Wednesday, June 03, 2009

You Still Can't Do That On Television

I thought it was time to warp more of your minds with a few more episodes of You Can't Do That On Television. The best Canadian show ever made with the word Television in the title. No Alanis this time, but we do have Vanessa and Dougie, they're pretty good too. They were both in a program called UFO Kidnapped before YCDTOT - if anyone knows where to find that please let me know, I'm not having any luck.

Three episodes (touching on subjects such as Outer Space & Space Travel, Pessimism & Optimism, and Fears, Worries & Anxieties) on Megaupload. You can download them, or just watch them using the MegaVideo feature. Enjoy, and here are a few things to watch for:
The Return of the Trapezoidal Hitler
Alasdair in Chains
Super Monster Theatre - From The Makers of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre!
The Incredible....Spock?
Durand Durand: The Early Years. You know, minus the wings.
Canadian Youths Love Carl Sagan Jokes.
Vintage Nick-Nick-Nick-Nick Spot
Les Lye - Skinny Belvedere?
Vanessa and Dougie - Mullet Twins
A Non-Alasdair Firing Squad?
Alasdair Vs. The Carnivorous Desk From Third Period English

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Jannell Says said...

I just wanna say a big thank you for this post and for your blog in general. Manchester Morgue is in my top ten reasons why the internet effing rules. Thank you!


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