Sunday, February 13, 2011

Psycho - Illustrated Tales of Terror

And here's the remaining issues of Skywald's Psycho series. This includes issues 18-24, plus a 1972 Annual issue and a 1974 Yearbook issue. Psycho #24 was actually the final issue of anything Skywald published, they shut down shortly after that issue was put out in March, 1975.

As always credit to the original scanner/uploader.


RaroVHS said...

Hi there! I have you in my blogroll. Would you like to add a link to my site too? thanks!

Yellow Phantom said...

Big thanks for sharing the Psycho issues! I've only read #8, can't wait to dig into these.

Anonymous said...

puta que rikas revistas!!! las conocia por la mencion q hace "anton lavey" de necrophagia en el mostruoso through eyes of the dead....gracias.

Anonymous said...

couldn't thank you enough for all the gems you put up in all these years. Outstanding blog and stuff!
A big fan from germany :)


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