Friday, May 31, 2013

Arrow Films Announces Latest Arrowdrome Title - The Vineyard


Arrow Video is pleased to confirm that James Hong's intoxicating cult-horror classic THE VINEYARD will be released on DVD on Monday 10th June via their ArrowDrome imprint.
We’ve all heard that wine has its health benefits. But what if it could help prolong your life… indefinitely?!

Crackpot scientist and celebrated winemaker Dr. Elson Po has made the ultimate discovery: the secret to everlasting life. As with all good things, however, there’s an inevitable downside; and a bunch of good-looking and horny youngsters, invited to Dr Po’s island under the premise of an "audition", are about to find out the hard way. As the vineyard starts to give up its dark secrets, these doomed teens will have to contend not only with Dr. Po and his kung-fu fighting henchmen but also with a rotting gang of marauding zombies!

A startlingly tongue-in-cheek mix of action, body-horror and undead terror, THE VINEYARD comes courtesy of writer/director/actor James Hong – character actor extraordinaire and star of such genre favourites as Big Trouble in Little China and Blade Runner.

Hailed as "the man of a thousand faces", James Hong is one of the world’s best loved Asian-American actors and cult stars. He is also, arguably, the most prolific. In an illustrious acting career spanning 50+ years, he has starred in over 450 film, television and video game roles and, at the tender age of 84, he shows no sign of stopping just yet.

Originally hitting the silver screen back in 1989, THE VINEYARD has aged gracefully, only now maturing into the bona-fide cult snifter that warrants the ArrowDrome treatment.

The newly re-vamped DVD release of THE VINEYARD comes complete with brand new artwork, a collector’s booklet featuring writing on the film by Calum Wadell, and the original theatrical trailer.

Release Date Monday 10th June 2013
Directors James Hong & William Rice
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 (16x9)
Audio 2.0 Mono
Running Time 90 Minutes
Language English
Catalogue Number FCD846
Region 2
Certificate 18

Scream Announces The Beast Within and Crawlspace

And yet ANOTHER announcement from Scream Factory who are apparently on a quest to empty the wallets of horror fans nationwide:

"We're so thrilled to be celebrating our 1-year anniversary today that we thought we'd treat you guys and reveal two cult favorites we have planned for Blu-ray releases before the end of this year: 1982's THE BEAST WITHIN and 1986's CRAWLSPACE!

No details to provide at this time but more will become clear on them in late Summer."

Synapse Film's Limited Time “Super Spring Sale”

Head over to Synapse-Films and enjoy 50% Off everything excluding a few preorders (Street Trash, Hands of the Ripper, Demons, Demons 2). More details for the sale:

"Hi Folks,
It’s springtime, and Jerry and I want to give something back to fans and friends by having a 50% sale on our website!  Using the coupon code “synapsesale” at checkout (minus the double quotes, of course), you can pick up almost all our catalog for a great discount until Sunday morning.  We’ll probably shut off the sale some time before noon Eastern Time on Sunday, June 2nd.

Everything except a few preorder items are eligible for the coupon code sale.  Even though it says so on the website, we must state that, because of current license agreements, we are NOT allowed to ship outside of North America.

Shipping within the continental U.S. is free, but Canadian orders have a shipping charge added at checkout.

Speaking of sales, Deep Discount's Bi-Annual 25% Off Sale is also currently going and runs through 6/14. Use the code: SUMMER13. Deep Discount's 25% Off sales are nowhere near as exciting as they used to be, but I usually manage to find a couple of things worth a purchase. Although, if I'm being honest I'm not seeing anything so far, if anyone finds any great horror deals feel free to leave a comment.

Just Announced - Target Exclusive Evil Dead Steelbook

Looks like Target just became the store I'll be buying Evil Dead from. I'm not too big on Steelbooks normally - I like them, but I don't go apeshit for them like a lot of collectors, but this is really pretty beautiful in my opinion. I work directly next to a Target, so I'll be sneaking next door right at 8am on July 16th.

For more info check out

Also, for those of you in Canada, this will also be available at Futureshop.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Early Look at Scream's Upcoming Amityville Trilogy Art

 "Check out the new blood-red key art for our upcoming Blu-ray set of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR TRILOGY designed by artist James Rheem Davis. Films in the set will include The Amityville Horror, Amityville II: The Possession and Amityville 3D (in 2D and Blu-ray 3D presentation for the first time)

This art will be on the slipcase. Although we can't show you them yet, the plan is to have the original theatrical key art for each of the film on the three separate blu-ray cases that will be inside of the case. We'll share those later.

Look for more details on extras and exact street date later on this Summer."

The Howling - Scream Factory Blu-ray Review

The Howling
"The Manson family used to hang around and shoplift. Bunch of deadbeats!"

Director: Joe Dante
Writers: John Sayles & Terrence H. Winkless
Starring: Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Dennis Dugan, Robert Picard & Dick Miller (the 'Burbs called, they need their garbage men back)
Year: 1981
Running Time: 91 Minutes
Studio: Scream Factory
Region: A
Subtitles: English
Buy it on: Amazon

Courtesy of Scream Factory, Joe Dante's lycanthropian classic The Howling is finally making it's way to Blu-ray. Actually, let me start this review by correcting myself, there was a Blu-ray release already, but that was in France, this is the long overdue US Blu-ray debut. I'm certain that at least 90% of the people checking this review out have seen The Howling, but if you haven't and you've ever wanted to see the director of Happy Gilmore kill a bunch of werewolves with a rifle, look no further.

Since it's such a well known film, I'll keep the plot summary brief. Anchorwoman Karen White (Dee Wallace, Cujo) works with the police to catch serial killer Eddie Quist (Robert Picardo, The Wonder Years). Eddie has contacted Karen about meeting her, and somehow Karen, the entire police force and her TV station all agree that this is a good idea. With police tailing close behind she arrives at the agreed upon meeting place, a seedy porn shop that looks like something straight out of the beginning of Nightmares in a Damaged Brain. She meets Eddie in one of the movie booths where he forces her to watch a pretty rough snuff film (not like the gentle snuff films I grew up with) and just as he is set to do her in police bust into the porn shop to paint the walls with Eddie's brains.

Frankenstein's Army Gets Splatter-Filled Trailer

New Red Band Trailer for the upcoming Nazi Frankenstein Zombie film Frankenstein's Army shows the Nazis building an army - literally.

Toward the end of World War II, Russian soldiers pushing into eastern Germany stumble across a secret Nazi lab, one that has unearthed and begun experimenting with the journal of one Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The scientists have used the legendary Frankenstein's work to assemble an army of super-soldiers stitched together from the body parts of their fallen comrades -- a desperate Hitler's last ghastly ploy to escape defeat.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Synapse Demons Steelbooks - Preorder Now

In the Synapse Demons Steelbook post a few hours ago it said Synapse would announce the titles for preorder in the next couple of weeks. I guess they got excited, because the preorder links are already up. You can find both of those below:
DEMONS [Limited Edition Steelbook] -
 $45.95 ($39.95 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling)

$45.95 ($39.95 + $6.00 Shipping and Handling)

Full Release Details for Swamp Thing Blu-ray

Final Details have been released for Scream Factory's Swamp Thing. This is a film I constantly forget Wes Craven directed. Swamp Thing  is cool and all, but am I alone in enjoying Jim Wynorski's Return of the Swamp Thing more than Craven's original?

Swamp Thing is the perfect blend of thrills, chills and "winsome humor" (Roger Ebert) from master of horror Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes).

Deep in the Florida everglades, a brilliant scientist, Dr. Alec Holland (Ray Wise), and a sexy government agent, Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau, The Fog), have developed a secret formula that could end world hunger. Little do they know, however, that their arch nemesis, Arcane (Louis Jourdan, Octopussy), is plotting to steal the serum for his own selfish schemes. Looting the lab and kidnapping Cable, Arcane douses Holland with the chemicals and leaves him for dead. Mutated by his own formula, Holland becomes "Swamp Thing" - a half-human/half-plant superhero who will stop at nothing to rescue Cable and defeat Arcane...even if it costs him his life!
Browse more frighteningly fun Scream Factory releases!

Bonus features:

  • Audio commentary with writer/director Wes Craven
  • Interview with actress Adrienne Barbeau, Makeup Effects artist Bill Munn, co-creator Len Wein and actor Reggie Batts
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Photo Galleries
  • Demons + Demons 2 Limited Steelbook Blu-ray From Synapse

    News swiped from

    "Hello All,

    We wanted to keep everyone updated on DEMONS and DEMONS 2 and we’re pleased to announce a little surprise with these two titles.  Synapse Films has been approached by Scanavo, the makers of the Steelbook cases for Blu-ray and DVD, and we have decided to do something a little special for the fans.

    As many of you know, for the past few years, Synapse has done “Limited Edition” versions of some of our titles near the holidays.  We did the limited edition BLU of INTRUDER with the workprint (sold out in 3 weeks) and, last year, we did the limited edition BLU of THE DEFINITIVE DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD (only a couple hundred left).

    This year, we’ve decided to do Limited Edition Steelbooks for both DEMONS and DEMONS 2, with exclusive new cover art by the amazing Wes Benscoter.  While the street date is expected to be around November, anyone who orders the Limited Editions will be getting theirs shipped as soon as they are done and available (we’ll ship them as soon as they come in to our offices, regardless of street date).  These LE Steelbooks will NOT be available in stores and 3000 units will be available direct from our website right here at  Once the units are sold out, they will no longer be available.  These are ONE PRESSING ONLY items.  Once the Steelbooks are gone, they are gone forever and will NOT be repressed. At this time, we have no plans to release these two films in standard packaging.

    The price for the Steelbooks will be $39.95 + $6.00 shipping, for a total price of $45.95 each.  We will ship on a first-come, first-served basis (we’ll ship the orders in the order in which they are received).
    While the discs are not yet 100% finalized, this is what we can tell you:

    DEMONS – Limited Edition Steelbook
    - Limited Edition Steelbook Featuring All-New Artwork from Wes Benscoter
    - Each Steelbook is Blu-ray packaging sized, and will be a “Combo Pack” containing both a Blu-ray (BD-50) and a DVD (DVD-9) of the feature and extras.
    - Unlike previous releases, we have the original Italian Language Stereo mix, the “International” stereo alternate dub mix and the original U.S. mono soundtrack!
    - Audio Commentary Track with Cast & Crew Featuring Recollections from Director Lamberto Bava, Make-up Effects Artist Sergio Stivaletti, Musician Claudio Simonetti and actress Geretta Geretta.
    - Removable English Subtitles for both the U.S. Language Dub Version, as well as the Original Italian Version.
    - Collectible Reproduction of the Original Metropol Theatre Ticket seen in the Film.
    - The transfer is from a new HD scan of the original 35mm negative, in 1080p/23.98fps 1.66:1 aspect ratio [not the same muted colors and weak black levels as previous released versions].
    - All audio tracks will be encoded in DTS-HD MA.
    -Featurettes (from Calum Waddell’s HIGH RISING PRODUCTIONS Company) include:
    CARNAGE AT THE CINEMA – LAMBERTO BAVA AND HIS SPLATTER MASTERPIECE – 30 Minute Interview with Director Lamberto Bava
    SPLATTER STUNT ROCK – Interview with Stunt Man Ottaviano Dell’Acqua
    DARIO AND HIS DEMONS – PRODUCING MONSTER MAYHEM – All-New Exclusive Interview with Producer Dario Argento.

    DEMONS 2 – Limited Edition Steelbook
    [Extras/Transfer are still in the early stages of completion.  What we list below is what we currently have.  Other extras may still be added.]
    - Limited Edition Steelbook Featuring All-New Artwork from Wes Benscoter
    - Each Steelbook is Blu-ray packaging sized, and will be a “Combo Pack” containing both a Blu-ray (BD-50) and a DVD (DVD-9) of the feature and extras.
    - Contains the Original Italian Language Mix and the Original English Soundtrack.
    - Removable English Subtitles for both the English and Italian Versions.
    - The transfer is from a new HD scan of the original 35mm negative, in 1080p/23.98fps 1.66:1 aspect ratio [not the same muted colors and weak black levels as previous released versions].
    - All audio tracks will be encoded in DTS-HD MA.
    -Featurettes (from Calum Waddell’s HIGH RISING PRODUCTIONS Company) include:
    THE DEMONS GENERATION – ROY BAVA DISCUSSES A LEGACY IN LACERATIONS – Assistant Director Roy Bava Speaks About His Experiences on DEMONS and DEMONS 2
    A SOUNDTRACK FOR SPLATTER – Composer Simon Boswell Discusses His Genre Music Making Career.

    We will be adding the two titles to our site within the next week for IMMEDIATE preorder.  Once the items go “live” to order in our database, we will post the availability to order on our Facebook page and Twitter feed."

    Arrow Prepares 'Django Prepare A Coffin' For Blu-ray Release

    Arrow Video: Django, Prepare a Coffin
    BluRay - £12.99
    Cat No: FCD854
    Released: 10 Jun 2013

    Starring: Terence Hill, Horst Frank and George Eastman
    Directed by: Ferdinando Baldi
    Rating: 15
    Duration: 88 mins

    Overview: Django the drifter returns in this classic Sixties Spaghetti Western from Ferdinando Baldi (Texas Addio, Comin’ At Ya!), starring Terence Hill (They Call Me Trinity) as the wandering gunslinger, hired as executioner to a corrupt local politician who is framing innocent men, sending them to hang in an evil scheme to take hold of their land.

    But Django has other ideas and, cleverly faking the deaths of the condemned men, he assembles them into a loyal gang who’ll help him take down the boss, a man who had a hand in the death of Django’s wife years before.

    Thrill as Django gets his bloody revenge with a hail of bullets in this classic from a series of B-movie western that helped to define a genre. Prepare your coffin now!

    Special Features:
    -New High Definition digital transfer of the film in the original 1.66:1 aspect ratio
    -Optional English and Italian audio tracks
    -Newly translated English subtitles for Italian audio and English SDH for the deaf and hard of hearing on the English audio
    -Django Explained – A new interview with Spaghetti Western expert and author Kevin Grant
    -Original Trailer
    -Collector’s booklet by critic and spaghetti western expert Howard Hughes

    Region 2
    RRP £19.99

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Own Evil Dead July 16th

     The Evil Dead remake really has horror fans divided. I had fun with the film and it's stunning display of extreme violence, but a lot of people out there really despised it. Of course these days it's hard to even take anyone's opinions on movies seriously anymore because the internet is just filled with people who go to extremes in their opinions. It seems that people feel that movies are either "fucking awesome" or "the worst, most steaming pile of shit ever excreted". If someone dislikes a movie today they HATE it, then they get online and insult the intelligence of anyone who did like it. I've seen hundreds of vicious fights on the internet over differing movie opinions, I always find that really weird to see.

    In my experience I've found that the vast majority of movies are never as awesome or as terrible as people like to exclaim. I think we all need to lighten up a bit, no matter how passionate we are about movies at the end of the day they are in fact just movies. It's amazing to me how much rage and anger movies can inspire in people. I'm a big movie fan, I've seen thousands of these things - some of them real pieces of crap, but if I watch a movie that sucks I move on and watch something else. I try not to hold a grudge or get pissed off about a movie. To me that seems like a pretty stupid thing to actually be angry over.
    Okay, sorry for the mini rant there, those of you who remain undecided on Evil Dead because you missed it in theaters will get a chance to check it out July 16th:

    In the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, five twenty-something friends who become holed up in a remote cabin where they discover a Book Of The Dead. An archaeologist’s tape recording reveals that the ancient text was discovered among the Khandarian ruins of a Sumerian civilization. Playing the taped incantations, the youths unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

    Special Features
    - Commentary featuring stars Jane Levy, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, Director Fede Alvarez and writer Rodo Sayagues (Blu-ray exclusive)
    - “Making Life Difficult” – The Intense and Physically Exhausting Creation of the Film
    - “Being Mia” – The Physical and Psychological Transformation into “Evil Mia”
    - “Directing The Dead” – Director Fede Alvarez re-imagines a cult horror classic
    - “Unleashing The Evil Force” – Exploring the origins and design of the new Book of the Dead (Blu-ray exclusive)
    - “Evil Dead the Reboot” – Cast Rehearsals, Bruce Campbell, Deadites and more! (Blu-ray exclusive)

    Eddie Romero Dies at 88

    "MANILA, Philippines – National Artist for Film Eddie Romero passed away at 9 p.m. Tuesday, son and fellow director Joey Romero said. He was 88." Read more:
    Eddie's probably best know to horror fans as the director of Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Brides of Blood, Beast of Blood and Beast of the Yellow Night. I never got to see a lot of his work but I'm still very sad to see him go, I'll have to pull Mad Doctor off the shelf and give it a watch in his honor. I recommend everyone do the same.

    Facebook Page Gone Weird

    I'd like to thank the dozens of you (dozens!) who have liked the Manchester Morgue Facebook page, but I'm not sure that it's going to be updated anymore. This site isn't going anywhere, but the Facebook has gone weird and I can't figure out a way to fix it. I'll share the fun I've been having over the past couple of days:

    The other day I go to log in and get this message:

    "Please Verify Your Identity

    It looks like your account might not be real. Facebook is a community where people share and interact using their real identities.
    Facebook does not allow accounts that:
    • Pretend to be someone else
    • Use a fake name
    • Don't represent a real person
    In order to regain access to your account, please complete the following security check to verify your identity and help keep Facebook secure."

    There's a Continue button right under that message. You click on that and it says to enter your phone number and they'll send a code. So I entered my number and waited for the code. And waited. I'm still waiting for the code like 48 minutes later. So I've clicked on "I Need Help" and I get this useless nonsense here:

    If you're unable to verify your account using a mobile phone number, you can submit a request to verify your account using your government-issued ID."
    Scan my driver's license and email it to you? Really, Facebook? Yeah, I'm not doing any of that. I actually looked up "making a Facebook page for your site" and followed the instructions on the proper way to set up a page for your site, so I'm not sure what happened to cause this. So if any fellow blog/site owners have encountered this and have had luck fixing it, please let me know how you did it.

    World War Zzzzz Gets Another Boring Poster

    I've only seen 4 movies theatrically this year (Texas Chainsaw, Evil Dead, Star Trek and Warm Bodies) and I've seen the trailer for this thing Every. Single. Time. I saw Chainsaw back at the front end of January, this trailer has been playing for what, like 6 months? I really enjoyed director Marc Forster's Stranger Than Fiction, so I hate to trash his work, but everything I've seen from this movie has left with no emotions at all, good or bad, unless you count "eh" as an emotion. As a horror fan it's kind of weird seeing a trailer for a zombie movie and just feeling nothing. Anyone out there looking forward to this?

    Sunday, May 26, 2013

    Phelpster's Custom Covers - Saucer Men/Dr. Caligari/Terror in Roma

    I haven't posted any custom covers for quite a while now, so how about a look at a few of those?

    Since I post actual DVD news here I want to make sure it's clear that these are just custom made DVD covers I made myself, out of boredom. I use real DVD company templates, but the real DVD companies whose templates I've used have made no announcement of these films coming out.

    Up first, a cover for the 1957 midgets in monster suits film Invasion of the Saucer Men. This is news to me, but apparently it's also known as Invasion of the Hell Creatures. I've only seen Saucer Men on the posters before, but why would IMDB lie? This cover is based on Arrow's newish Arrowdrome line. I put all the Saucer Men stuff and plot/tagline into the cover, but I wanted give credit to the guys over at the Cult-Labs forums for putting together the template.

    Invasion 3D by ~phelpster on deviantART

    Up next, using the same Arrowdrome template, is one for the utterly deranged and surreal 1989 softporn-horror-art film Dr. Caligari. Directed by Austrian Stephen Sayadian, who also directed several weirdo porn films under the pseudonym Rinse Dream. I can't begin to sell you on how odd this film is, it's so strange that I kind of find it depressing, if that makes sense to anyone. I actually love the look of it, but it's almost oppressively odd and offputting.
    Caligari 3D by ~phelpster on deviantART

    Finally, a cover the 1976 Antonio Sabato film I violenti di Roma bene (Terror in Roma or Violence for Kicks if you prefer),  co-directed by (The Night Evelyn Came From The Grave!) and (The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine). I found the poster art and started making a cover. It wasn't until I was done with the front and went to find images for the back cover that I realized how rare the film is, so I couldn't find any decent quality photos for the back. All I could find were terrible looking VHS rip screenshots. So I just went with a simplistic VHS style for the back cover. You can't quite make it out, but the credits are for the movie Pathfinder. I forgot to fix it before I completed the cover. Try and ignore that.

    Terror in Roma 3-D by ~phelpster on deviantART

    Warner-Pathe Pressbook: The Raven

    This is from the 1963 version of The Raven with Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre.

    Anyone remember the free Raven poster MGM gave away back in the summer of 2002? Super nice poster, I'm still kicking myself for accidentally leaving it on the wall of the house I lived in 11 years ago.

    Those of you without massive monitors, click on each image to embiggen:

    Monogram Pictures Pressbook: The Human Monster + The Fatal Hour

    Cool Monogram Pictures pressbook for a nice double feature you could've taken part in during the spring of 1940; Bela Lugosi's The Human Monster meets Boris Karloff's The Fatal Hour.


    Arrested Development Strikes Back Today

    Since Arrested Development is one of my favorite comedies ever I wanted to mention this even though it isn't horror or exploitation related whatsoever - although there is a guy from Saturday the 14th involved, that's kind of scary. Anyone who has been with this site as long as I have (if such a person exists) might remember the early days featuring a lot of bitching from me about Arrested Development being canceled prematurely. As I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of, the show has been resurrected by Netflix and all 15 episodes are up at once starting today.
    I personally think that Netflix putting up all episodes at once might not be a great idea financially. I have Netflix, so they're getting my $8 a month already, but I think tons of AD fans are going to just sign up for free, watch all the episodes within a month and cancel the trial before they get billed. So Netflix might think "well, we didn't make any money from that show at all, we won't be doing any more of those."

    If you're not on Netfix already and want to check out the episodes click here to sign up for a free month.

    Friday, May 24, 2013

    Ninja III: The Domination Scream Factory Blu-ray/DVD Combo Review

    Ninja III: The Domination
    "I like your pajamas"

    Director: Sam Firstenberg
    Writer: James R. Silke
    Stars: Lucinda Dickey, Sho Kosugi, Jordan Bennett, James Hong(!)
    Year: 1984
    Running Time: 92 Minutes
    Studio: Scream Factory
    Region: A
    Buy it from: Amazon

    Coming to Blu-ray June 11th from Scream Factory is Sam Firstenberg's amazingly entertaining gonzo ninja possession flick Ninja III: The Domination. The third in an alleged trilogy of ninja films put out by Cannon between 1981 and 1984 (Enter the Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja being the first two entries). I say "alleged" because while it's called a trilogy none of the three films are really related at all. Well, maybe a bit, all three films star Sho Kosugi, all three have the word "ninja" in the title, and all three were produced by Menahem Golan & Yoram Globus, but that's about it really. Oh, and incidentally all three films are completely awesome.

    The plot, if you will:

    Ninja III starts out with an absolute bang. The mysterious Black Ninja (David Chung) attacks and kills a scientist and his bodyguards on a golf course (what kind of scientist has bodyguards?). He then takes out a couple of golf security guys for good measure. This guy is on a roll, before you even know what's happening he's taking on, and kicking the asses of the entire police force as they chase him through the golf course. After a few minutes several cops in a helicopter fly by to help track him down. Now, you'd think guys 40 feet off the ground in a helicopter would be safe from a ninja on the ground below. Nope, this fucker scales a tree, jumps onto the overpassing helicopter and starts kicking those guy's asses - killing the pilot with a shuriken he throws with his foot! Words cannot describe the insanity of this opening scene, were looking at a good 40-50 deaths in the first 10 minutes. Ninja III is not messing around.

    It isn't until the cops completely surround him before they can stop his rampage. They fire hundreds of rounds, they kill this guy 14, 15 times in the span of a minute and he still doesn't die! In an act of desperation he throws one of those ninja smoke bombs to the ground and disappears. One would assume the cops would stick around and perform a hard target search for this guy, maybe send out another helicopter even, but I guess they wanted to get a head start on repopulating the police staff because they just kinda leave. Manhunt? Nah...

    Thursday, May 23, 2013

    Code Red Does John Travolto

    Madman Bill Olsen has just posted three brand new releases over at the Code Red store. No horror, so nothing too enticing to me, but I'm sure these releases will make some of you happy. Can anyone tell me what the hell that John Travolto thing at the bottom is all about? Weird title, weirder tagline...I don't know, it all seems kinda weird.

    Dandy - $14.99

    Dandy (Cynthia Denny) is a free loving 18 year old girl who has no place to go. Unhappy with her parents and bored with her life, Dandy decides to leave for the big city to try to make it in the rough life in California. Dandy stays with her boyfriend (played by David Roya, who played the bad guy Bernard in BILLY JACK), but that arrangement takes an evil stiff turn as she catches him hiding the salami with another gal. Dandy then tries out modeling in skin magazines only to be lured into prostitution and getting assaulted by a fetish-obsessed client. Dandy meets an older guy (John Alderman, ZEBRA FORCE) and falls in love, but later runs off with a weird swinging couple. She is abused, used and desired by the fast living men she meets in a wild orgy that moves from the luxuries of their bedrooms to the nude cavorting in their Olympic-sized pools. Strange, wild life a chick can have in 1970! Co-starring Frank Cuva (PSYCHO LOVER). Take a walk on the wild side with DANDY; it’s one dandy of a movie!

    1.78:1 (16x9) 82min

    Class of '74 + Gabriella, Gabriella - $17.99

    WARNING: Due to the error by a Major Studio Lab, the first 15min of CLASS OF 74 has some issues. also the first 1,000 reel (10min) of the camera negative is missing so we had to take it from a release print, but after the first ten minutes, it is from the original neg, from a HD master, and looks great!
    CLASS OF 74

    The Class of '74 is the story of four young women who belong to today . . . or perhaps even to tomorrow. When we first meet them on the campus, it is instantly apparent that they are four young women to whom nature has been generous . . . four bodies that have been amply endowed, designed to turn men's heads and cause their wives, girlfriends and/or mistresses concern. And interestingly, all four have looks to go with their bodies. Four distinctive, different faces, all of which epitomize young womanhood . . . in short, you don't know where to look first. And then we hear them talking . . . We realize they are bright, witty, intelligent women who believe in doing their own thing; free spirits whose moral codes are where everyone else secretly wishes theirs were. Except Gabriella. Gabriella (Barbara Caron, ESCAPE TO PASSION) is a bit unworldly, naive about life but willing to learn. She looks to her friends for advice and consultation. Then there is Maggie (Sandra Currie, POLICEWOMAN) who feels she is the equal of any man and has the looks, confidence and drive to do anything she wants. And Carla (Marki Bey, SUPERDUDE), black and beautiful, who is having a love affair with life. Black or white, it makes no difference as long as you live for today. As she tells Gabriella, "I'm making love happen, and it's the wildest kick I've ever had. The sooner you learn it's all wrapped up in the sex game we play, the better off you'll be." Finally, there is Heather (Pat Woodell, THE BIG BUST OUT), blonde, built and bright, whose ambitions lean towards owning a Greek island or being the next Princess of Monaco. Watch and listen to her for a few minutes and you'll know she's going to get what she wants . . . and more!

    Rated R/ 1.78:1. (16x9) / 76min


    Director Mack Bing delivered a strange film about a woman, Gabriella (Barbara Mills), who encounters strange hippies, rich people, and groupies in a strange, socially charged movie that runs like an experimental film. This film was later bought by Arthur Marks/General Films who added new footage and turned it into something new... CLASS OF ‘74.

    Rated R / 1.78:1 (16x9) / 68min

    John Travolto: The Face With 2 Left Feet - $17.99


    Shy hotel cook Gianni (played by John Travolta lookalike Giuseppe Spezia) is convinced by friends to take advantage of his incredible likeness to the idol of the moment, John Travolta, in this wild 1979 Italian disco-floor takeoff. Gianni also wants to find a way into the heart of Ilona (Ilona Staller, CICCIOLINA), a sexy disc jockey in the local discotheque. She is dating discotheque owner Raoul, who wants to use Gianni to trick people into thinking Gianni is the real disco legend to bring new attention to the club. Gianni has to wake-up and prove to everyone that he is a true man and his own identity, a "King Biscuit", and also win the love of Ilona. So catch the fever, put on your dancin’ shoes, and boogie down with Gianni as he ignites the disco floor! Featuring a Rockin’ Dancin’ Soundtrack!

    1.78:1 16x9

    COLOR 87 min

    Scream For Psycho II and Psycho III on Blu-ray

    From Scream's Facebook:

    "Norman Bates and "mother" are coming Scream Factory! 1983's PSYCHO II and 1986's PSYCHO III will be released on DVD and Blu-ray this Fall as Collector's Editions. No other details to report at this time so stay tune in the next few months for more developments on these great blood-curdling films." 

    On a Psycho II related note, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett recently Rifftraxed the 1983 sequel that finds Norman still quite insane, still talking to himself, and still murdering people. As an added bonus Dennis Franz shows up to sleaze things up considerably. If you can't get enough Bates or Rifftrax, click here to check it out.

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    Arrow Video Gets Foxy This June

    Arrow Video is pleased to confirm the highly anticipated Blu-ray & Steelbook release of Jack Hill’s landmark Blaxsploitation classic FOXY BROWN on Monday 24th June.

    Finally available on Blu-ray for the very first time anywhere in the world, this stunning version of FOXY BROWN features a beautifully restored high-definition transfer, the super-deluxe edition comes approved by Jack Hill himself.

    Featuring audio commentary with Jack Hill, three new and exclusive featurettes, a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos and publicity images, original Foxy Brown theatrical trailer (as part of a comprehensive Jack Hill trailer reel) and an in-depth collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Blaxploitation expert Josiah Howard and an interview with Pam Grier by Calum Waddell.
    Keeping with what is a now a fan-favoured tradition of Arrow Video restorations, FOXY BROWN will come complete with a reversible sleeve, featuring the original 1974 artwork and a stunning new illustration from The Red Dress.
    The director-approved Special Features included on the deluxe editions of FOXY BROWN are as follows:
    - Restored High Definition presentation (1080p), on Blu-ray for the first time in the world!
    - Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.
    - Original Uncompressed PCM Mono 2.0 Audio.
    - Audio commentary with director Jack Hill.
    - "From Black and White to Blaxploitation" – Actor Sid Haig speaks about his long and influential friendship with Jack Hill.
    - "A Not So Minor Influence" – An Interview with Bob Minor, the first African-American member of the Stuntman’s Association, and co-star of Foxy Brown.
    - "Back to Black" – Legendary actors Fred "The Hammer" Williamson (Black Caesar) and Austin Stoker (Sheba Baby, Assault on Precinct 13), alongside Rosanne Katon (Ebony, Ivory, and Jade) and film scholar Howard S. Berger speak about the enduring popularity of the Blaxploitation film.
    - Photo gallery of behind-the-scenes and publicity images.
    - Original Theatrical Trailer.
    - Trailer Reel – Trailers for all the major works by Jack Hill including Foxy Brown, Coffy and Switchblade Sisters.
    - Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by The Red Dress.
    - Collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Josiah Howard, author of Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide, a new interview with Pam Grier by Jack Hill biographer Calum Waddell, illustrated with original archive stills and posters.

    The ABCs of Death: The Children's Book

    Coolest novelty movie tie-in item of the year? I think so.

    Official Press Release:
    Austin – May 22, 2013 – Producers Ant Timpson and Tim League announced today the release of The ABCs of Death, a grown-up children’s book based on their highly-successful anthology film of the same name. With a limited run of only 666 copies worldwide, the book also contains a special edition Blu-Ray of the uncut feature film, which includes a whopping 30 commentaries, behind-the-scenes clips, making-of featurettes, and trailers.

    Featuring original artwork from acclaimed storybook illustrator Stephan Britt and accompanied by jaw-dropping verses from author Zack Carlson, *The ABCs of Death* is a 56-page storybook guaranteed to entertain young and old alike with its hilarious, heartwarming tales of cannibalism, suicide, and life-or-death sex tournaments.

    Based on each and every horrifying segment from the hit 2012 anthology film (from 26 of the world’s most acclaimed voices in genre cinema), the disturbingly adorable storybook entrenches the movie’s extreme splatter into a whole new world of 1960s, Dr. Seuss-inspired artwork.

    Following a hugely successful VOD release and limited theatrical run, the feature film THE ABCs OF DEATH was recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray from Magnet Releasing.

    “The idea for this unusual film sprung from a deep fondness of alphabet books from our collective childhood,” says ABCs producer and creator Ant Timpson. “A little digging revealed that the books had a dark history, and that many early versions were used as punishment primers. In a sleep deprived state that was all the ammunition required for an epiphany of sorts. How about creating a film inspired by the alphabet?”

    And now, it’s time for the book based on that film… based on those books.
    *The ABCs of Death* limited edition storybook (with Blu-Ray) is now available for purchase at SRP $37.00.

    The film THE ABCs OF DEATH is now available for purchase online and through all major retailers from Magnet Releasing.

    Timpson Films, Drafthouse Films, and Magnet Releasing will debut ABCs OF DEATH 2 in 2014.

     Buy it today $37 and keep in mind that it comes with a Blu-ray of the film.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Maniac - The Remake: The Official Poster

    Bloody Disgusting just posted an exclusive peek at the official theatrical poster for the Elijah Wood Maniac remake. Now this is what I'm talking about. The last few posters were a bit on the stale side, this new poster is creepy, weird and offputting, exactly what one would expect from a Maniac poster. Not as eyecatching as the poster for the original film, but still, quite good. Still would've loved to see this Mondo poster as the official poster.

    Maniac gets a limited theatrical release and hits VOD on June, 21st.

    Hitting Shelves Today - The 5/21 Edition

    A ton of great new releases hitting shelves today, here's a few we highly recommend picking up:

    The Burning [Collector#39;s Edition] with Exclusive Poster! Deformed caretaker Cropsy uses his clippers to trim more than  just hedges in this grisly summer camp classic. Check out my review...if you dare!

    Charles B. Pierce's "We aren't sure whodunnit" classic about the notorious Phantom Killer. Check out my review, you won't regret it.

    Captain America [Collector#39;s Edition] Stupid superhero fun, with a few veteran character actors thrown in for good measure. From the director of Radioactive Dreams.

    The Last Stand - Now you're probably wondering what this one is doing here. One name, and it's not Schwarzenegger (though I do still love the guy): Jee-woon Kim. His 2010 film I Saw The Devil is hands down one of the most intense and exciting movies I've ever seen. The strength of that one film has made me a lifelong fan of the man, and I'll check out anything he does from here on out, even if it stars Johnny Knoxville. Anyone else interested in this should know Amazon and Best Buy will have the Blu-ray on sale for $15 starting today.

    The Aquabats! Super Show!: Season One! Good spirited mix of wholesome superheroes, nerdy ska-punk and hilarious Kaiju style monster action. Fun for the whole family, though my nieces seem to hate it so this might just be a show for the dudes of the family to enjoy. For the super Aquabats fans out there, pick up the T-Shirt/DVD bundle.


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