Thursday, December 04, 2014

Scream Factory NOT Releasing Cruel Jaws, Exterminators Now A Solo Release

Hope no one was too excited about the Cruel Jaws release news from Scream the other day. It turns out Cruel Jaws features unauthorized footage from several Jaws movies, and several Italian Jaws knock-offs. So for fear of possibly having their asses sued right off, Scream has dropped Cruel Jaws from their release schedule. Exterminators of the Year 3000, which was originally paired up with Cruel Jaws will now be out as a lower priced solo release. Sucks about Cruel Jaws, but Exterminators was the main selling point for me, so I'm still excited for this one.

Arnold Is Back In New Terminator Genisys Trailer

Boy, how many movie sites/blogs used that headline? Eh, I'm not a writer writer. I don't have to be clever, right? So the new trailer for the ridiculously titled Terminator Genysis is out now. I personally think that makes it sound like some kind of SyFy original movie, and that's never a thing people want their product to remind someone of.

Like most recent sequels/remakes/reboots it'll probably end up being decent and entertaining enough for a watch, but considered absolutely dreadful by critics and the public alike. I've seen the other Terminators, I'll see this one as well. Check the trailer out for yourself.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Exterminators of the Year 3000/Cruel Jaws Coming From Scream

 Last night Scream Factory posted an update on their first quarter titles, and among the updates were a couple of very exciting titles announced. And one SyFy movie with Tom Sizemore. On March 3rd look out for a double feature of Exterminators of the Year 3000 and Cruel Jaws. I can't get enough of stupid and cheap Italian post-apocalyptic movies, and since I missed the Code Red DVD I'm thrilled at the idea of owning a Blu-ray of this one 4 months from now.

Full Scream post for those who haven't already seen it:

Good afternoon/evening everyone! Now that the Thanksgiving break is over, we wanted to start off the month and week right by sharing with you several updates on some of our upcoming 2015 releases that have been previously announced—and even reveal some more films too! So without further ado...

- PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (2/17): Extras will be announced sometime this month.

- NEW YEAR'S EVIL (2/24): Extras to be announced on, you guessed it, New Year's Eve 12/31.

- **NEW TITLE ANNOUNCE** On March 3, we present a double feature of two notorious Italian-made exploitation films that are about as cheesy, entertaining and “rip-offish” as it gets: 1983’s EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 3000 and 1995’s CRUEL JAWS will be paired together, both for the first time on the blu-ray format. Pre-order now@ and receive it two weeks early! 

- **NEW TITLE ANNOUNCE** On March 10 we will unleash the action-packed creature feature film DARK HAUL – which recently premiered on the Syfy network - on both Blu-ray and DVD. The film stars Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down), Evalena Marie (Remains), Rick Ravanello (The Cave, Hart’s War), Anthony Del Negro (Deep in the Darkness), Adrienne LaValley (Insidious) and Kevin Shea (Dead Souls). Pre-order now @

- BLACULA / SCREAM BLACULA SCREAM: Street date is planned for 3/3. Pre-order now @ and receive it two weeks early!

- DOG SOLDIERS (COLLECTOR'S EDITION): Thank you for your patience on this one (which was originally planned for a 2014 Summer release last year but was delayed). The new street date is planned for 3/10. Pre-order links to go up soon. A full list of extras will be announced in Jan. Pre-order now @ and receive it two weeks early! Plus, you’ll receive a free 18” x 24” poster of the newly-designed key art by Nathan Thomas Milliner too.

- INVADERS FROM MARS, GHOULIES / GHOULIES II double feature, CARRIE / THE RAGE: CARRIE II double feature and CLASS OF 1984 (Collector's Edition) are all planned for April at this time (but subject to change).

- We still have more films to announce, which will be a mix of contemporary films and some retro surprises. Plus, two more "Collector's Editions" planned for the Summer. As soon as we get the "all clear", you'll be the first to know!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

MST3K Turkey Day Marathon Strikes Back!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Just a heads up for anyone who didn't already know; because last year's MST3K Turkey Day Marathon was a big success (apart from that one random commenter who kept writing racist rants in the comments section) Shout! is doing it again! 6 episodes, with brand new intros from Joel Hodgson starting today at 12 noon ET / 9 am PT.

They've been testing the stream out all night with an endless loop of Manos, so click play below, or go directly to the YouTube page to enjoy the marathon before and after an awkward and gluttonous 2 o'clock in the afternoon dinner with family members you see a couple of times a year. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Vinegar Syndrome's Highlight Releases For The First Half of 2015

Vinegar Syndrome has just announced the official word on several of their most anticipated 2015 releases. From Facebook:

After much speculation, email queries and online rumors, here's the official word on our highlight releases in the first half of 2015:

January will bring a limited-edition blu-ray of SEX WORLD, two Hyapatia Lee films RIBALD TALES OF CANTERBURY & TASTY and a couple of our most requested Tobalina titles.

In February we'll be releasing our final Wakefield Poole disc, a loaded 2-DVD set of his two San Francisco films, TAKE ONE and MOVING, along with a crazy assortment of extras.

Then in March, Jim Bryan's cult classic, DON'T GO IN THE WOODS will be making its blu-ray debut, in a new 2K restoration from the 35mm interpositive (expect more awesome weirdness from the mind of Mr. Bryan later in the year). Also another Cirio Santiago film THE MUTHERS!

In April, DEMONOID will finally be hitting the streets for its first official release since the 1980s! We're including both cuts of the film as well as some other cool extra features.

Finally, in May, one of our most requested titles, MADMAN, will be coming to blu-ray in a beautiful new 4K scan and restoration from the 35mm camera negative!

Also be on the lookout for rarities from Alex deRenzy, Bob Chinn, and much more

Monday, November 03, 2014

Synapse To Release Creature From Black Lake

Independent U.S. distributors Synapse Films confirmed today that they will bring to Blu-ray Jim McCullough's Creature from Black Lake (1978), starring Jack Elam, Dub Taylor, and Dennis Fimple. The release is expected to arrive on the U.S. market in 2015 after restoration work is completed.

Some fishermen are attacked in the Louisiana swamps. When the word gets out of a mysterious Bigfoot-type creature, two researchers come to a small town to study and hopefully discover what the beast is. Their research from some farmers help the two men to learn that the creature may be a very angry and murderous missing link.

This is a very exciting out-of-nowhere announcement from Synapse. I have the DVD from Hollywood Entertainment (whatever that is) that I got for $2 but I've put off watching it for a long time 0because the picture quality is so poor. Glad I waited.

Scream Factory's February Retro Titles Now Up For Preorder

Pre-order links for all of our February retro titles are now live on our site at which includes:

- LOVE AT FIRST BITE & ONCE BITTEN Blu-ray double feature. (Streets 2/10 nationwide but ships two weeks early when you order directly through us.) No extras announced at this time but we can confirm now that LOVE AT FIRST BITE has the reinstated Alicia Bridges song "I Love the Nightlife", which was left off the prior DVD release! Order at
- VAMPIRE'S KISS & HIGH SPIRITS Blu-ray double feature (Streets 2/10 nationwide but ships two weeks early when you order directly through us.) No extras announced at this time. Order at

- FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM Blu-ray (Streets 2/17) No extras announced at this time. Order at

- NEW YEAR’S EVIL Blu-ray (Streets 2/24 nationwide but ships two weeks early when you order directly through us). No extras announced at this time. Order at
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Highest Rated Chiller Original Film Animal Coming From Scream

Get ready for us to unleash terror in the new year. The newly-acquired ANIMAL will attack both on DVD & Blu-ray on 2/17/15.

This terrifying 2014 horror film about a blood-thirsty predator in the woods stars Joey Lauren Adams (Dazed and Confused, Chasing Amy) and comes courtesy of Executive Producers Drew Barrymore (yes, that Drew Barrymore) and Nancy Juvoven. It recently premiered in October to huge ratings on Chiller TV and was the network’s highest-rated original movie ever to date. Check out the widely-seen trailer at

Extras will be announced by the end of the year. You can pre-order ANIMAL now at

I understand why Scream is releasing these Chiller movies, and I'm not bitching about it, but I honestly haven't really dug the three previous Chiller movies that I've seen (Dead Souls, Chilling Visions and Beneath). That said, I thought Animal was actually pretty decent. Not great, or very good even, but it's a decent enough time killer with a pretty cool (though rather derivative) creature and some fairly gruesome attack scenes. Plus, you get to ogle the extremely hot Elizabeth Gillies in an inappropriately skimpy outfit that gets skimpier is the movie progresses.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New This Week 10.28 - Midian Monsters & Space Vampires

And we're back.

If you're wondering, no, I haven't thrown in the towel yet. I've just spent the past few weeks packing up everything I own, moving everything I own and then unpacking everything I own in a different house. I now hate everything that I own and pray I don't have to move it all again. So since moving all of my stuff is a massive ordeal I've had very little time to really worry about keeping up with movie news and releases. I'm pretty much done with the move, so I should be able to get back into action here.
The big release today is of course the Director's Cut of Nightbreed from Scream Factory. Available in both a standard Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and the way more expensive Limited Edition 3-disc version that includes the theatrical cut as well as the Director's Cut.

For the first time on home video, you can experience Clive Barker’s original director’s cut of Nightbreed with over 40 minutes of new footage, all mastered in high definition from the original camera negative!

Boone (Craig Sheffer) may be a troubled young man, but his troubles are just beginning. Set up as the fall guy in a string of slasher murders, he decides he'll hide by crossing the threshold that separates “us” from “them” and sneak into the forbidden subterranean realm of Midian. Boone will live among the monsters.

Hellraiser creator Clive Barker writes (adapting his novel Cabal) and directs this vivid leap into horror that asks: in the battle of man vs. monster, who's really the monster? The answer supplies flesh-crawling suspense, sudden fear, a colorful Danny Elfman score and a creepy array of shape-shifting beings. They are the Nightbreed, denizens of a world beyond death, beyond the imagination, perhaps beyond anything you've seen.

Bonus Features
    • New "Director's Cut" presentation of the film which contains over 40 minutes of new and altered footage
    • Introduction by writer/director Clive Barker and restoration producer Mark Alan Miller
    • Audio Commentary by writer/director Clive Barker and restoration producer Mark Alan Miller
    • Tribes of the Moon: The Making of Nightbreed featuring interviews with Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, Doug Bradley and more… (72 min.)
    • Making Monsters - interviews with makeup effects artists Bob Keen, Martin Mercer and Paul Jones (42 min.)
    • Fire! Fights! Stunts! 2nd Unit Shooting - an interview with Andy Armstrong (20 min.)
    • Original Theatrical Trailer

Bonus Features
    • --- DISC 1: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT ---
    • New "Director's Cut" presentation of the film which contains over 40 minutes of new and altered footage
    • Introduction by writer/director Clive Barker and restoration producer Mark Alan Miller
    • Audio Commentary by writer/director Clive Barker and restoration producer Mark Alan Miller
    • Tribes of the Moon: The Making of Nightbreed featuring interviews with Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, Doug Bradley and more… (72 min.)
    • Making Monsters - interviews with makeup effects artists Bob Keen, Martin Mercer and Paul Jones (42 min.)
    • Fire! Fights! Stunts! 2nd Unit Shooting - an interview with Andy Armstrong (20 min.)
    • Original Theatrical Trailer
    • --- DISC 2: BONUS DISC ---
    • Deleted and Alternate Scenes (approx. 20 min.)
    • Monster Prosthetics Master Class
    • Cutting Compromise – an interview with editor Mark Goldblatt
    • The Painted Landscape: The Concept Art of Ralph McQuarrie
    • Matte Painting Tests
    • Makeup Tests
    • Stop Motion Lost Footage
    • Extended Torture Scene
    • Rehearsal of Boone's dream
    • Extensive Still Galleries – Early Sketches, Deleted Scene, Posters and Pre-Production art, On the Set, The Cast and Crew
    • --- DISC 3: THE THEATRICAL CUT ---
    • New transfer from the inter-positive

Also from Scream is Jeff Lieberman's tongue-in-cheek killer worm epic Squirm. Finally, those of us who didn't import Arrow's release will have a chance to watch unappealing lead actors fight earthworms and spend half the movie searching for a dead guy named Mr. Beardsley (spoiler alert) - in high definition!

When a powerful storm knocks Fly Creek, Georgia’s power lines down onto wet soil, the resulting surge of electricity drives large, bloodthirsty worms to the surface: and then out of their soil-tilling minds! Soon, the townspeople discover that their sleepy fishing village is overrun with worms that burrow right into their skin! Inundated by hundreds of thousands of carnivorous creatures, the terrorized locals race to find the cause of the rampage: before becoming tilled under themselves! 

  • Audio Commentary By Writer/Director Jeff Lieberman
  • New interviews with Jeff Lieberman, Actor Don Scardino and Special Effects Artist Bill Milling
  • A tour of the locations with Jeff Lieberman
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Still gallery

    A New York police officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) begins investigating a series of bizarre and disturbing inexplicable crimes. When he uncovers that the crimes are of super-natural origins, he must join forces with an unconventional priest (Edgar Ramirez), schooled in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the frightening and demonic possessions that are taking over and terrorizing their city. Filled with action and thrilling suspense, the film is inspired by the book, which details Sarchie’s bone-chilling real-life cases. 
    From Kino comes Mario Bava's Planet of the Vampires
    A Close Encounter Of The Undead Kind! Get sucked into a chilling black hole of cosmic creepiness when an evil alien race zeroes in on a crew of unsuspecting astronauts, turning them into zonked-out zombies! Packed with space-age suspense and extraterrestrial terror, this eerily photographed and electrifying thriller drips with an intoxicating, feverish atmosphere of dread. A band of space travelers has just intercepted a distress call from a distant world! Is it a desperate cry for help... or something far more sinister? After landing on the shadowy planet, the crew is attacked by a horde of disembodied aliens with a diabolical plan: to conquer the universe by controlling the crew's minds and stealing their souls-proving that even in outer space, possession is 9/10 of the law! Directed by horror legend Mario Bava (Black Sunday, Black Sabbath). 

    Daniela, a woman troubled from a childhood trauma, begins to have delusions that she is a werewolf. She spends her nights seducing and killing men, until she meets a kind man named Luca, who she falls in love with. Her happiness is short-lived when she is raped and Luca is killed, reverting her back to her werewolf delusions. Daniela gets her revenge by killing her rapists and Luca's killers. 

    Friday, October 03, 2014

    Blacula/Scream, Blacula Scream Double Feature + Supernova Hitting Blu-ray Soon

    More vampire films are coming from Scream Factory in February; this time it's Blaxploitation classic Blacula, and the not so classic sequel Scream, Blacula Scream. They've also made a completely out of left field announcement for sci-fi film Supernova, due out January 13th.

    Our month-long "Shocktober" celebration continues with THREE Films to reveal today to start your weekend off right!

    - On Jan 13th, The sci-fi thriller SUPERNOVA makes its debut on the Blu-ray format. Check out the all-over-the-place cast of some well-known names and cult film favorites: James Spader (The Blacklist), Angela Bassett (American Horror Story) , Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), Peter Facinelli (Twilight), Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life) and Robin Tunney (The Craft).

    - In Feb, a blood-sucking double feature of guilty pleasures BLACULA and its sequel SCREAM, BLACULA SCREAM from the 70s will bare their fangs on blu-ray for the first time too in the U.S. and Canada. Both films star William Marshall as “Blacula” (and who also played “King of Cartoons” in Pee-wee’s Playhouse—out from Shout Factory on 10/21) and the legendary Pam Grier (Foxy Brown) is third-billed in SCREAM, BLACULA SCREAM.

    Artwork you see here is final. There are no details on extras at this time but they will be announced before the end of the year.

    Free 26 Track Metal Sampler From Relapse Records

    Metal fans take note; Relapse Records has just uploaded an excellent 26 track sampler over on Bandcamp, which you can download 100% free of charge. Some really good stuff on there including Death, Abysmal Dawn, Black Anvil, Myrkur and a track from the first Obituary album in a bunch of years. Stream the tracks below or head over to Bandcamp to download 'em all.

    Also, be sure to check the side of the page, you can still grab the 2012 and 2013 samplers for free as well. Zero dollars is a pretty good price for 78 songs.

    Arrow Video To Launch North American Office in 2015

    Some very exciting news from Arrow Video today, the hugely popular UK video label has announced plans to expand into North America early next year. They've set up a Indiegogo account featuring some very cool perks including Arrow T-Shirts and their future Blu-ray releases.


    London, 3rd October 2014

    Arrow Films are today thrilled to announce plans to expand its celebrated Arrow Video label into North America early in 2015. Fans will be able to learn all the details of this bold and exciting move, and discover regular updates, through a dedicated crowdfunder campaign which is launched today.

    Lauded with positive feedback from a loyal fan base for its great success in releasing various acclaimed restorations of cult and horror releases, Arrow Video have in recent years won several prestigious ‘Label of the Year’ awards by such notable outlets such as broadsheet newspaper The Guardian and Home Cinema Choice Magazine.

    By popular demand Arrow Video will launch into North America with a host of cult titles, receiving deluxe treatment in video, audio, supplements and artwork. Launch titles include Tonino Valerii’s Spaghetti Western Day of Anger [I Giorni dell’ira, aka Gunlaw] starring genre icons Lee Van Cleef and Giuliano Gemma; Michael Armstrong’s bloody and brutal critique of state-funded religious corruption Mark of the Devil in a director-approved release; and the thrillingly bizarro yakuza-samurai-ghost story-horror hybrid from Teruo Ishii, Blind Woman’s Curse (1971, also known as Black Cat’s Revenge). Future releases include films never-before-released on DVD and/or Blu-ray from European and Japanese cult directors. More to be revealed soon.

    Read more at Indiegogo

    Wednesday, October 01, 2014

    A Trio of Andy Milligan Horror Titles Coming to Blu-ray From Code Red

    Just a couple weeks after the last titles were announced Code Red has listed three more limited edition Blu-ray titles. Three Andy Milligan titles; Bloodthirsty Butchers, The Man With 2 Heads and Torture Dungeon are due out around the beginning of November. Preorder now directly from Code Red.

    A murderous barber and his equally psychopathic friend, a baker, hatch a plan whereby the barber murders people and the baker makes them into pies to be sold in his shop.

    Dr. William Jekyll is experimenting with a formula that will remove the evil in man, but when he can't get test animals, he loses his patience and tests on himself... with horrible results.
    In Medival England, a sadistic duke plots to kill off all the heirs to the throne of England so he can claim he title crown for himself.

    Scream Announces Love At First Bite & Once Bitten Blu-ray Double Feature

    Scream has started this Shocktober off with an announcement of a vampcomedy Blu-ray double feature featuring Love At First Bite and Once Bitten. I've actually never seen First Bite, (though I've been meaning to for years) but Once Bitten is a hell of a lot of fun. I can't wait for this set to come out. Fingers crossed for a Jim Carrey commentary.

    "Good morning everyone. We start our month-long "Shocktober" celebration with a new title announcement (one of several this month). Actually, we have TWO films to reveal today that will be in a double-feature: The horror comedies LOVE AT FIRST BITE (with George Hamilton) and ONCE BITTEN (with Jim Carrey)! This is the first time on the Blu-ray format for both films and is expected to land near Valentine's Day 2015. No details on extras at this time.

    Re: LOVE AT FIRST BITE - We are aware that prior DVD versions of the film were altered, specifically during a key moment in a disco in which the song "I Love the Nightlife" song (sung by Alicia Bridges) was replaced by another track. We are doing our best to correct this and will keep you posted on the progress.

    Stay tuned this month for many more surprises!"

    Shout! Factory Is Currently Streaming MST3K: Mitchell With Annotations

    Heads up for all of the MSTies out there, Shout! Factory is currently streaming the full Mitchell episode of Mystery Science Theater on YouTube. I know what you're thinking, "so what, so is this guy." What makes the Shout! version awesome is that they've gone through and added annotations for every single joke and reference, sort of like the trivia tracks on the Seinfeld DVDs. This is a great idea - in fact I (like a lot of fans, probably) immediately thought of this way back when the first DVDs started coming out, glad to see it finally happen. I'm sure most of us get a lot of the jokes, but sometimes the references are incredibly obscure, so this will make everyone enjoy more of the jokes that might've gone over their heads. Check it out below:

    Unfortunately I couldn't get the annotations to work for me when using the YouTube app on my TV, so I haven't watched the whole thing yet. I think there's probably some way turn them on, but I haven't really used that app before so who knows, I didn't really investigate the problem too much. It works perfectly on my computer though.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    New This Week 9.23 - Shatner-Masked Slashers & 38 Hours of Elvira's Cleavage

    There's some very cool stuff out there this week, here's a list of some of the horrific highlights. The week's biggest release is of course Scream Factory and Anchor Bay's collaborative release of Halloween: The Complete Collection and the pricier Halloween: The Complet-er Collection which includes the TV cuts of Halloween 1 and 2, and the sought after Producer's Cut of Halloween 6.

    Halloween night - Haddonfield, IL. A young boy butchers his older sister with a kitchen knife. 15 years later, he escapes from a mental institution only to return home and terrorize the town, including babysitter Laurie Strode. Now pursued by Dr. Loomis, the doctor who tried to treat him until he realized that “what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil”. His name is Michael Myers. And so began one of the most iconic horror franchises in history, spawned 10 feature films and lasted over 35 years. Now, for the first time ever, experience the terror of every Halloween film available together in 1 set! This collection includes all 10 Halloween films: Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection, Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II. Here it is, the one that started it all – Halloween: The Complete Collection. Amazon

    Halloween night - Haddonfield, IL. A young boy butchers his older sister with a kitchen knife. 15 years later, he escapes from a mental institution only to return home and terrorize the town, including babysitter Laurie Strode. Now pursued by Dr. Loomis, the doctor who tried to treat him until he realized that “what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil”. His name is Michael Myers. And so began one of the most iconic horror franchises in history – what producers Moustapha Akkad and Debra Hill, writer/director John Carpenter and stars Jamie Lee Curtis & Donald Pleasence started has spawned 10 feature films and lasted over 35 years. Now, for the first time ever, experience the terror of every Halloween film available together in 1 set! This limited edition deluxe set includes 15 discs jammed with content Halloween fans will love. Brand new, never before seen bonus features including new interviews with cast and crew, commentaries, behind the scenes documentaries, and so much more. Plus, the NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers! The set also features both Blu-ray versions of Halloween as well as the Network TV versions of Halloween and Halloween 2. Here it is, the one that started it all – Halloween: The Complete Collection. Amazon

    The title I'm most excited about is the Blu-ray debut of Michele Soavi's excellent slasher Stagefright from Blue Underground. A movie with a guy killing people while running around wearing a big fucking owl mascot head should not have ended up being this good. It's one of my favorites, if you haven't seen it, see it.

    While a group of young actors rehearse a new musical about a mass murderer, a notorious psychopath escapes from a nearby insane asylum. But when the shows director locks his cast in the theater overnight, the madman is accidentally locked inside as well. Now, a killer with acting in his blood has gone berserk for the blood of actors (including several scenes that EuroHorror fans worldwide consider to be the most violent of the decade) and the stage is set for one unforgettable evening of shock! An all-new Special Edition blu-ray!

    Here it is.The scream of the crop. The scariest and most fascinating collection of movies in modern horror. At the center of these ultimate clashes between darkness and light are intrepid souls who dare to look evil in the eye and unsheathe the weapons of faith. The struggle begins with the trend-setting The Exorcist (presented it its original theatrical version and Extended Director's Cut). Exorcist II: The Heretic and The Exorcist III bring added perspectives, blood-curdling visuals and shocks to the harrowing tale. And the two prequel stories (by two different directors) of Dominion and The Beginning enrich the original by revealing the amazing genesis of the battle between Father Merrin and humanity's most insidious foe. 

    Pick up the complete 6-disc anthology or pick them up individually here

    From Entertainment One, we get all 26 episodes of the resurrected (but deceased yet again) Elvira's Movie Macabre encased together in a nifty coffin shaped tin. The good news is that you can get all of the shows in one box set, the bad news is that if you're like me and you've already picked up 3 or 4 of the previously released DVDs you're going to be buying stuff you already own.

    As gimmicky as they are, I love big clunky box sets like this and I'll be sure to get this when the price drops a bit. Although with me preparing to move for the 3rd time in a little over a year I'm really starting to regret every single one of the many box set purchases I've made over the past dozen years.

    26 horrifying films on 13 DVD's! Some just horrifyingly BAD. ...Over 38 1/2 hours of frightful fun. Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, hosts this frightfully funny collection of B-Movie horror classics with her own unique style, all delivered in this collectible tin coffin. Amazon

    Finally we have Muntantis, an homage to 70's awfulness featuring a sort of Horror Of Party Beach/Blood Freak/Lobster Man From Mars mashup monster who terrorizes hillbillies in the woods.

    This homage/parody of 70's monster movies features buckets of gore, cheese, sleaze, and all the bad wigs and dubbing you've come to expect from the makers of Isle of the Damned. When an unscrupulous scientist drags his stepchildren out into the forest to use them as bait in the hopes of luring out a big foot, not even the team of hillbillies he hired can contain the horror they find: the horror of Mutantis! Only the adventurer Dr. William Fury may be able to stop the beast, but hope dwindles fast once Dr. Fury realizes that the monster is not only intent on murder but procreation as well. Could this be the end of the world as we know it? For the answer watch, Mutantis!

    Sunday, September 21, 2014

    Messiah of Evil, Brotherhood of Death and More on Blu-ray From Code Red

    A new Blu-ray bundle has just gone up for preorder from Code Red. The full list of titles is below. I'm particularly excited to pick up the wonderfully bizarre Messiah of Evil.

    After receiving a series of chilling letters from her reclusive father, Arletty (Mariana Hill, High Plains Drifter) drives to the remote seaside town of Pointe Dune to discover the reason for her father's developing madness. Upon her arrival, she encounters a mysterious trio of strangers investigating a local legend known as "The Blood Moon"... a curse that has transformed the inhabitants of the town into a terrifying horde of blood-thirsty maniacs!

    Also starring Michael Greer (Fortune and Men's Eyes), cult starlets Joy Bang and Anitra Ford, and screen legends Royal Dano and Elisha Cook, Jr., Messiah Of Evil is a unique shocker from the minds of Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz (Oscar-nominated screenwriters of American Graffiti). A visual masterpiece finally brought to home video in its original scope aspect ratio, Messiah Of Evil is unlike any horror film you've ever seen. Enter Pointe Dune and prepare to be spellbound...

    - Audio Commentary with Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, moderated by Lee Christian
    - Featurette: Remembering Messiah of Evil edited by Damon Packard
    - Short films by Huyck and Katz: The Bride Stripped Bare, Down These Mean Streets

    When Soul Brothers Meet The Klu Klux Klan, The Sheets Are Gonna Hit The Fan! Pro football legends Mike Thomas, Roy Jefferson and Mike Bass star as Vietnam vets who return to their redneck hometown only to find the local Klan has triggered a frenzy of racism, rape and murder. But this brotherhood learned all about guerilla combat and sadistic torture while fighting Whitey's war...and now the KKK is gonna pay! Haskell Anderson from the creator of THE BLACK GESTAPO comes a new action film that flooded the audience in the 70s!

    + Brand New HD masters from the original Camera Negatives.
    + BONUS! TV version from a 16mm print
    + interview with star Haskell Anderson
    + original theatrical trailer

    The cheerleading team at Aloha High are popular with their fellow students (except for a couple of stuck-up rich girls), but they're a major cause of the school's lecherous reputation for underage sex and drug abuse. The fun-loving gals spike the lunchroom spaghetti sauce with a concoction of pot, pills, and powders, hold wild orgies in the boys' locker room, and never bother to attend their classes. The school board considers a merger with Aloha's biggest rivals, the vocational school Lincoln High, but the cheerleaders refuse to mix with the low-class juvenile delinquents that go there. A new principal, ex-Marine Hall Walker (Norman Thomas Marshall), might whip the school into shape, but it'll mean forcing the cheerleaders out of the squad and back into the classroom.

    Though the girls prove their importance to Aloha spirit at the crucial moment of a big basketball game, it turns out that more sinister forces are at work when the school is blown up and the principal is kidnapped. It's up to the cheerleaders to save the day and unravel a conspiracy to steal Aloha High's land for a shopping mall.Carl Ballantine, David Hasselhoff, and genre vet Rainbeaux Smith appear in this energetic sex comedy.

    -Includes both Wide and Fullscreen versions
    -Audio Commentary with director/writer/producer Richard Lerner & director of photography Nathaniel Dorsky

    1.78.1 (16x9)

    This is a low-budget horror movie about a psychopathic gardener with a penchant for killing off young women, undoubtedly due to some twisted psycho-sexual malfunction that leads him to rape his first victim before drowning her in a fish tank. His second female victim is dispatched when she catches sight of him carrying off corpse #1. Victim #3 is targeted -- she is the sister of #1 -- but she manages to escape into a beach house as a temporary defense of sorts. Meanwhile, two security police spot the demonic psycho trying to smash into the house, and when they go to capture him, one is killed and the other battles the psycho in a swimming pool. Just when the end seems near, however, the crazed killer rises again -- the menace, it seems, has not been laid to rest.

    You can grab the bundle for $79.99 or the individual releases here. You save about $10 by buying the bundle. There are a few important things to know about these releases:

    • They are scheduled to be released "around October 15th-20th." 
    • Brotherhood of Death, Lady Stay Dead and Revenge of the Cheerleaders are limited to 1,000 copies.
    • The bundle is only available for US customers and will be taken down once the inventory arrives at Bill's....uh, garage, I guess. (I'm not sure what kind of a set up Mr. Olsen has for this operation.) After that you'll only be able to order each title individually.
    • Finally, don't order the bundle with any other titles because, and I quote: "IF YOU ORDER OTHER TITLES, YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE SHIPPED AND REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. THIS ORDER IS SEPARATE THAN OTHER DEALS."

    Thursday, September 11, 2014

    Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort Out October 21st

    Fox has just announced October 21st as the DVD/Blu-ray release date for the upcoming Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, directed by some guy and starring some people. Sorry, I was attempting to be funny there, but I think my joke sounded a lot more dickish than I meant it to. Valeri Milev is the director and it stars Sadie Katz, Aqueela Zoll, Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Rollo Skinner, Billy Ashworth, Joe Gaminara, Harry Belcher, Raymond Steers, Luke Cousins, Tabitha Luke Eardley and Roxanne Pallett.

    I've actually seen every one of these things and I've found that every even numbered sequel is pretty good (part 2 is pretty great, actually), while the odd numbered sequels have been just absolutely goddamn terrible. So, statistically speaking, part 6 should be decent. I've also noticed that the make-up effects on the "hillbillies" is getting worse and worse, Three Finger looks like a goddamn lizard in this one for some reason. For example:

    Details For Stuart Gordon's Dolls - Coming From Scream Factory 11/16

    Scream Factory has just posted the details for their upcoming release of Stuart Gordon's Dolls. I'm looking forward to revisiting this one actually, I saw it as a kid and I don't remember it at all other than a vague recollection of that moon faced doll in the middle of this newly designed cover art:

    Director Stuart Gordon’s cult classic is getting the “Collector’s Edition” Blu-ray treatment on November 11th and today we report our list of extras included on it!

    • NEW! Toys of Terror: The Making of “Dolls” – An all-new retrospective featuring interviews with Director Stuart Gordon, Producer Brian Yuzna, Stars Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Ian Patrick Williams, Executive Producer Charles Band, and Special Make-Up Effects Artists Gabe Bartalos, and John Vulich and more!
    • Audio Commentary with director Stuart Gordon and writer Ed Naha
    • Audio Commentary with cast members Stephen Lee, Ian Patrick Williams, Carolyn Purdy Gordon and Carrie Lorraine
    • Storyboard-to-Film Comparison
    • Original Theatrical Trailer
    • Photo Gallery

    Order now at and receive an 18” x 24” limited edition poster of the newly-designed key art too (while supplies last) AND receive the title 3 WEEKS EARLY near 10/21—before Halloween!!

    The Town That Dreaded Sundown Remake/Sequel Trailer Online Now

    The trailer for the Town That Dreaded Sundown remake has made its way online. Though it shares the same title as the original film and is being called a remake, the plot description makes this sound like a sequel:

    Based on a terrifying true story, The Town That Dreaded Sundown picks up sixty-five years after a masked serial killer terrorized the small town of Texarkana, when the "moonlight murders" begin again. Is it a copycat or something even more sinister? A lonely high school girl, with dark secrets of her own, may be the key to catching the murderer.

    This sequel and/or remake (sequemake? requel?) looks to be more of a straight slasher film than the original which I'm okay with because the "slasher" parts of the original film are actually pretty intense and suspenseful and while this may be an unpopular opinion; I personally think the documentary voiceovers and the ill-fitting comedy really dragged the original film down. Sure, this could still totally suck ass, but it looks decent enough to me, I'll give it a look when it comes out October 16th. Check out the trailer below:

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    Fantastic Teaser For Puppet Ghost Story The Mill at Calder's End

    Last year I posted about a Kickstarter campaign for filmmaker Kevin McTurk's Victorian Ghost Story Puppet Film. The Kickstarter was very successful (making double the original goal of $32,000) and from the looks of this new teaser what McTurk has put together here is absolutely stunning. I'm not sure when we'll get to see the completed film, but I cannot wait to see it.

    The Mill At Calder's End - Official Teaser HD from Kevin McTurk on Vimeo.

    "The Mill at Calder's End is a gothic ghost story in the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft that will be told with 30 inch tall bunraku puppets and old fashioned in-camera special effects. Featuring the voices of Jason Flemyng (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,X-Men:First Class) and horror legend Barbara Steele (Black Sunday,The Pit and the Pendulum) , this film celebrates two of my great loves: the art of puppetry and gothic horror."

    Tuesday, September 09, 2014

    New This Week 9.9

    When a group of teenagers inadvertently kill his only son, Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen, Aliens) seeks the powers of a backwoods witch to bring the child back to life. But instead, she invokes ’the pumpkinhead’ (a monstrously clawed demon which, once reborn, answers only to Ed’s bloodlust). But as the creature wreaks it’s slow, unspeakable tortures on the teens, Ed confronts a horrifying secret about his connection to the beast: and realizes that he must find a way to stop its deadly mission before he becomes one with the creature forever. Also starring Jeff East (Deadly Blessing), Joel Hoffman (Slumber Party Massacre II) and Kerry Remsen (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge), this ’atmospheric, moralistic tale’ (TV Guide) delivers demonic horror at its blood-drenched best.

  • NEW - REMEMBERING THE MONSTER KID: A TRIBUTE TO STAN WINSTON featuring new interviews with actors Lance Henriksen and Brian Bremer, special effects artists Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff Jr. and Shannon Shea
  • NEW interviews with producer Richard Weinman and actors John D’Aquino and Matthew Hurley
  • Audio Commentary by Co-screenwriter Gary Gerani and Creature & FX Creators Tom Woodruff, Jr. and Alec Gillis
  • PUMPKINHEAD UNEARTHED (now in HD) – a documentary on the making of PUMPKINHEAD featuring Evolution of a Demon, The Cursed and the Damned, The Torture Soul of Ed Harley, Constructing Vengeance, Razorback Holler
  • Featurette: Demonic Toys
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer
     Jamie Lee Curtis (the HALLOWEEN film series) and Leslie Nielsen (THE NAKED GUN film and TV series, FORBIDDEN PLANET) star in this celebrated slasher horror classic.

    Four Hamilton High seniors are hiding a terrible secret. What happened to Robin Hammond six years ago was a game that turned into a horrible tragedy, and someone saw what they did... someone waiting for gruesome revenge! Wearing a black hood and wielding an axe, a killer brutally slaughters the teenagers one by one at their high school prom. As the spotlight falls on the newly crowned prom king and queen, the psychopath will show everyone his new favorite game to play...

    Are you ready for a bloody night of Disco Madness ? Synapse Films is proud to present PROM NIGHT in a beautiful new version, remastered and restored in 2K from the original 35mm camera negative with an all-new 5.1 surround mix.
    Region A.

    Special Features:
    • Brand-New 2K High-Definition Transfer From The Original 35mm Camera Negative
    • New 5.1 Surround Remix Specifically Created For This Release (Original 2.0 Mono Included)
    • Audio Commentary With Director Paul Lynch And Screenwriter William Gray
    • THE HORRORS OF HAMILTON HIGH: The Making Of Prom Night Featurette
    • Collection Of Additional Scenes Added For Television Broadcast
    • Never-Before-Seen Outtakes From Prom Night [Exclusive to Blu-ray]
    • Motion Still Gallery [Exclusive To Blu-ray]
    • Original Theatrical Trailer & Television Spots
    • English Subtitles For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

    After the death of a high school track star during a race, a mysterious, fencing-mask wearing killer begins murdering her friends and teachers. Who could the killer be? Her disgruntled coach? Her angry sister? Her violent boyfriend? As the bodies pile up, a twisted mystery unfolds, slowly revealing itself as it moves towards its bloody climax. One of the quintessential high school set slasher films of the early 80s, Vinegar Syndrome is bringing GRADUATION DAY to blu-ray, newly restored in 4K and presented in its original aspect ratio for the very first time!
    Director: Herb Freed
    96 minutes / 1981 / Color / 1.85:1
    Features Include:
    + Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack
    + 4K Restoration from the Editor’s 35mm Answer Print + Video interview with Director Herb Freed
    + Video interview with Star Patch Mackenzie
    + Video interview with Producer David Baughn
    + Video interview with Editor Martin Sadoff
    + Commentary track with Producer David Baughn
    + Commentary track with The Hysteria Continues (link)
    + Original Theatrical Trailer

    In Bob Chinn’s big budget mix of X rated war epic and Nazisploitation, John Holmes stars as an American G.I. who gets marooned on a tropical island after his ship is bombed. There he discovers a small Nazi outpost which has kidnapped a beautiful American nurse. Determined to save her, he slowly begins to infiltrate the Nazi compound.
    Also starring Seka, in one of her first roles, and beautiful Jade Wong, PRISONER OF PARADISE remains one of director Bob Chinn’s crowning achievements.
    Director: Bob Chinn
    78min / Color / 1.85:1 OAR
    Features Include:
    + Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
    + Scanned in 2k from 35mm Negatives
    + Original theatrical trailer
    + Caribbean Films Promo Trailers

    Mai Lin vs. Serena/Oriental Hawaii
    + Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
    + Scanned in 2k from 35mm Original Camera Negatives
    + Original theatrical trailers for both films

    Cry For Cindy/Touch Me/Act of Confession
    + 2 Disc DVD Set | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic + 4:3 | MONO
    + Scanned in 2k from 35mm and 16mm elements
    + Includes feature length softcore version of CRY FOR CINDY 
    Academy Award® winner Oliver Stone (Platoon) makes his directorial debut in this tale of macabre horror and suspense! Horror writer Edmund Blackstone (Jonathan Frid TV's Dark Shadows) sees his recurring nightmare come to chilling life one weekend evening when he and his family and friends are terrorized and killed off one by one by the Queen of Evil (Martine Beswick, Thunderball) and her servants, a dwarf named Spider (Hervé Villechaize, Fantasy Island), and a giant scar-faced strongman called Jackal (Henry Judd Baker, After Hours). Is this a nightmare, or the real thing? Watch this cult classic from a brand new HD master from the original vault elements! The stellar cast includes cult legend Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul), Troy Donahue (A Summer Place), Joseph Sirola (Hang Em High) and Richard Cox (Cruising).

    A young couple find themselves face-to-face with a terrifying evil when they venture into the heart of Bigfoot country in WILLOW CREEK, director Bobcat Goldthwait's (God Bless America, World's Greatest Dad) unique spin on the horror genre.

    Looking to make a splash with his research videos into the existence of Bigfoot, Jim (Bryce Johnson, Pretty Little Liars) and his girlfriend Kelly take a camping trip to the mountains surrounding Willow Creek, California, a small town where infamous footage of the supposed Sasquatch was filmed.  Before long the headstrong couple are lost in the woods and discover that someone - or something - is stalking them.  With each passing night bringing unknowable danger, the two must use all of their cunning to try to make it out of the forest alive. 
    Get ready to crumble! The king of all monsters is back and bigger than ever! The action heats up when a UFO reveals itself as a massive alien monster with awesome destructive powers. The alien monster heads straight for the behemoth GODZILLA(r) who's just crushed the entire city for the battle of theillennium. But GODZILLA(r)'s furious heat beam may not be enough to destroy the death-dealing alien, and the future of humankind is in jeopardy. Now, it's a bang-up, threeway, no-holds-barred brawl as GODZILLA(r), the alien monster and the courageous citizens of Japan fight an unprecedented battle for survival in this earth-shattering new sci-fi action adventure that will blow you away. 
    Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
    Fifty years ago, the Japanese Defense Forces killed Godzilla or so they thought. When a series of terrifying natural disasters begin to plague Japan, including the inexplicable offshore sinking of a U.S. submarine, a mystic old man warns his nation that Godzilla has come back to destroy Japan as revenge for all the souls lost in the Pacific War. When mere military might cannot squash the monster, the mystic man awakens the Holy Beasts of Yamato - King Ghidorah, Mothra and Baragon, sleeping giants that protected Japan in ancient times. These untamed mammoth beasts take on Godzilla with frightening supernatural brute power that has been 2,000 years in the making. Tradition and technology collide in this chilling high-tech, cutting-edge fable. Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack has a running time of approximately 105 minutes and is not rated.

    Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002)
    After four years of scrupulous preparation under the prime minister, a new invincible robot, Mechagodzilla, has now reached completion, armed with various weapons, including the most powerful gun in history that can destroy anything in the world. Akane Yashiro is transferred to join the Mechagodzilla team as an operator who controls the mechanical monster. As soon as Mechagodzilla starts on its test run, the huge shadow of Godzilla begins to rise from the depths of the ocean...The battle of the century is going to take place between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla has a running time of approximately 88 minutes and is not rated.

    Rebirth of Mothra (1996)
    Mothra, one of Godzilla's longtime allies (and sometimes foe) gets her very own movie series in this, the first of a trilogy. When the three-headed Desghidorah, even fiercer than King Ghidorah, begins to destroy the forests of Japan, Mothra leaves her island paradise to help save them. Rebirth of Mothra has a running time of approximately 107 minutes and is not rated.

    Rebirth of Mothra II (1997)
    Two young kids inadvertently unleash a giant sea creature which is somehow strengthened from the abundance of modern-day pollution. Mothra's keepers, the tiny twins Moll and Lora, quickly rouse the gentle giant in order to combat this latest threat to peace. Rebirth of Mothra II has a running time of approximately100 minutes and is not rated.

    Rebirth of Mothra III (1998)
    In the final film in the new Mothra trilogy, King Ghidorah, the most destructive of all the monsters, returns to destroy the Earth. Primed for combat, Mothra goes into the past to battle a younger version of King Ghidorah. Rebirth of Mothra III has a running time of approximately 100 minutes and is not rated.


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