Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Releases 5/7

Another week, another list of new releases Manchester Morgue thinks you should check out.

The ABCs of Death - With 26 different directors, this is the most even film in the history of film. Each director was given a letter of the alphabet and a budget of $5,000. Shorts range from 30 seconds (what did Ti West spend his $5,000 on?) to several minutes in length. Some are excellent, some are okay, and a few are among the worst things I've ever seen. But the shorts all move along pretty quickly so even during the worst shorts the suffering is short lived. It's like a technical death metal album, you don't like a riff, just give it a second, a new one is right around the corner. 

Oddly I seem to have only really enjoyed shorts that came after N; Bruno Forzani & Héléne Cattet's O is for Orgasm,  Adam Wingard's Q is for Quack, Srdjan Spasojevic's R is for Removed, LeeHardcastle's T is for Toilet (hey, clever toilet humor can be possible), Ben Wheatley's U is for Unearthed, Xavier Gens' X is for XXL, Jason Eisener's Y is for Youngbuck. Grab it from Amazon.

Also on Blu-ray today is Vinegar Syndrome's release of the wonderfully funny The Telephone Book - Steve Martin's favorite movie of the 70s. Read my review here. Buy it here.

Also from Vinegar Syndrome, their latest Drive-In Collection DVD. As you all know by now their first Drive-In Collection release was recalled due to them not having proper rights to release Savage Water - Not Vinegar Syndrome's fault, they were given bad information from the guy they got it from. So Death By Invitation is back, though this time it's paired up with Dungeon of Harrow. Check out my review here. Buy it here.

On DVD from Shout! Factory Christian E. Christiansen's (director of thriller/accidental comedy The Roommate) 2011 thriller ID: A. But it directly from Shout!

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