuse My Parents, Cave Dwellers, and Mitchell and 3 with Mike; Space Mutiny, Wahrwilf, and Final Sacrifice. And in between the episodes were some great new bumpers with Joel introducing the episodes. So much fun watching all of these in a row while reading the comments, which were coming so fast you couldn't read all of them. There was even a wonderful little surprise at the very end of the new segments that unexpectedly nearly made me cry a bit (it takes place at around 16:40 in the video). Here's hoping they keep this tradition going next year.

I managed to catch most of the streaming live, but for those of you who weren't able to catch the event yesterday, thanks to one viewer who recorded it you can catch the newly recorded Joel host segments below. Not sure if this will end up getting taken down, but just in case, I'd download the YouTube video now if you don't watch it right away.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

MST3K Turkey Day Begins Online @ 9am PT/ 12 pm ET

Just a heads up for any Mystery Science Theater fans who weren't already aware, Joel Hodgson and Shout! Factory have joined forces to resurrect the hugely popular Turkey Day Marathon as a 9+ hour online streaming event. This will be the first Turkey Day since 1995 and will consist of six classic episodes hosted by Joel. The marathon begins at 9am PT/ 12pm ET, so be sure to head over to to check it out.

Do you miss the Turkey Day Marathons of yesteryear, when, loaded with tryptophan, you'd curl up on the sofa with friends and family for a postprandial MST session? Well, you can relive the magic once again with a special Web-only Turkey Day Marathon featuring six classic episodes curated and hosted by Joel.  

This streaming event will kick off on Thursday at 9 am PT / 12 noon ET on Thursday, November 28th here at Fans who have suggestions for episodes they'd like to see included are encouraged to tweet Joel (@JoelGHodgson) with their votes.  On Turkey Day, MST-ies can join in on Twitter with the tag #mst3k. For updates on MST3K Turkey Day, follow @ShoutFactory and @JoelGHodgson .

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New This Week 11.26.13

First and most importantly is Shout! Factory's latest Mystery Science Theater 3000 set. This volume - which is the 28th box set, but labeled as the "25th Anniversary Edition" to celebrate the show's anniversary - comes housed in a Limited Edition collector's tin and contains six episodes, instead of the usual four. The four new to DVD episodes are as follows:

Moon Zero Two
The Day The Earth Froze
The Leech Woman

This set also features a bonus disc containing The Brain That Wouldn't Die and Mitchell, two classic long out of print episodes from way back  when Rhino was putting out single episode releases. I already have the original Rhino releases of these two, but their inclusion is very welcome for anyone who doesn't already own them.

In addition to the six episodes, Shout! has loaded this set up with even more great bonus material than usual including an excellent newly produced 70-minute three part Return to Eden Prairie documentary.

• 3-Part Documentary Return To Eden Prairie: 25 Years Of Mystery Science Theater 3000
• Ninth Wonder Of The World: The Making Of Gorgo (MST3K Edition)
• Last Flight Of Joel Robinson
• Life After MST3K: Mary Jo Pehl
• Interview with “Brain” performer Marilyn Neilson
• “Moon Zero Two” Intro by Hammer Films Historian Constantine Nasr
• MST Hour Wraps
• Leonard Maltin Explains Something
• Original Trailers
• 4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

This set is essential, grab it today:

Also from Shout! is George A. Romero's jousting biker film Knightriders. You know, I've never actually seen Knightriders, which is odd because I'm a big Romero fan. I don't want to knock the film or its fans because I've heard this is a good movie, but motorcycle knights seems like a ridiculous premise and every time I see this image of Tom Savini I turn into a 13-year old and start giggling uncontrollably:

Anyone out there reading this please chime in and let me know if this one is worth a look or not.

The members of a traveling Renaissance Faire, who saddle up on motorcycles instead of horses, ride from town to town to stage medieval jousting tournaments with combatants in suits of armor and wielding lances, battle-axes, maces and broadswords. The spectacle of this violent pageant soon garners national attention, much to the dismay of the current king of this Camelot. A challenger to his throne arises as they try to maintain their fairytale existence in a world wrought with corruption.

Written and directed by George A. Romero (The Night Of The Living Dead series) and starring Romero regulars Ed Harris (Creepshow), Tom Savini (Dawn Of The Dead), John Amplas (Martin), Patricia Tallman (Monkey Shines) and Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead), this “vastly underrated elegy to idealism and rugged individualism” (TV Guide) offers “a compelling reworking of Arthurian legend [and] remarkable action scenes in the process” (The Onion A.V. Club)!

Bonus features:

  • Audio Commentary w/ George Romero, Tom Savini, John Amplas, and film historian Chris Stavrakis
  • Behind the Scenes: The Stunts of Knightriders
  • New Interviews with Romero, Savini and Ed Harris
  • Trailers and TV Spots
Pick it up today:

From Scream Factory comes The Horror Show, a truly odd film from Jason X director James "Smash" Isaac (RIP) starring Lance Henriksen and Brion James (also RIP).

116 people are dead at the hands of Max Jenke (Brion James – Blade Runner, Crimewave) and his trusty meat cleaver. Now, justice is about to be served as Jenke is sentenced to the electric chair. But from the first high voltage blast, it becomes clear that Max is no ordinary serial killer.

With a blood-chilling laugh from the depths of hell, Max enters our world, transformed into a supernatural force by the high-voltage blast of electricity. Max vows revenge on the cop who captured him. Well-aware of the maniacal killer’s passion to destroy, Detective Lucas McCarthy (Lance Henriksen – Pumpkinhead, Aliens) can only begin to imagine the horror that awaits him and his family.

Get it
Scorpion is continuing to crank out new Blu-ray releases, and their latest is this reissue of Day of the Animals which was originally put out by Shriek Show in 2006. Non-Blu-ray people, fear not, this is also available on DVD.

The Terrifying Movie Of A World Gone Mad!

Scientists warn that the depletion of the earth's ozone layer is reaching critical levels, particularly in higher altitudes. How critical? Enough to unleash the vengeful wrath of the entire animal kingdom! No human is safe, particularly a group of nature-loving hikers (including Leslie Nielsen, NAKED GUN, AIRPLANE, Richard Jaeckel, GRIZZLY, Jon Cedar, THE MANITOU, Lynda Day George, PIECES)) lead by their guide (Christopher George, GRIZZLY, MORTUARY) who are constantly menaced by every conceivable mountain-dwelling creature. Dogs, rats, snakes, hawks, owls, mountain lions and bears are out to send a clear message about chlorofluorocarbon abuse.

Director William Girdler follows up his 1976 hit film, Grizzly, with this eco-sensitive, nature-runs-amok thrill-ride. Now see it from a brand new HD master from the original IP in correct widescreen scope format, along with a brand new 5.1 mix, first time anywhere in the world!

Also EXCLUSIVE to this BluRay release, isolated music track.

You can pick it up from Amazon, but it's currently significantly cheaper on ImportCDs

Scorpion also has a brand new Katarina's Nightmare Theater release out there:

Its a American Grindhouse double bill! Both for the first time digitally remastered from the original vault elements!

First up, LURKERS! From cult director Roberta Findlay (SNUFF) comes a psychological thriller about a beautiful, young New York cellist, whose demonic childhood nightmares have returned, plunging her into a horrific series of events that threaten her success, her sanity...and her life. Now see the horror from a brand new 16x9 master from the original IP first time anywhere!

Next up, DIE SISTER DIE!. A man (Jack Ging-SSSSSSS) hires a nurse (Antoinette Bower - PROM NIGHT) to care for his ailing but nasty and shrewish sister. What he really intends to do, however, is to convince the nurse to join him in a plot to kill her! Watch this film in its fist official/authorized DVD release, from a brand new master from the original negatives, first time anywhere! 

Get it from Amazon, but again, ImportCDs is often the cheapest place to get Scorpion titles. Actually they're usually the cheapest place to get a lot of these smaller company releases, so be sure to check them out if you haven't before.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gothic Lolita Battle Bear - From The Director of Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead

Take a look at the brand new trailer for Gothic Lolita Battle Bear, the latest bit of what-the-fuckery from Iguchi Noboru, based on a book by Ohtsuki Kenji. Be on the lookout for stuffed animal bondage, titty lasers, and a teddy bear punching a fart out of a zombie.

Monsters - The Complete Series February 25th

I've been waiting for this one to make it's way to DVD since, oh, around 1998. Looks like I can finally retire my terrible quality DVD-Rs.

From Fangoria:

The cult-fave anthology TV series that showcased a new creature every week is coming to disc at last in a Complete Series boxed set; read on for the info and a first look at the cover art.

Entertainment One will release MONSTERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES February 25. The nine-DVD set will contain all 72 episodes of the show, which was originally syndicated from 1988-91 and has since enjoyed repeats on the Syfy and Chiller channels. Executive-produced by Laurel Entertainment’s Richard P. Rubinstein, who was also behind TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and several George A. Romero films, MONSTERS features actors like Lili Taylor, Steve Buscemi, Pam Grier, John Saxon, Debbie Harry, Tony Shalhoub, Adrienne Barbeau, Gina Gershon, Ashley Laurence, Jerry Stiller, Mary Woronov, Darren McGavin, Laraine Newman, Frank Gorshin and Meat Loaf and includes adaptations of such authors as Stephen King and Robert Bloch. Special features for the boxed set, if any, have yet to be announced; retail price is $99.98.

Zombie Pirates - A Loving Tribute to The Blind Dead

Coming to DVD January 21st from Bayview Entertainment

A dangerous young woman (Sarah French) offers up human sacrifices to a ghost ship of the dead in return for an ancient treasure. When she comes up one sacrifice short, her zombie masters exact their bloody revenge in this gory tribute to Spain's popular Blind Dead Euro Horror series.

I'd love to give you more info on this one, a site link, or a trailer or something, but I can find literally no other information about it. Either way, the lead girl looks like this, and there are zombie pirates, that's all I need to know.

Big Trouble in Little China From Arrow Video - December 16th

John Carpenter's most entertaining film is getting the deluxe Blu-ray treatment next month from Arrow Video. Available December 16th in standard packaging, or in a limited edition SteelBook.


UK RELEASE – 16th December

 Arrow Video is thrilled to announce 16th December 2013 as the confirmed release date for Big Trouble in Little China, one of the most hotly anticipated Blu-ray titles of the year. John Carpenter’s iconic cult classic will be released as both a deluxe Blu-ray & also as a limited edition SteelBook featuring Drew Struzan’s iconic artwork.

Featuring a bumper crop of bonus features including newly filmed interviews with the director John Carpenter and star, Kurt Russell as well as Carpenter’s long-time producer Larry Franco and the film’s stunt coordinator Jeff Imada, cinematographer Dean Cundey and a further wealth of archive content. The Blu-ray producer’s Francesco Simeoni says of the release “Big Trouble was a dream come true, it’s such an iconic film and to be able to work on a new version of this was a real treat. Technically one of our most complicated discs with acres of content to fit in whilst making everything easy to navigate and user friendly our technical team made this all seamless on the final disc and we are really pleased with the final presentation. The film’s restoration from Twentieth Century Fox was a gift, it’s never looked so good and we can’t wait for our fans to enjoy this package for Christmas.”

A commercial failure upon release in cinemas the film was mishandled by the studio and interviewees Carpenter and Russell especially make no bones about what happened. Finding a secondary life on home video and becoming a bona fide cult classic the film has enjoyed a great reputation on VHS and DVD and now for the first time can be enjoyed in this definitive edition.

Following Escape from New York and The Thing, John Carpenter and Kurt Russell re-unite for this mystical, action, adventure, comedy, kung-fu, monster, ghost story!

Russell plays Jack Burton, a reasonable guy who is about to experience some unreasonable things in San Francisco’s Chinatown. As his friend’s fiancée is kidnapped Jack becomes embroiled in a centuries-old battle between good and evil. At the root of it all is Lo Pan, a 2000-year-old magician who rules an empire of evil spirits. Jack goes to the rescue dodging demons, goblins and the unstoppable Three Storms as he battles through Lo Pan’s dark domain.

 One of Carpenters most enjoyable and best loved films, Big Trouble in Little China brilliantly juggles delirious set-pieces, comedy and kung-fu action with a razor sharp script of corking one-liners, as Jack would say “It’s all in the reflexes”.

The super-deluxe package, which is available both as a standard Blu-ray and as a limited edition Blu-ray SteelBook, is full of special features and bonus material. The special features for this edition include:

·         High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the film from a digital transfer prepared by Twentieth Century Fox
·         Optional 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and uncompressed Stereo 2.0 Audio
·         Isolated 5.1 DTS-HD Isolated Score Soundtrack
·         Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
·         Audio Commentary with director John Carpenter and star Kurt Russell
·         Return to Little China – A brand new interview with John Carpenter
·         Being Jack Burton – A brand new interview with Kurt Russell
·         Carpenter and I – A brand new interview with cinematographer Dean Cundey
·         Producing Big Trouble – A new interview with producer Larry Franco
·         Staging Little Trouble – A new interview with stuntman Jeff Imada
·         Interview with visual effects producer Richard Edlund
·         Vintage Making-of featurette featuring cast and crew
·         Extended Ending
·         Deleted Scenes
·         Music Video
·         Gallery of behind-the-scenes images
·         3 original trailers
·         TV Spots
·         Booklet featuring new writing on the film by John Kenneth Muir, author of The Films of John Carpenter, as well as a re-print of an interview with production designer John Lloyd and make-up effects artist Steve Johnson on the design and effects of the film, illustrated with archive stills and posters
·         The standard release is available with a reversible Sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Jay Shaw and the Limited Edition SteelBook is presented with the original iconic Drew Struzan artwork

Friday, November 22, 2013

Deadly Eyes - Ratsploitation From Scream Factory in 2014

Scream Factory has just announced Enter The Dragon director Robert Clouse's 1982 classic killer rat flick Deadly Eyes for a Summer 2014 Blu-ray/DVD release. 

From their Facebook page:


Fans of Canadian 80's horror and animal attack films are in for a treat next Summer as we will be releasing 1983's rat infested DEADLY EYES--which has never been on DVD or Blu-ray before.

The film stars Scatman Crothers (The Shining), Canadian Scream Queens Lesleh Donaldson (Curtains, Funeral Home) and Lisa Langlois (Happy Birthday to Me, The Nest) and if you've seen it, you know what a guilty pleasure it is.

More details on the release will become more clear in early Spring next year.

Vinegar Syndrome's January Lineup

Vinegar Syndrome has just posted their January lineup on their site. The following titles are all set to come out January 8th, the preorder links aren't available just yet, but check their site in a week or two and the links should be up.

Evil Come, Evil Go - Triple Feature (also includes Oh! You Beautiful Doll and Widow Blue)

Few sexploitation filmmakers were as bold, daring and bizarre as Walt Davis, the enigmatic auteur behind some of the wildest X rated films to come out of Hollywood.
In EVIL COME, EVIL GO (1972), traveling Evangelist preacher, Sister Sarah Jane (Cleo O’Hara), is hellbent on ridding the world of evil, sex-obsessed men. Taking to the streets of Los Angeles, she quickly befriends a gullible young woman and the two embark on a mad, sex-filled killing spree.
Cleo O’Hara returns in OH! YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL (1974), an almost surreal blend of madcap improvization and low-rent thrills as over-the-hill film starlet Gaye Ramon lounges around her cluttered Hollywood home, molesting bananas and conning innocent men into taking her carnal acting courses. Meanwhile, a con-artist photographer manipulates beautiful hippies into revealing poses.
Finally, in one of Davis’ hardcore efforts, WIDOW BLUE (1970), a homosexual affair results in a gory decapitation and a living room orgy. But more bloodshed is afoot…Featuring an all-star cast, among them John Holmes and Sandy Dempsey, as well as gore effects straight out of H.G. Lewis’ playbook, WIDOW BLUE is a demented masterpiece of sex and death, which is coming to home video fully uncut for the very first time!
Vinegar Syndrome presents all three of these mind-numbing X rated classics newly transferred and restored in 2K from their original negatives.
1972 | 73 minutes | Color | 1.33:1
1974 | 60 minutes | Color | 1.33:1
1970 | 78 minutes | Color | 1.33:1
Features Include:
+ 2 Disc DVD Set | Region Free | 1.33:1 | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k
+ Video Interview w/ Producer Bob Chinn
+ Theatrical Trailers for EVIL & DOLL + Outtake footage from WIDOW

 Judy + The Night Hustlers - Drive-In Collection

Two regional sexploitation rarities that showcase the seedier side of the USA.
JUDY (1969)
A sex killer is on the loose, terrorizing working girls in Boston’s seedy ‘combat zone.’ Will a rogue ex-detective solve the mystery before more buxom beauties meet an unfortunate demise?
Director: David W. Hanson
75 minutes / Color / AR: 1.33:1
In this Florida lensed sexploitation oddity, a group of Vice cops trade stories of their sleazy, sex-filled busts.
Director: Bobby O’Donald
57 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1
Features Include:
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 Full Frame & 1.85:1 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm elements

 Peekarame - Abduction of an American Playgirl + Winter Heat

Two lonely men kidnap a beautiful woman and subject her to their shocking carnal desires. But much to their surprise, she loves every minute of it and soon the hapless men realize that they are incapable of satisfying her lustful urges!
Director: Unknown
71 minutes / Color / AR: 1.33:1
In this notorious roughie, a group of ex-cons terrorize and abuse a trio of helpless young women who are held hostage in a snowbound cabin.
Director: Claude Goddard
70 minutes / Color / AR: 1.33:1
Features Include:
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 Full Frame | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm elements
+ Original theatrical trailer for ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLOWGIRL

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scream Factory's Mini Movie Massacre - Vote For Your Favorite Short!

Those of you who visited Scream Factory's Facebook page in the last month are probably aware of the Scream Factory's Mini-Movie Massacre: Short Film Contest they've been running. Well, the deadline for entries has passed and now all of the 41 entries are available over at the ScreamFactoryTV Youtube page.

To vote for your favorite short just click the little thumbs up on the video and your vote will be counted, the video with the most votes by December 2nd wins a Scream Factory shopping spree. (I know you all know how contests work, I just couldn't think of a way to end that sentence)

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death - Free 70s/80s Horror Mix Download

A German DJ/Producer who goes by the name RFLX has put together an excellent mix of horror music and samples called Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death. There's some really great stuff on here with plenty of Goblin, Frizzi and Ennio throughout. Best of all, you can download the entire 59:25 track for free from Soundcloud.

Since this site started as a soundtrack related site I thought some of you'd love to hear this. Listen below, and read on for RFLX's official write up for the project.

"And now for something completely different:

This is a mix of soundtracks and cut up samples from 70s/80s horror movies. Sometimes the used samples correspond to the music directly, sometimes they don't (but work as a comment or build some kind of a narrative frame around certain parts of the mix). Music wise there are the obvious classics but also some lesser known tracks and some variations of well known themes. No additional sounds besides the scores, samples and FX were used to create this mix. Enjoy and feel free to share this one with your friends and relatives.

Special thanks to Il Gobbo and Kim for their creative support and to Teimur for the cover artwork!"

Here's a rundown of the music in the mix. I recommend listening before reading the list, it's more fun to try and figure out all of the different music as you hear it.

Jay Chattaway - On the Beach -
Wayne Bell and Tobe Hooper - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Theme -
Fabio Frizzi - Zombi 2 (Sequenza 8) -
Fabio Frizzi - Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi -
Andrzej Korzynski - The Night the Screaming Stops -
Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave - Phantasm Main Theme -
Goblin - Tenebre -
Nico Fidenco - Living in the Future -
Claudio Simonetti - Cut and Run -
Budy Maglione - Cannibal Ferox -
Nico Fidenco - Cannibals at Work -
Paul Giovanni and Magnet - Willow’s Song -
Howard Shore - Welcome to Videodrome -
Jay Chattaway - A Little Knife Music -
David Lynch and Alan Splet - In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song) -
Carlo Maria Cordio - Suono Aperto -
Goblin - Zombi -
Ramones - Pet Sematary -
Bruce Dickinson - Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter -
Richard Band - Re-Animator Main Title -
Harry Manfredini - Friday 13th Main Theme -
Bruno Nicolai - Il Buo -
Claudio Simonetti - Out of Time -
Charles Bernstein and Christopher Young - Laying the Traps -
Stefano Mainetti - Zombi 3 (Sequenza 1) -
Ennio Morricone - Piume di Cristallo -
Ennio Morricone - Canto Della Campana Stonata -
Bruno Nicolai - La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte Preludio and Titoli -
Goblin - Profondo Rosse (Remix) -
John Carpenter - The Fog -
Goblin - Suspiria -
Nico Fidenco - Zombie Parade -
Claudio Simonetti - Cruel Demon -
Jay Chattaway - Cemetary Chase -
Nico Fidenco - A Dive into the Past II -
Fabio Frizzi - 7 Note (Film Version) -
Keith Emerson - Mater Tenebrarum -
Epilogue - /

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New This Week - 11.19.13

Tons of great titles out this week, here are a few I highly recommend picking up.

Assault on Precinct 13
Isolated and cut off from the city inside a soon-to-be-closed L.A. police station, a group of police officers and convicts must join forces to defend themselves against the gang called Street Thunder, who have taken a blood oath to kill someone trapped inside the precinct.

From John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing and Prince Of Darkness), Assault On Precinct 13 combines the elements of a classic western and a modern thriller to create a riveting cult classic.

The A/V quality is pretty much on par with the earlier Blu-ray release, but in addition to a few features carried over from the previous release, Scream has also included a few very exciting brand new extras:

• Audio Commentary with writer/director John Carpenter
• NEW Audio Commentary with Art Director & Sound Effects Editor Tommy Lee Wallace
• NEW interview with actress Nancy Loomis Kyes
• NEW interview with actor Austin Stoker
• Interview with John Carpenter and Austin Stoker
• Theatrical Trailer
• Radio Spots

Buy It:

Eve of Destruction
She's beautiful, indestructible and unstoppable! Renee Soutendijk is "sexy and lethal" (Boxoffice) as Eve VIII, a sophisticated and deadly android run amok in this heart-pounding sci-fi thriller. Created in the image other inventor, Eve VIII is the flawless culmination of years of research. Or is she? When an unexpected mishap during testing sends her into a sudden, irreversible rampage, Eve begins stalking and killing anything she perceives as a threat. And now it's up to terrorism expert Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) to find and deactivate her before she realizes her ultimate capability nuclear annihilation!

Recommended for fans of ultra-violent Terminator knock-offs like Lady Terminator or Hands of Steel. Not quite as fun as those two, though still a hell of a good time. In a rare move for Scream Factory, there are zero bonus features for this release, but even still this one is well worth a look.

Buy It:

 Maniac Cop 2
The Maniac Cop is back from the dead and stalking the streets of New York once more. Officer Matt Cordell was once a hero, but after being framed by corrupt superiors and brutally assaulted in prison, he sets out on a macabre mission of vengeance, teaming up with a vicious serial killer to track down those that wronged him and make them pay... with their lives! Robert Davi (LICENSE TO KILL), Claudia Christian (THE HIDDEN), Michael Lerner (BARTON FINK), Laurene Landon (HUNDRA), Leo Rossi (HALLOWEEN II), Robert Z Dar (TANGO & CASH), Charles Napier (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), and Bruce Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD) star in this chilling, action-packed sequel written by Larry Cohen (IT S ALIVE) and directed by William Lustig (MANIAC). 

Featuring a brand-new 4K High Definition transfer from the original camera negative, this definitive presentation of MANIAC COP 2 comes packed with exclusive Extras!

Special Features:
Audio Commentary with Director William Lustig and Filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn
Back On The Beat - The Making Of MANIAC COP 2
Cinefamily Q&A with Director William Lustig
Deleted Scene
Theatrical Trailers
Poster & Still Gallery
Isolated Music Track
Enhanced for D-Box Motion Control Systems

Maniac Cop 3
When Officer Kate Sullivan storms a hostage situation, the whole incident is captured on tape by an unscrupulous media crew who edit the footage to show Kate killing a helpless victim. Now in a coma, Kate's only hope is Detective Sean McKinney, who desperately tries to clear her name. But unbeknownst to him, Maniac Cop Matt Cordell takes it upon himself to exact revenge upon those responsible for smearing her name. Returning stars Robert Davi (PROFILER) and Robert Z Dar (BEASTMASTER 2) are joined by Paul Gleason (DIE HARD), Jackie Earle Haley (WATCHMEN), Julius Harris (SUPER FLY), Doug Savant (MELROSE PLACE), and Robert Forster (JACKIE BROWN) in this thrilling third entry from MANIAC COP creator Larry Cohen (GOD TOLD ME TO). 

Featuring a brand-new 4K High Definition transfer from the original uncensored negative, this definitive presentation of MANIAC COP 3: BADGE OF SILENCE comes packed with exclusive Extras!

Special Features:
Wrong Arm Of The Law - The Making Of MANIAC COP 3
Deleted and Extended Scenes
Theatrical Trailer
Poster & Still Gallery
Original Synopsis
Enhanced for D-Box Motion Control Systems 

Grab em both from Amazon

Night of the Comet

Night Of The Living Dead Meets Valley Girl In This “Entertaining, Tongue-In-Cheek Pastiche Of Numerous Science Fiction Films.” - Variety
It’s the first comet to buzz the planet in 65 million years, and everyone seems to be celebrating its imminent arrival. Everyone, that is, except Regina Belmont (Catherine Mary Stewart,  The Last Starfighter) and her younger sister Samantha (Kelli Maroney, Chopping Mall), two Valley Girls who care more about  fashion trends than the celestial phenomenon. But upon daybreak, when the girls discover that they’re the only residents of Los Angeles whom the comet hasn’t vaporized or turned into a zombie, they do what all good Valley Girls do…they go shopping! But when their day of malling threatens to become a day of mauling, these gals flee with killer zombies and blood-seeking scientists in hot pursuit!

From Director Thom Eberhardt (who gave us the wonderfully eerie Sole Survivor)

• Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Thom Eberhardt
• Audio Commentary with Stars Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart
• Audio Commentary with Production Designer John Muto
• Valley Girls At The End Of The World – Interviews with Stars Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart
• The Last Man On Earth? – An Interview with Actor Robert Beltran
• Curse of the Comet – An Interview with Special Make-Up Effects Creator David B. Miller
• Still Galleries (Behind the Scenes and Official Stills)
• Theatrical Trailer

Buy It:

The World's End
20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hell bent on trying the drinking marathon again. They are convinced to stage an encore by mate Gary King, a 40-year old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens, who drags his reluctant pals to their home town and once again attempts to reach the fabled pub, The World's End. As they attempt to reconcile the past and present, they realize the real struggle is for the future, not just theirs but humankind's. Reaching The World's End is the least of their worries.

This release features what I believe to be the largest amount of bonus I've ever seen on a single release. For example:

*Feature Commentary with Writers Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg
*Technical Commentary with Director Edgar Wright and Director of Photography Bill Pope
*Cast Commentary with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Paddy Considine
*U-Control - Storyboard Picture in Picture
*Deleted Scene
*Alternate Edits
*Completing the Golden Mile: The Making of The World's End
*Director at Work
*Pegg + Frost = Fried Gold
*Friends Reunited
*Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy
*Filling in the Blanks: The Stunts and FX of The World's End
*Hair and Make-Up Tests
*Rehearsal Footage
*Stunt Tapes
*VFX Breakdown
*Bits and Pieces
*There's Only One Gary King: Osymyso's Inibri-8 Megamix
*Signs & Omens
*Edgar & Simon's Flip Chart
*TV Spots
*TV Safe Version
*Trivia Track

Get it from Amazon

Insane Amazon Marketplace Listing Of The Day

While browsing around Amazon looking for good deals on Mondo Macabro titles missing from my collection I stumbled upon what just might be the most absurdly overpriced item in the history of time.

In 2006 Mondo Macabro bundled their releases of Lady Terminator and Dangerous Seductress together and called the bundle an "Asian Action Deadly Dolls Dynamite Double Feature", which probably would've run about $35 when it came out, maybe less. Both DVDs have now been out of print for several years, but this bundle sometimes pop up on Amazon. Like this listing here:

You can grab a used set for the fairly high price of $84.69, if you want a brand new copy that's gonna set you back a cool $35,000. Yep, that's a 35, with a thousand after it, which is possibly more than Mondo Macabro made off of all the copies of both DVDs that they sold.

 Just a few thousand dollars more than a 2014 Audi.

Monday, November 18, 2013

ABC's of Death 2 - Watch The 12 Finalists in The 26th Director Contest

There were over 500 short films submitted in the contest to select the 26th segment in the upcoming ABC's Of Death sequel. They've managed to narrow that list down to just 12 finalists and now it's up to the 25 other ABC's of Death 2 directors to decide which of the remaining 12 will make it into the film. You can watch all of the finalists below, all of the shorts are between 2 and 5 minutes long, so if you've got an hour to kill, this is a great way to do it.

I've noticed that this site seems to load impossibly slow when I have a ton of videos on one page, so head over to Bloody Disgusting to check all of the shorts out:

Bad Milo! - Bad Shit Happens January 21st

Fangoria has just posted details for the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of Bad Milo! starring Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs and Slippery Pete Stormare.

A demon that’s cute butt deadly is the center of BAD MILO!, which is clawing its way onto disc in January. Read on for the content info and a first look at the art.

Magnolia Home Entertainment releases BAD MILO! on DVD and Blu-ray on the Magnet label January 21. Directed by Jacob Vaughan from a script he wrote with Benjamin Hayes, the movie stars Ken Marino as Duncan, a put-upon accountant whose stress from his job and marriage manifests as a toothy creature that dwells in his colon and emerges from his rear end to take bloody vengeance for him. Gillian Jacobs, Mary Kay Place, Patrick Warburton and Peter Stormare also star, and Justin Raleigh and Fractured FX created the little monster.

The DVD ($26.98) and Blu-ray ($29.98) will come with the following special features:
• Audio commentary by the cast and crew
• Interview with Ken Marino
• Deleted scenes/outtakes
• “AXS TV: A Look at BAD MILO!”
• Theatrical trailer

I haven't checked this out yet, but it's great to see a creature created with practical effects running around with today's abundance of CGI monstrosities. Plus  I'm happy to support anything starring a Community cast member.

Fun Fact: The League's Mark Duplass was an executive producer on the film.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scorpion Releasing Announces "Dangerous Beauties Collection"

From Scorpion's Facebook:

"We are starting a new "banner" line called Dangerous Beauties Collection. We have two double bills within this line: RUNNING HOT/HOT TARGET and MALIBU HIGH/HUSTLER SQUAD. Both will have a Katarina's Kat Skratch Cinema segment, but we are not going to use that banner. We decided to opt for this other moniker instead as we are hoping to do some standalone "dangerous beauties" titles in our pipeline from a recently licensed library. FYI, these two are the last Kat Skratch Cinemas."


Extras on RUNNING HOT/HOT TARGET are: RUNNING HOT - Brand new 16x9 master from 2012 mastered in HD, play with or without Kat Skratch Cinema mode, original trailer. HOT TARGET - Brand new 16x9 master from the original IP, first time in widescreen on DVD, isolated music only track by Gille Melle.

Extras on MALIBU HIGH/HUSTLER SQUAD are: MALIBU HIGH - Brand new 16x9 (1.78:1) master in HD from the original negatives, on camera interview with star Tammy Taylor, play with or without Kat Skratch Cinema mode, Original Trailer. HUSTLER SQUAD - Brand new 16x9 master from the original CRI, first time in widescreen on DVD, Original Trailer.

Both MSRP are 16.95.

Ginger Snaps & Dog Soldiers - More Werewolves Coming From Scream Factory

Scream Factory has just announced a pair of excellent werewolf films scheduled to release next summer. John Fawcett's 2000 film Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers from director (and Cannibal Corpse/Deicide guitarist Jack Owen look-a-like) Neil Marshall will both be hitting Blu-ray in 2014.

The announcement from their Facebook page:

"Two Werewolf Cult Favorites - 2000's GINGER SNAPS and 2002's DOG SOLDIERS - will be coming to Scream Factory as Collector's Editions in the Summer of 2014! Deal was just signed recently."

I usually prefer original artwork, but I'm really hoping some new artwork is commissioned for these releases. I was a big fan of both films in the early 2000s (haven't seen either since), but all the poster and DVD art I've seen for Dog Soldiers and Ginger Snaps is all pretty subpar.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Reel Zombies Coming February 11th, 2014 From Synapse





Reel Zombies
Independent underground filmmakers Mike Masters and David J. Francis (playing themselves) are eager to complete the third film in their ZOMBIE NIGHT film trilogy, a series of rather unsuccessful low-budget, shot-on-video gorefests. The problem, however, is a recent zombie apocalypse has taken over the world since their series began.  The dead are rising from their graves and eating the living… for real this time! Masters and Francis embark on the production of their newest masterpiece anyway, only to discover shooting in a post-apocalyptic world offers many unforeseen challenges.  Instead of giving up, they decide to capitalize on the cannibalistic catastrophe. No need for latex and fake blood when there’s an entire world of flesh eating undead to add realism to their film, and help save money on special effects costs!

Touching upon the real-life headaches of low-budget filmmaking, with numerous nods to the zombie film genre, REEL ZOMBIES is a satirical mockumentary feature that dives head-first into self-parody and “an improbable but inspiring lesson in filmcraft proving that passion and dedication can overcome all obstacles—even the ones that want to chomp your brain out!” (Simon Laperrière, Fantasia Film Festival)

Directors: Michael Masters and David J. Francis
Michael Masters, David J. Francis, Stephen Papadimitriou,
     Sam Hall
Run Time:
  89 minutes
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.78:1
Extras: Over 40 minutes of Deleted Scenes, Trailer, Audio Commentary
Format: DVD
Region: 0
UPC: 654930315996

Thursday, November 14, 2013

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor - T-Shirt Bordello Garage Sale

T-Shirt Bordello is currently having a Tee Shirt Garage Sale with shirts as low as $3. If you're looking to add some low priced shirts to your wardrobe and would like to help Manchester Morgue out click the image below and find the "Specials" link in the upper right corner.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Editor - From The Creators of Manborg

Earlier today ShockTillYouDrop shared this outstanding poster for Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy's upcoming giallo-inspired The Edtior. It's glorious.

The film concerns film editor Rey Cisco (played by Adam Brooks), a man who works tirelessly and has four wooden fingers on his right hand.  Stress plagues his life and things take a turn when the body count begins to rise at the studio he works for.  As the description goes, "as this meta-movie build to a frenzied climax, you're forced to question everything you've seen."

New Releases 11.12.13

There are plenty of new releases out there this week, and here are some of the more worthwhile titles.

Making it's uncut US debut from Scream is Body Bags, a middling anthology film from John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper developed for Showtime in 1993, which was intended as a pilot to a Tales From The Crypt knockoff show that ultimately never came to be. I generally like anthologies, but if I'm being honest I've never been particularly big on this one.

It's certainly not the lamest anthology I've seen (that would be Screams of a Winter Night - such a waste of a great title) but apart from Carpenter's delightfully dorky turn as a Cryptkeeper style wisecracking cadaver, some rather gruesome decomposing hooker gore, and another wonderful Sam Raimi death scene (between this, The Intruder and Miller's Crossing I believe Sam Raimi might just be the most murdered director of all time) I find it hard to get into this one. Especially during the "should've been omitted" Hair segment which totally wastes a perfectly good Stacy Keach. The film does have its fans and they should be very pleased with the package, which presents the film uncut for the first time in the US with very A/V quality and some excellent bonus features. Grab a copy directly from Scream.

Also from Shout! Factory is another action packed 4 film set, the fittingly titled 4 Action-Packed Movie Marathon, Volume 2. This is a follow up to their excellent first volume (which I reviewed here). The titles here are a bit more obscure, in fact I actually don't think I've heard of any of them. I'm not knocking any of the films, just saying I'm way less knowledgeable with obscure action than with horror. Bulletproof stars Gary Busey and Danny Trejo, so that pretty much guarantees there's at least one solid film in the bunch. It's a well known fact that 80's Busey is the best kind of Busey. The set includes the following films:

BULLETPROOF – 1988/Color/R/94 minutes/Anamorphic Widescreen/Dolby Digital Stereo
A Los Angeles cop/ex-CIA agent Frank "Bulletproof" McBain (Gary Busey) travels across the border to retrieve a top-secret attack vehicle which was hijacked by Russian-backed Libyan terrorists. Darlanne Fluegel (Battle Beyond The Stars) and Henry Silva (Sharky’s Machine) also star.

BAMBOO GODS AND IRON MEN – 1974/Color/R/87 minutes/Anamorphic Widescreen/Dolby Digital Mono
An attempt is made by an underworld organization to recover a carved Buddha, in which is hidden a substance powerful enough to control the world. James Iglehart (Savage!) stars in this fast-paced actioner.

TRACKDOWN – 1976/Color/R/98 minutes/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono
A Montana rancher (Jim Mitchum, Thunder Road) comes to Los Angeles, searching for his runaway sister (Karen Lamm, The Unseen), who has become entangled in a world of crime, drugs, and prostitution. Erik Estrada (CHiPs), Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction) and Cathy Lee Crosby (Coach) also star.

SCORCHY – 1976/Color/R/98 minutes/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono
Scorchy (Connie Stevens) is a female undercover agent who will stop at nothing to bust a drug-smuggling ring. She is beautiful, determined, mean and guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Cesare Danova (Animal House), William Smith (Conan The Barbarian) and Greg Evigan (Tek War) also star.

It seems like Vinegar Syndrome has begun putting all of their monthly releases out all on the same date, so we've got 4 new Vinegar Syndrome releases hitting shelves today. Each release features at least two films, so there are actually 9 (!) films coming from VS today.

THE CANDIDATE stars Mamie Van Doren and June Wilkinson in a salacious political satire involving the sexcapades of an up and coming politician (Ted Knight). Set over the course of one night in New York, JOHNNY GUNMAN is a lost late period noir following a tense battle between two mob boss hopefuls.
Both films have been restored in 2k from 35mm elements and are coming to home video for the first time!
THE CANDIDATE, Directed by Robert Angus
1964 | 84 minutes | B&W | 1.85:1
JOHNNY GUNMAN, Directed by Art Ford
1957 | 67 minutes | B&W | 1.33:1
Features Include:
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 & 1.85:1 | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm elements
+ Reversible cover for JOHNNY GUNMAN!

Get a look at the trailer a pick up a copy from Vinegar Syndrome, or Amazon, or DiabolikDVD

Drive-In Collection featuring
The First Time (1978)
A young sex film starlet remembers the brutal trail of debauchery which led her into a life of perversion.
Director: Anthony Spinelli
70 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1
Oriental Babysitter (1976)
A beautiful Asian babysitter relives her multitude of bizarre and exciting sexual adventures.
Director: Anthony Spinelli
73 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

Pick yourself up a copy directly from Vinegar Syndrome, or if you prefer get it at Amazon or DiabolikDVD .

Gameshow Models

Stuart Guber has decided to drop back into society, by leaving his performance artist girlfriend and accepting a job working for a top record label. Trouble soon arises when his boss concocts the idea of doing a sex themed game show (hosted by character actor legend Dick Miller). Meanwhile, Stuart begins having an affair with the sister of the label’s new superstar (Thelma Houston).
Although conceived as an art film, GAME SHOW MODELS was transformed into a nudity driven exploitation gem by distributor Sam Sherman. Vinegar Syndrome presents the first authorized home video release of both versions of this mind-bending blend of art house drama and drive-in sleaze.
GAME SHOW MODELS, Directed by David Gottlieb
1976 | 89 minutes | Color | 1.85:1
THE SEVENTH DWARF, Directed by David Gottlieb (Original Edit)
1976 | 87 minutes | Color | 1.85:1
Features Include:
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.85:1 | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negative
+ Includes original edit THE SEVENTH DWARF
+ Audio commentary with Director David Gottlieb
+ Video interview with distributor Sam Sherman
+ Production and publicity still gallery

You know the drill, get it from VS or Amazon, or DiabolikDVD

The Blue Hour + One Naked Night & Three in a Towel

In the world of sexploitation, few distributors were as diverse in their offerings as Grads Corp. Presented here are three of their most unique productions: THE BLUE HOUR tells the story of Tanya, a young woman with a mysterious past who finds herself trapped in a sexual hell in Los Angeles. Punctuated by striking visuals and avant garde editing, THE BLUE HOUR is a lost masterpiece of late period sexploitation. ONE NAKED NIGHT follows the life of a young woman who is trying to avoid falling into the same trap that led to her mother’s suicide; prostitution. THREE IN A TOWEL is a San Francisco lensed underground oddidty chock full of voluptuous hippie chicks.
All three films have been restored in 2K from 35mm negatives. THE BLUE HOUR and THREE IN A TOWEL are being presented on home video for the first time.
Disc #1:
THE BLUE HOUR: 1971 | 82 minutes | Color | 1.85:1
Disc #2:
ONE NAKE NIGHT: 1965 | 72 minutes | B&W | 1.33:1
THREE IN A TOWEL: 1969 | 66 minutes | Color | 1.33:1
Features Include:
+ 2 Disc DVD Set | Region Free | 1.85:1 & 1.33:1 | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negatives
+ Original theatrical trailer for THREE IN A TOWEL

Grab the set from VS, Amazon or DiabolikDVD

From Massacre Video comes The Films of Chester Novell Turner - Director Approved Special Edition - featuring a pair of the rarest of the rare of SOV films; Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984) and Tales from the Quadead Zone (1987). Complete with bonus features with the long thought to be dead Chester Turner. Pick up this pair of turkeys today at Amazon.

And finally, for those of you out there capable of playing Region B discs, Arrow Video's "Holy Shit" Edition of Tobe Hooper's underrated Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is out this week. I haven't gotten my copy in yet, but if you're a fan of the film like myself this release looks like a total must have.

  • High Definition digital transfers of three Tobe Hooper films
  • Original uncompressed audio tracks for all films
  • Limited Edition Packaging, newly illustrated by Justin Erickson
  • Individually Numbered #/10,000 Certificate
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Extras

  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation from a digital transfer supervised by Director of Photography Richard Kooris
  • Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audio commentary with director and co-writer Tobe Hooper, moderated by David Gregory
  • Audio commentary with stars Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams and special-effects legend Tom Savini, moderated by Michael Felsher
  • It Runs in the Family A 6 part documentary looking at the genesis, making-of and enduring appeal of Hooper s film. With interviews including star Bill Johnson, co-writer L. M. Kit Carson, Richard Kooris, Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams, Tom Savini, Production Designer Cary White and more!
  • Alternate Opening sequence with different musical score
  • Deleted scenes
  • Still Feelin' the Buzz - Interview with horror expert Stephen Thrower, author of Nightmare USA
  • Original Trailer

  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition (DVD) presentation of two of Tobe Hooper s early works, available on home video for the first time in the world
  • The Heisters (1964) Tobe Hooper s early short film restored in HD from original elements [10 mins]
  • Eggshells (1969) Tobe Hooper s debut feature restored in HD from original elements [90 mins]
  • Audio Commentary on Eggshells by Tobe Hooper
  • In Conversation with Tobe Hooper - the legendary horror director speaks about his career from Eggshells to Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
  • Trailer Reel of all the maj


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