Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nicholas Pike - Critters 2

I just finished rewatching Critters 2 for the first time in many, many years and I remembered I had the score. I found it a while back on either a Blogger site or a torrent site, so I thought I'd post it here for anyone who is currently without it.

My first thought after watching this for the first time in roughly 15 years - Holy crap, I liked a Mick Garris movie. My second thought - How is this PG-13 with about 20 seconds of Roxanne Kernohan boob nudity? We're not talking a quick side boob shot, this was a fairly lingering frontal shot. Stupid 80s'. Who else got pissed when she morphed into Eddie Deezen for a while towards the middle of the movie? Be honest. I was pissed in 1988, and son of a bitch I was pissed an hour and half ago when I happened again. Of course she morphs back again a few minutes later, but then she's eaten by the Crites immediately after. It's a bummer.

I was also happy to see Liane Curtis, I loved her in Girlfriend From Hell - a movie I've been meaning to put up here since there is no DVD release. She was also great in the best rockin' and/or rollin' high school movie of them all Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever. I know, I know, Rock 'n' Roll High School had the Ramones, but it also had P.J. Soles, at her most migraine inducing, so all the coolness the Ramones brought is instantly taken away by an annoying P.J. Soles performance. So that makes Forever the superior R'n'R High film, in my opinion. Not that it has anything to do with Critters whatsoever, I just feel the need to defend my controversial preference of R'n'R Forever.

Anyway, in addition to the score, I've ripped the tremendously obnoxious Hungry Heifers jingle from the end credits.

1. Primordial Planet (03:03)
2. Grover's Bend (01:48)
3. Charlie Thinkin' (01:57)
4. Quigley Killed (01:32)
5. Brad in the Attic (01:02)
6. Nana's House (00:55)
7. Critters at Burger Plant (00:55)
8. Easter Morning (00:54)
9. bunny Attack (00:59)
10. Spaceship Landing (02:00)
11. Critter Convention (02:09)
12. Transform to Playmate (02:10)
13. Nana's Critters (01:05)
14. It's Me, Brad (02:48)
15. Critter at Gazette (01:04)
16. Transform to Nerd (01:13)
17. Rectory (01:42)
18. Cheesehead Gets It (01:14)
19. Ug Loses It (02:26)
20. Setting the Trap (02:06)
21. Night (03:45)
22. Victory Romance (00:40)
23. Critters Roll (02:59)
24. Grover's Bend Farewell (03:23)
25. Finale (02:13)
Bonus Track
26. Hungry Heifers Jingle

I gotta go where the cosmic winds blow me.


Crankenstien said...

a retraction is in order RNRHSF? So you're saying Corey Feldman is hotter than PJ Soles?

phelpster said...

Oops, I didn't quite finish my thought there at the end of the post, I fixed the post slightly.

I've always like Forever for some reason, and I just found P.J. almost unbearably annoying in R'n'RHS. Much like in Halloween actually, she was one of the reasons I'm not really a fan of Halloween. But at least someone had the decency to off her in Halloween.


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