Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Double Dragon - Last Caress (Gore Glam)

This is Double Dragon's music from Last Caress (or Glam Gore, if you prefer), a Giallo homage from France. I'd give the movie a rating of "ehh" out of 10. Not great, but it didn't make me want to off myself or anything. Decent enough on the gore front, but the killer looked like a British gangster and kinda seemed out of place and the Vaseline lensed soft porn look of the movie actually kind of started hurting my eyes by the end. Maybe worth a look for Giallo lovers, but pretty hard to find and probably not really worth the effort.

The soundtrack on the other hand - 10 Stars! I love the music to this, it's just really quite awesome. Kind of a really synthy Goblin feel I think. Definitely one of my favorite musical discoveries of the past year. I believe this was only available with the limited edition (of 2000) DVD. Someone please release this album officially so I can give these Double Dragon guys some of my money.

I can't seem to find a tracklist for some reason, but there are 20 tracks, the standout for me is track 7. When listening to this album start with that one, and end with that one.



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