Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Robot Fisticuffs - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

Here's my latest compilation, I call it Robot Fisticuffs. The theme for this one is "bands who share a name with a movie". Not every band here was actually directly influenced by the movie which they share a name with (some of the movies even came out after the band was created). Some of these just happen to be coincidental.

The cover comes from the May 1969 issue of Magnus Robot Fighter, 4000 A.D. I realize I'm coming off as kind of a one trick pony with my "old comic art, wacky title that has little to do with anything" cover designing formula, but until I actually attend any kind of design class, I'm having fun with the formula. Besides, it's just a little compilation that I had fun, uh, compiling, so I don't think anyone out there will be too worried. I've got a whole stack of old comics from when I helped a friends parents clean out their basement, so there are plenty more wacky covered compilations to come.

Here is the tracklist. For any films I thought might be lesser known, I've linked to their IMDB pages.

Black Sabbath - Killing Yourself to Live
Motorpsycho - No Evil
Rush - Mystic Rhythms
White Zombie - Feed The Gods
Misfits - Blood Feast
Heaven's Gate - Surrender
All About Eve - Flowers In Our Hair
My Bloody Valentine - Off Your Face
Real Life - Exploding Bullets
Element of Crime - Und du Wartest
BMX Bandits - Just Remember I'm a Woman
Say Anything - Chia-Like I Will Grow
Blondie - Union City Blue
Gore Gore Girls - I'm Gonna Get You Yet
Evil Dead - Living Good
The Gathering - Souvenirs
Fantomas - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Devil Doll - Dies Irae Part 3,4, and 5

A few more that were considered, but ultimately dropped:
Quo Vadis - A badass Canadian Death Metal band - check them out at once!
They Might Be Giants
Babes in Toyland
Phantom Planet
Soilent Green
Huh, that's more than I remembered dropping. Almost enough for another one...I think I smell a sequel...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Meet The Applegates

This is Meet The Applegates. The 1991 Michael Lehmann film, starring Ed Begley Jr., Stockard Channing, and Dabney Coleman. The Applegates was even scored by our very own David Newman.

The setup:
"In the South American jungle a species of giant cocorada insects find a Dick and Jane book dropped by fleeing teachers. Not long after, a group of cocoradas, camouflaging themselves as an ordinary human family, set up house in a suburban neighbourhood with the intention of sabotaging a nuclear power plant and bringing down civilization so that they can have the planet to themselves. However the temptations of Western civilization prove to be too much for them – the father has an affair with his secretary, the mother becomes addicted to credit card shopping, the daughter becomes a militant feminist and the son a stoner."

This was Lehmann's followup to Heathers. While not nearly as popular, or as memorable as Heathers, Applegates is still quite an entertaining film, and its current "Out of Print in any format, anywhere in the world" status is a bit baffling.

Things to watch for:

Otho on Safari
Motorhead Metal Twins
Formicophiliac Father Figure
John Escobar as Jorge, Aunt Bea's Sacrifice

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By

Upon hearing the news that Faith No More was planning on reuniting I found a list of some of Mike Patton's other projects. I was familiar with most of it - Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom and Mike's solo stuff, but one I had never heard of was something called Lovage - a collaborative effort between Dan Nakamura, Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles and Kid Koala.

Mike Patton has an absolutely incredible voice, but I much prefer to hear the man sing instead of doing his more deranged solo/Fantomas stuff. I totally respect the man as an artist and everything, but I just can not get into this type of stuff. Luckily Lovage is a very cool, laid back trip-hop/lounge outfit which lets Mike's (and Jennifer's) tremendous singing voice shine. If you like your Mike Patton a little poppier (like Peeping Tom) I would give this a shot.

This album is quite out of print and is fetching upwards of $100 on Amazon, so I am posting this here for anyone having trouble finding it. Or people like myself who somehow never heard of it before now.

1 Ladies Love Chest Rockwell (feat. Prince Paul) 1:19
2 Pit Stop (Take Me Home) 3:56
3 Anger Management 4:17
4 Everyone Has a Summer 4:16
5 To Catch a Thief 3:17
6 Lies and Alibis 3:16
7 Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks (feat. Afrika Bambaataa) 1:55
8 Book of the Month 4:28
9 Lifeboat 4:45
10 Strangers on a Train 4:36
11 Lovage (Love That Loveage, Baby) 1:04
12 Sex (I'm A...) 6:19
13 Koala's Lament 3:53
14 Tea Time With Maseo (feat. Maseo) 1:38
15 Stroker Ace 4:29
16 Archie & Veronica 6:05


Walter Werzowa - Hellraiser: Inferno

Hellraiser Inferno. I listed this as my least favorite Hellraiser in the last post, but I honestly don't remember too much about it. I just know I didn't like it when I saw it. Of course, I haven't really seen any of the Hellraiser movies in at least a year and a half (8 years for Inferno) so I probably need to see them all again to get a more up to date opinion on the series.

It may not be obvious from looking at the two, but Kid in the Hall Bruce McCulloch has the ability to look quite similar to Inferno star Craig Sheffer. But shorter. And Canadian-er.

01 - Main Title
02 - Blood Bed
03 - Box Revealed_ Hell Begins part 1
04 - Box Revealed_ Hell Begins part 2
05 - Epilogue
06 - Coming Home
07 - Hallucinate
08 - Erasing Finger Paint part 1
09 - Erasing Finger Paint part 2
10 - Crossing part 1
11 - Crossing part 2
12 - Crossing part 3
13 - Crossing part 4
14 - Finale part 1
15 - Finale part 2
16 - Finale part 3
17 - Finale part 4
18 - Hand Call
19 - Hat Away_ Torture part 1
20 - Hat Away_ Torture part 2
21 - Hospital
22 - Daphine's Call part 1
23 - Daphine's Call part 2
24 - Ice Cream Terry part 1
25 - Ice Cream Terry part 2
26 - Buffet
27 - Jay's House
28 - Joseph Home
29 - Pin Head Talks
30 - Joseph Shoots Himself


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