Thursday, October 06, 2011

Redneck Zombies - Filmed in Entrail-Vision!

Continuing with my current rigorous 1 post every 2 1/2 months schedule, here's the soundtrack from the 1989 Rednexploitation classic (is that a thing?) Redneck Zombies. This comes from the "Tromasterpiece Collection" DVD, which for those you you not averse to stepping into a Wal-Mart can actually find this 2-disc DVD in the $5 bin. It's like $18 on Amazon right now. I had just about finished searching through the hellish nightmare that is the DVD dump bin, when directly in front of me, literally on the bottom of the bin was a copy waiting for me to take it home. Finally, a dump bin victory. I check that thing every time I'm there, I don't think I've ever bought something from there. Although I was tempted by a Different World box set once.

Of course when I go to check out, the suspiciously attractive girl who works at my Wal-Mart rings me up. Normally, that's cool, because she's hot, and who doesn't like having to talk to someone who is hot? But this time I had a kind of creepy combination of items in my cart. Lotion (not for that), a hand mirror (it's amazingly hard to see the back of your head when you cut your own hair) and a DVD copy of Redneck Zombies, complete with extremely gross back cover. That's it. Should've also bought some groceries or a plant or something.

I've actually only seen half of Redneck Zombies, way back in 199...9, I think. I started it, had to go to work halfway through. I did not return to the movie. I recall I kind of hated it, but I'm going to give it another shot in the next few days. Maybe 12 years will change my opinion. Plus I had to buy it because I think it's funny seeing a Troma movie at Wal-Mart. I remember not that long ago Wal-Mart was a store that used to not carry music with explicit lyrics. Now you can go in and buy movies filled with extreme gore and ultraviolence like Hobo With A Shotgun and Redneck Zombies.

1. Beginning of the End - Adrian Bond
2. Love Theme (Opening Titles) - Cletus Tripe and the Juggs
3. Redneck Zombies Blues - Don Mayesky
4. Stabbing Eyeballs - Adrian Bond
5. I Feel Funny - Adrian Bond
6. Chemical Nuclear Warfare Toxic Waste Barrel Polka - Adrian Bond
7. Get Munch Suite - Adrian Bond
8. Leggo My Leg Yo - Adrian Bond
9. Spitting Body Ache - Adrian Bond
10. Great Gobs of Zombie Guts (Trippin' On) - Adrian Bond
11. Tomorrow Blue Plate Zombie - Adrian Bond
12. Cabin Fever - DJ Bloody Stump
13. Subliminal Satanic Track (Do Not Play Backwards!) - Adrian Bond
14. Redneck Zombies (End Credits) - Token Protein

Three inches? Yeah, from the floor!


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