Monday, March 09, 2009

Meet The Applegates

This is Meet The Applegates. The 1991 Michael Lehmann film, starring Ed Begley Jr., Stockard Channing, and Dabney Coleman. The Applegates was even scored by our very own David Newman.

The setup:
"In the South American jungle a species of giant cocorada insects find a Dick and Jane book dropped by fleeing teachers. Not long after, a group of cocoradas, camouflaging themselves as an ordinary human family, set up house in a suburban neighbourhood with the intention of sabotaging a nuclear power plant and bringing down civilization so that they can have the planet to themselves. However the temptations of Western civilization prove to be too much for them – the father has an affair with his secretary, the mother becomes addicted to credit card shopping, the daughter becomes a militant feminist and the son a stoner."

This was Lehmann's followup to Heathers. While not nearly as popular, or as memorable as Heathers, Applegates is still quite an entertaining film, and its current "Out of Print in any format, anywhere in the world" status is a bit baffling.

Things to watch for:

Otho on Safari
Motorhead Metal Twins
Formicophiliac Father Figure
John Escobar as Jorge, Aunt Bea's Sacrifice


Anonymous said...

yeah, thx for this! nice movie!

if annybody needs the german version:


greetings from europe!

Logan said...

thank you Phelpster. looks right up my alley. :)

matt said...

biiiiiiiig thanks to you for finding and uploading this gem!


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