Friday, June 05, 2009

Count Floyd

This is one of the coolest things I've ever discovered. A four song mini-LP from the host of SCTV's Horror Chiller Monster Theatre, Count Floyd - my personal favorite part of any SCTV episode.

A brief description from the SCTV Guide:

"Released November 1982 on RCA (MFL1-8501). Features the Wally Hung Experience, formerly the Wally Hung Trio. Special thanks to Andrew Alexander, Len Stuart and SCTV.

Produced by Paul Flaherty. Music by Paul Flaherty. Lyrics by Joe Flaherty, Paul Flaherty, Dick Blasucci and Mike Short.

Back-Up Group - The Wally Hung Experience (pictured above on the back cover, courtesy Catherine O'Hara), featuring: Synth Programmer - Gene Martynec; Bass - Dick Blasucci; Guitar - Paul Flaherty; Keyboards - Mike Short; Drums - Rick Gratton; Timbales - Memo Acevedo; Backing Vocals - Sharon Lee Williams, Colina Phillips, Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Joe Flaherty, Mike Short."

I had no idea this existed until two days ago. While I was doing the You Can't Do That On Television post I was double checking to make sure the "Theatre" in Horror Chiller Monster Theatre was spelled with an "re" and not a "er". I noticed a link that mentioned an album from Joe Flaherty as the Count Floyd character. Novelty album fan that I am, I immediately started searching my usual sources, "Count Floyd Rapidshare" on Google, Demonoid, Cinemaggedon...but no luck. After a bit more Google searching (I refuse to use Googling as a term) I managed to find a random MediaFire link with the file name Count Floyd, and now here it is for you all to check out. So thanks a lot to the random person who uploaded it to MediaFire.

Obviously it's a really silly album, with songs about nocturnal emissions and Rastafarians at Christmastime. But the songs are quite catchy, and pretty damn funny. At one point Count Floyd insists a mistake by the band is kept on the record so everyone will know what kind of bums he's working with. It's a short album with a small file size, so no one has any excuse not to check this rarity out.

1 The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie (3:22)
2 Treat You Like a Lady (3:15)
3 Reggae Christmas Eve in Transylvania (2:55)
4 Count Floyd Is Back (3:49)

I gotta tell you, it was pretty tough for him to get fitted for glasses

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Sociologian said...

I have just discovered this blog and I love it. Thanks!!

Marshall Caruthers said...
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Marshall Caruthers said...

Thought you might like this!

cant nomo said...

please rep load count-floyd


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