Sunday, May 26, 2013

Phelpster's Custom Covers - Saucer Men/Dr. Caligari/Terror in Roma

I haven't posted any custom covers for quite a while now, so how about a look at a few of those?

Since I post actual DVD news here I want to make sure it's clear that these are just custom made DVD covers I made myself, out of boredom. I use real DVD company templates, but the real DVD companies whose templates I've used have made no announcement of these films coming out.

Up first, a cover for the 1957 midgets in monster suits film Invasion of the Saucer Men. This is news to me, but apparently it's also known as Invasion of the Hell Creatures. I've only seen Saucer Men on the posters before, but why would IMDB lie? This cover is based on Arrow's newish Arrowdrome line. I put all the Saucer Men stuff and plot/tagline into the cover, but I wanted give credit to the guys over at the Cult-Labs forums for putting together the template.

Invasion 3D by ~phelpster on deviantART

Up next, using the same Arrowdrome template, is one for the utterly deranged and surreal 1989 softporn-horror-art film Dr. Caligari. Directed by Austrian Stephen Sayadian, who also directed several weirdo porn films under the pseudonym Rinse Dream. I can't begin to sell you on how odd this film is, it's so strange that I kind of find it depressing, if that makes sense to anyone. I actually love the look of it, but it's almost oppressively odd and offputting.
Caligari 3D by ~phelpster on deviantART

Finally, a cover the 1976 Antonio Sabato film I violenti di Roma bene (Terror in Roma or Violence for Kicks if you prefer),  co-directed by (The Night Evelyn Came From The Grave!) and (The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine). I found the poster art and started making a cover. It wasn't until I was done with the front and went to find images for the back cover that I realized how rare the film is, so I couldn't find any decent quality photos for the back. All I could find were terrible looking VHS rip screenshots. So I just went with a simplistic VHS style for the back cover. You can't quite make it out, but the credits are for the movie Pathfinder. I forgot to fix it before I completed the cover. Try and ignore that.

Terror in Roma 3-D by ~phelpster on deviantART

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