Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Manchester Morgue and the Jack L. Samuelson Orchestra Present Swinging Sounds of Christmas - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

I kinda regret not getting a Halloween compilation together this year so I wanted to make sure I get a Christmas one done. As you can see I decided to go against my usual dark and gruesome compilation art choices and chose a pervy old Playboy painting instead. I also toned down the ridiculousness of the title (and in turn made it by far the longest title ever) to try and make it match the old compilation records they used to make so many of. Bert Kaempfert had a thousand of these things. I see at least a dozen of his every time I go to the thrift store.

As with all my compilations, I don't have a planned out order in which these songs should be listened to, I just listed them alphabetically because that's how they were in the folder. I don't have enough time to do my usual incessant rambling today, so you get to avoid reading all of that today. Anyway, here's your tracklist, hope you guys enjoy it!

  • Argent - Christmas For The Free
  • Boney M. - Winter Fairy-Tale
  • Danny Elfman - Ice Dance (from Edward Scissorhands) I know Elfman gets ripped on a lot, but his work on Scissorhands is beautiful
  • Dexter Gordon - The Christmas Song
  • Futurama - Xmas Elves (song from the show, not a band called Futurama)
  • Lance J. Holt - I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth- Lovecraft Christmas
  • Mark Snow - Snow For Christmas (from Ernest Saves Christmas)
  • New Kids on the Block - Funky, Funky Christmas
  • Nina - Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown? (from On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
  • Osaka Popstar - The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders - Rain, Sleet, Snow
  • Primus - Del Davis Tree Farm
  • Ramonas - Santa's Got A GTO
  • The Business - Step Into Christmas
  • The Vandals - Grandpa's Last Christmas
  • The Vandals - My First Christmas As A Woman (I accidentally added two Vandals songs. Oops.)
  • Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
  • XTC - Thanks For Christmas
  • Zombina & The Skeletones - Transylvanian Xmas
There's a toy lodged in my brain!

If you are still after more ridiculous Christmas nonsense, my last compilation Robot Sleeperhold: Or Who The Fuck Is Parson Brown? is still up.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lor Crane - Haunted

This is the soundtrack from the 1977 film Haunted, not to be confused with the 1995 Kate Beckinsale film or a similarly titled film also from 1977 called Haunts, which is what I first thought it was when Code Red released the DVD this year. I actually haven't seen this one yet - though I would've checked it out the DVD immediately had it been Haunts that was released - a Cameron Mitchell film from the guy who did Graduation Day? Sold!

Anyway, moving on to the film this music actually comes from. Like I mentioned, I've never seen this one, but the tagline "It Began the Day They Installed That Telephone Booth in the Cemetery!" amuses me greatly so I might have to check it soon. Plus, the first song has vocals by Billy Vera and as a fan of King of Queens and it's hilariously cheesy theme song about weary eyes and tight backs that automatically makes this movie at least a little awesome.

Thanks to the guy at CG who sent me the album link.

1. Indian Woman (03:06)
sung by Billy Vera (L. & F. Crane)
2. A Distant Time (03:42)
sung by Carol Douglas (L. & F. Crane)
3. How Can I Tell Judy (04:32)
sung by Herb Oscar Anderson (L. & F. Crane)
4. You Make Me Feel the Music (08:29)
sung by Freya Crane (L. & F. Crane)
5. A Distant Time (short version) (01:09)
(L. & F. Crane)
6. Patrick & Jennifer Walking (01:22)
7. Dining Room (02:22)
8. Lake (01:06)
9. Beach (01:04)
10. Love Scene (04:35)
11. The Chase (05:49)
12. Lifetimes (03:27)
sung by Ronald Romano (Romano)

An Ancient Evil is Unleashed ... And It Wants Revenge!

The above link is for Fileserve. Downloading from there will help me out a bit, but for anyone who doesn't like Fileserve, here you go:


Thursday, October 06, 2011

Redneck Zombies - Filmed in Entrail-Vision!

Continuing with my current rigorous 1 post every 2 1/2 months schedule, here's the soundtrack from the 1989 Rednexploitation classic (is that a thing?) Redneck Zombies. This comes from the "Tromasterpiece Collection" DVD, which for those you you not averse to stepping into a Wal-Mart can actually find this 2-disc DVD in the $5 bin. It's like $18 on Amazon right now. I had just about finished searching through the hellish nightmare that is the DVD dump bin, when directly in front of me, literally on the bottom of the bin was a copy waiting for me to take it home. Finally, a dump bin victory. I check that thing every time I'm there, I don't think I've ever bought something from there. Although I was tempted by a Different World box set once.

Of course when I go to check out, the suspiciously attractive girl who works at my Wal-Mart rings me up. Normally, that's cool, because she's hot, and who doesn't like having to talk to someone who is hot? But this time I had a kind of creepy combination of items in my cart. Lotion (not for that), a hand mirror (it's amazingly hard to see the back of your head when you cut your own hair) and a DVD copy of Redneck Zombies, complete with extremely gross back cover. That's it. Should've also bought some groceries or a plant or something.

I've actually only seen half of Redneck Zombies, way back in 199...9, I think. I started it, had to go to work halfway through. I did not return to the movie. I recall I kind of hated it, but I'm going to give it another shot in the next few days. Maybe 12 years will change my opinion. Plus I had to buy it because I think it's funny seeing a Troma movie at Wal-Mart. I remember not that long ago Wal-Mart was a store that used to not carry music with explicit lyrics. Now you can go in and buy movies filled with extreme gore and ultraviolence like Hobo With A Shotgun and Redneck Zombies.

1. Beginning of the End - Adrian Bond
2. Love Theme (Opening Titles) - Cletus Tripe and the Juggs
3. Redneck Zombies Blues - Don Mayesky
4. Stabbing Eyeballs - Adrian Bond
5. I Feel Funny - Adrian Bond
6. Chemical Nuclear Warfare Toxic Waste Barrel Polka - Adrian Bond
7. Get Munch Suite - Adrian Bond
8. Leggo My Leg Yo - Adrian Bond
9. Spitting Body Ache - Adrian Bond
10. Great Gobs of Zombie Guts (Trippin' On) - Adrian Bond
11. Tomorrow Blue Plate Zombie - Adrian Bond
12. Cabin Fever - DJ Bloody Stump
13. Subliminal Satanic Track (Do Not Play Backwards!) - Adrian Bond
14. Redneck Zombies (End Credits) - Token Protein

Three inches? Yeah, from the floor!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paul Zaza - Curtains

In my long stretch of non-posting, something pretty awesome turned up on The Terror Trap. Hidden in a 2 page Paul Zaza interview is the complete soundtrack from the 1983 Canadian classic Curtains. It can be found on the right side here. It's only streaming audio, but that can be easily saved if you've got IDM, or any other streaming audio downloading program.

  1. Audra
  2. Skate...For Your Life
  3. Amanda's Nightmare
  4. Voices in Snow
  5. Christie & The Doll
  6. Stryker's Studio
  7. Echoes
  8. The Hag, Unmasked?
  9. Caught
  10. Cold and Unknown
  11. The Prophouse/The Revelation

Curtains, which I actually watched for the first time today, is a pretty great slasher featuring John Vernon and Lynne Griffin. As a massive fan of both Strange Brew and Black Christmas I got a tremendous kick out of seeing Lynne here. Despite Curtains having some great stalking/death sequences and very solid acting and some nice twists along the way it's one of the few remaining quality early 80s slashers that's missing even a decent DVD release. It has been put out on DVD but apparently with a VHS transfer along with 3 shit recent movies nobody has ever heard of on a DVD set called The Midnight Horror Collection: Bloody Slashers. I've heard people have found that DVD at Wal-Mart in the dreaded $5 bin, but not me. I can't look through that thing for more than 2 minutes before I've knocked 4 copies of Howard the Duck on the floor or having some dude wander over and start throwing titles I've already looked at back to my side of the bin. It's a nightmare, and hardly worth the effort. Now if Synapse could go ahead and put this bastard out on a nicely loaded Blu-ray like The Dorm That Dripped Blood, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Anyway, if you go through the interview on this page there is also music from My Bloody Valentine, Murder by Decree, Prom Night 1, 3, and 4.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ultraman Jazz

This is the very out of print Ultraman Jazz. This is kind of like Ultraman meets...uh... the opening theme from The Cosby Show? Sorry, I don't listen to jazz, that's the best jazz reference you're getting from me. There's an even out of printer Vol. 2 out there, if I can find it I'll post it here.

Someone recommended I post some Kaiju soundtracks, so I'll dig some out from the vaults and get them up soon. Good timing actually, I need to familiarize myself with some of the classic Kaiju themes so I can rework them with my giant monster themed new wave band Kaijugoogoo.

I'm trying out MirrorCreator for the links, seemed to upload quickly and you get a shitload of download options.

1. Ultraman-No-Uta
2. Ultraseven-No-Uta
3. Tokusoutai-No-Uta
4. Ultraman Leo
5. Ultra Q
6. MAT Team-No-Uta
7. Susume! Ultraman
8. Kaettekita-Ultraman
9. Ultraman-No-Uta(reprise)

Get Ultra

Stop by our refreshment center...

MK12 | Follow the Sun | 2011 from MK12 on Vimeo.

I thought some of you guys might not have seen this yet and might get a kick out of it. It starts as a cute Let's All Go To The Lobby style ad, but around 1:28 into it the JujyFruit gets iced and everything goes batshit and gets real terrifying like. Kind of like the end of Brazil and Mulholland Drive, only it's a cartoon with anthropomorphic hot dogs and popcorn and shit.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun Invading Your Home Today!

I thought I'd remind everyone that Jason Eisener's Hobo With A Shotgun was released for purchasing and owning today. Checking around a lot of people love this thing, but a lot of people seem to really hate it. I'm not seeing any middle ground for this one. No one seems to think it was just alright. Me, I loved it. I've seen it 3 times now and it keeps getting funnier every time I see it. Rutger Hauer just kills it in this movie and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Molly Dunsworth.

Not only is the movie totally bananas, the blu-ray and DVD are filled with highly watchable features. I don't spend much time with extra features usually, but I've had my blu-ray going for about 4 hours now and there's still a ton of stuff to get through. The making of documentary is a beauty. Watching the director of a movie holding a camera, hanging off the back of a moving pickup while another guy holds him by the back of his shirt is one of the best things I've ever seen. Not just in a documentary, I mean ever.

The tremendously loaded Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD are actually on sale this week at Best Buy for $17.99, and if you take a moment to print this coupon, out you can have it for $13. It's certainly not a movie everyone is going to love, but at this price immediately after its release I highly recommend a purchase. I have no affiliation with Hobo or with Best Buy, just wanting to save some potential Hobo purchasers some money.

Side note: Hobo With A Shotgun has made me realize my next car has to be a Bricklin. Sure the car is considered to be one of the worst ever made, but how fucking cool are these things:

Hey, they wrecked the one in the movie, maybe they'll sell it to me cheap.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Graham Collins - Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace

Way back when I first started this site I shared the soundtrack from Canuxploitation flick Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter - which is still available to download, by the way. Today, I bring you Graham Collins equally excellent music from Lee Demarbre's 2004 film Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace. As far as I know this hasn't been released and I don't think it's been shared anywhere before.

I obtained this soundtrack the same way as the guys who got the Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter soundtrack, I contacted Odessa Filmworks about the availability of a soundtrack, and a few days later JC Vampire Hunter/Harry Knuckles director Lee Demarbre was awesome enough to send me the soundtrack. He told me to enjoy it, and share it, so here we go.

I don't have time to type out the tracklist right now, but there's 32 tracks and the file is about 170MB.

Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace is actually currently on Netflix streaming if you haven't seen it. It's a must see for any fans of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, or anyone who likes weird ass martial arts comedies featuring Amazonian assassins and a bionic bigfoot.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Psycho - Illustrated Tales of Terror

And here's the remaining issues of Skywald's Psycho series. This includes issues 18-24, plus a 1972 Annual issue and a 1974 Yearbook issue. Psycho #24 was actually the final issue of anything Skywald published, they shut down shortly after that issue was put out in March, 1975.

As always credit to the original scanner/uploader.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Psycho - A Skywald Horror-Mood Publication

Here's issues 9-17 of Psycho. Sorry about the wait, I uploaded them a few days ago but forgot to post them. I'll get the remaining issues up in a bit.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Psycho - Mind-Staggering Tales of the Bizarre

I haven't posted any comics in a long time (or anything in a long time for that matter) so here's the first 8 issues of PSYCHO, a series put out by Skywald Publications that ran from 1971 to 1975.
1, 2, 3

As always, credit to the original scanner/uploader. I'll be posting the remaining issues in the next couple of days, so be sure to check back.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Jet Black Berries - They Walk Among You

Jet Black Berries have just unleashed their brand new video for They Walk Among You. It's spooky, it's ooky (whatever the hell that means) and it's pretty awesome. Check it out!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun - Delivering Justice...One Shell At A Time

It's only 2 weeks into the new year but I think this newly released poster for Jason Eisener's Hobo With A Shotgun very well could be the best movie poster we'll see this year.

The poster was debuted over on IGN, but as someone who was been looking forward to this thing since it was announced I couldn't resist posting about it here. If you want a better look at it be sure to check this link.


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