Monday, June 29, 2009

Paul McCollough - The Majorettes

Paul McCollough presents the music from The Majorettes. McCollough doesn't have a lot of film work under his belt, but I'm sure everyone has heard his work on the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. Speaking of NOTLD, Majorettes is one of two films directed by Bill Hinzman, the zombie who offs Barbara's brother during the "They're coming to get you, Barbara" scene in the original Night.

This music was an extra feature on Shriek Show's DVD. It reminds me a lot of the music from Linnea's Horror Workout. At least the first half, which consists of simplistic electro that spandexed women of the 1980's would've worked out to. It turns to a kind of spooky-electro towards the middle of the soundtrack though, maybe what spandexed goth women of the 1980's would've worked out to? Goths work out, right?

Soundtrack is only 6 Tracks, but I don't have titles for the tracks. Except the first track, which is called World Without Dreams by Wendi Kelly.

Vote For The Night of the Creeps DVD Cover

As any self-respecting David Paymer fan should already know, the glorious Night of the Creeps is set to have a loaded out the ass DVD release in October. The good news is you can vote for which cover you want the DVD to have. The bad news is...they all suck. For example:

Okay, the first cover is kinda cool, great logo at least. With some slight modifications it would even be pretty good (change Chris and J.C.'s expressions for one thing), but the other two? Not for me. I do like how they gave the alien a starring role on cover 3, seeing that he's in the movie for about 90 seconds and doesn't really have a lot to do with anything.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nicholas Pike - Critters 2

I just finished rewatching Critters 2 for the first time in many, many years and I remembered I had the score. I found it a while back on either a Blogger site or a torrent site, so I thought I'd post it here for anyone who is currently without it.

My first thought after watching this for the first time in roughly 15 years - Holy crap, I liked a Mick Garris movie. My second thought - How is this PG-13 with about 20 seconds of Roxanne Kernohan boob nudity? We're not talking a quick side boob shot, this was a fairly lingering frontal shot. Stupid 80s'. Who else got pissed when she morphed into Eddie Deezen for a while towards the middle of the movie? Be honest. I was pissed in 1988, and son of a bitch I was pissed an hour and half ago when I happened again. Of course she morphs back again a few minutes later, but then she's eaten by the Crites immediately after. It's a bummer.

I was also happy to see Liane Curtis, I loved her in Girlfriend From Hell - a movie I've been meaning to put up here since there is no DVD release. She was also great in the best rockin' and/or rollin' high school movie of them all Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever. I know, I know, Rock 'n' Roll High School had the Ramones, but it also had P.J. Soles, at her most migraine inducing, so all the coolness the Ramones brought is instantly taken away by an annoying P.J. Soles performance. So that makes Forever the superior R'n'R High film, in my opinion. Not that it has anything to do with Critters whatsoever, I just feel the need to defend my controversial preference of R'n'R Forever.

Anyway, in addition to the score, I've ripped the tremendously obnoxious Hungry Heifers jingle from the end credits.

1. Primordial Planet (03:03)
2. Grover's Bend (01:48)
3. Charlie Thinkin' (01:57)
4. Quigley Killed (01:32)
5. Brad in the Attic (01:02)
6. Nana's House (00:55)
7. Critters at Burger Plant (00:55)
8. Easter Morning (00:54)
9. bunny Attack (00:59)
10. Spaceship Landing (02:00)
11. Critter Convention (02:09)
12. Transform to Playmate (02:10)
13. Nana's Critters (01:05)
14. It's Me, Brad (02:48)
15. Critter at Gazette (01:04)
16. Transform to Nerd (01:13)
17. Rectory (01:42)
18. Cheesehead Gets It (01:14)
19. Ug Loses It (02:26)
20. Setting the Trap (02:06)
21. Night (03:45)
22. Victory Romance (00:40)
23. Critters Roll (02:59)
24. Grover's Bend Farewell (03:23)
25. Finale (02:13)
Bonus Track
26. Hungry Heifers Jingle

I gotta go where the cosmic winds blow me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Over The Top

The 1987 Menahem Golan(!) film Over The Top, starring Sylvester Stallone and a probably inebriated Robert Loggia. Just watch him, you'll see what I mean. Over The Top is the story of burly meathead truck driver/underground arm wrestler (is arm wrestling illegal?) Lincoln Hawk on a cross country trek with a son named Michael who hates him - probably because his Dad named him Mike Hawk. Like any kind of road trip movie with characters who initially dislike each other (Dutch, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Rubin and Ed) they eventually bond over trucking and the art of wrestling arms.

I'm hoping they remake this movie, only instead of an Arm Wrestling Championship, have Lincoln be active in the World Rock, Paper, Scissors Society. Or maybe something even more painfully stupid, like an Air Guitar Competition.

The Tracklist - Come for the Loggins, stay for the Frank Stallone.

1. Winner Takes It All (04:01)
Sammy Hagar
2. In This Country (04:23)
Robin Zander
3. Take It Higher (03:54)
Larry Greene
4. All I Need Is You (03:58)
Big Trouble
5. Bad Nite (03:06)
Frank Stallone
6. Meet Me Half Way (03:41)
Kenny Loggins
7. Gypsy Soul (03:32)
8. The Fight [Instrumental] (03:56)
Giorgio Moroder
9. Mind Over Matter (03:12)
Larry Greene
10. I Will Be Strong (03:19)
Eddie Money

Drinking Game: Every time Robert calls Stallone's character Hawks instead of Hawk, everybody drinks. Just try not to die, he does it a lot.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Count Floyd

This is one of the coolest things I've ever discovered. A four song mini-LP from the host of SCTV's Horror Chiller Monster Theatre, Count Floyd - my personal favorite part of any SCTV episode.

A brief description from the SCTV Guide:

"Released November 1982 on RCA (MFL1-8501). Features the Wally Hung Experience, formerly the Wally Hung Trio. Special thanks to Andrew Alexander, Len Stuart and SCTV.

Produced by Paul Flaherty. Music by Paul Flaherty. Lyrics by Joe Flaherty, Paul Flaherty, Dick Blasucci and Mike Short.

Back-Up Group - The Wally Hung Experience (pictured above on the back cover, courtesy Catherine O'Hara), featuring: Synth Programmer - Gene Martynec; Bass - Dick Blasucci; Guitar - Paul Flaherty; Keyboards - Mike Short; Drums - Rick Gratton; Timbales - Memo Acevedo; Backing Vocals - Sharon Lee Williams, Colina Phillips, Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Joe Flaherty, Mike Short."

I had no idea this existed until two days ago. While I was doing the You Can't Do That On Television post I was double checking to make sure the "Theatre" in Horror Chiller Monster Theatre was spelled with an "re" and not a "er". I noticed a link that mentioned an album from Joe Flaherty as the Count Floyd character. Novelty album fan that I am, I immediately started searching my usual sources, "Count Floyd Rapidshare" on Google, Demonoid, Cinemaggedon...but no luck. After a bit more Google searching (I refuse to use Googling as a term) I managed to find a random MediaFire link with the file name Count Floyd, and now here it is for you all to check out. So thanks a lot to the random person who uploaded it to MediaFire.

Obviously it's a really silly album, with songs about nocturnal emissions and Rastafarians at Christmastime. But the songs are quite catchy, and pretty damn funny. At one point Count Floyd insists a mistake by the band is kept on the record so everyone will know what kind of bums he's working with. It's a short album with a small file size, so no one has any excuse not to check this rarity out.

1 The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie (3:22)
2 Treat You Like a Lady (3:15)
3 Reggae Christmas Eve in Transylvania (2:55)
4 Count Floyd Is Back (3:49)

I gotta tell you, it was pretty tough for him to get fitted for glasses

When you're done here, check out Space Bastard. I've got a lot of new trailers up, featuring Frankensteinian Japanese Girls, A Sword-Wielding Zombie Slayer in a Bikini, Parachuting Zombies From New Zealand and....Billy Zane. Not in that order. Plus I've just installed a shiny new banner, check it out.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

You Still Can't Do That On Television

I thought it was time to warp more of your minds with a few more episodes of You Can't Do That On Television. The best Canadian show ever made with the word Television in the title. No Alanis this time, but we do have Vanessa and Dougie, they're pretty good too. They were both in a program called UFO Kidnapped before YCDTOT - if anyone knows where to find that please let me know, I'm not having any luck.

Three episodes (touching on subjects such as Outer Space & Space Travel, Pessimism & Optimism, and Fears, Worries & Anxieties) on Megaupload. You can download them, or just watch them using the MegaVideo feature. Enjoy, and here are a few things to watch for:
The Return of the Trapezoidal Hitler
Alasdair in Chains
Super Monster Theatre - From The Makers of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre!
The Incredible....Spock?
Durand Durand: The Early Years. You know, minus the wings.
Canadian Youths Love Carl Sagan Jokes.
Vintage Nick-Nick-Nick-Nick Spot
Les Lye - Skinny Belvedere?
Vanessa and Dougie - Mullet Twins
A Non-Alasdair Firing Squad?
Alasdair Vs. The Carnivorous Desk From Third Period English

Monday, June 01, 2009

Piero Montanari - Ghosthouse/Frankenstein 2000

Just when you didn't think there could possibly be any more composers named Piero, here is Piero Montanari with the music from both Umberto Lenzi's Ghosthouse and Joe D'Amato's Frankenstein 2000. Or Frankenstain as the CD cover says, which makes it sound like the title of some kind of kinky Frankenporn. Which is actually kind of fitting given the stuff Joe was directing during the last few years of his life - Anal Perversions of Lolita comes to mind. In fact, I'm sure Aristide probably could've even been persuaded to make a Frankenstein themed porno if not for his untimely passing.

I found this one over at Cinemaggedon, I believe, so credit to the original ripper/uploader. The list of tracks is as follows:

1. Ghost N°1 (01:28)
2. House N°1 (01:20)
3. House N°2 (01:56)
4. Ghost N°2 (02:09)
5. House N°3 (01:47)
6. Party House (01:38)
7. Ghost Fear (02:05)
8. Nice To Meet (03:19)
9. Black And Red (02:55)
10. Ectosound (02:57)
11. Ghost N°3 (03:13)
12. Ghost End (01:55)
Tracks 1-12 from La Casa 3
13. Frank Main Title (01:52)
14. Who Is It? (02:25)
15. Thrilling Inspection (02:40)
16. Monty Suspance (02:19)
17. Beat On Fear (04:24)
18. Loving The Monster (02:10)
19. Frank Walk (02:51)
20. Death Arising (01:52)
21. Chorus On Air (01:29)
22. Fool Mind (04:18)
23. Razing Run (02:12)
24. Breathing (02:42)
25. Frank Reprise (02:38)
Tracks 13-25 from Frankenstein 2000


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