Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By

Upon hearing the news that Faith No More was planning on reuniting I found a list of some of Mike Patton's other projects. I was familiar with most of it - Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom and Mike's solo stuff, but one I had never heard of was something called Lovage - a collaborative effort between Dan Nakamura, Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles and Kid Koala.

Mike Patton has an absolutely incredible voice, but I much prefer to hear the man sing instead of doing his more deranged solo/Fantomas stuff. I totally respect the man as an artist and everything, but I just can not get into this type of stuff. Luckily Lovage is a very cool, laid back trip-hop/lounge outfit which lets Mike's (and Jennifer's) tremendous singing voice shine. If you like your Mike Patton a little poppier (like Peeping Tom) I would give this a shot.

This album is quite out of print and is fetching upwards of $100 on Amazon, so I am posting this here for anyone having trouble finding it. Or people like myself who somehow never heard of it before now.

1 Ladies Love Chest Rockwell (feat. Prince Paul) 1:19
2 Pit Stop (Take Me Home) 3:56
3 Anger Management 4:17
4 Everyone Has a Summer 4:16
5 To Catch a Thief 3:17
6 Lies and Alibis 3:16
7 Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks (feat. Afrika Bambaataa) 1:55
8 Book of the Month 4:28
9 Lifeboat 4:45
10 Strangers on a Train 4:36
11 Lovage (Love That Loveage, Baby) 1:04
12 Sex (I'm A...) 6:19
13 Koala's Lament 3:53
14 Tea Time With Maseo (feat. Maseo) 1:38
15 Stroker Ace 4:29
16 Archie & Veronica 6:05



Anonymous said...

Nice choice. Have had this album for years, still listen to it all the time... there's also some involvement from De La Soul. Had no idea it was out of print. Always good to know there's an option if I run out of $, eh?

Anonymous said...

Nice! We've got this and the instrumentals on vinyl somewhere around here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phelpster, been after this for ages! Nice one fella.

The Green Shroud said...

I love the Patton, thanks, I'll need to check this out!

eestihh said...

Can you update links please? Link dead .


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