Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teen Lust + Mad Bomber Out Now From Code Red

Bill has just listed a pair of brand new releases over at the Code Red store. There's a notice up on the store, Bill is recovering from a stay at the hospital and since he's pretty much the only one taking care of shipping and packing the DVDs expect a 4 or 5 day delay in shipping.
Teen Lust...The Girl Next Door (directed by James Hong!)

$19.99 - Buy It Now

The film that makes PORKY’S blush! Join Carol (Kirsten Baker, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2), and Terry (Perry Lang, SPRING BREAK, THE HEARSE) in a summer of careless romantic fun and adventure as TEEN LUST: THE GIRL NEXT DOOR peers into the carefree world of these adolescents, who are out to experience all of life’s pleasures during a single summer vacation. Carol’s summer vacation is starting out awful. First, she finds her boyfriend Terry fooling around with a buxom blonde, and her mother starts pressuring her to marry the wimpy-but-wealthy boy next door. Just as Carol is about to give up all hope on any summer fun, she and her best friend Neeley decide to volunteer for the local police department as undercover prostitution bait. This proves to be an hilarious and exciting summer job as Carol and Neeley lustfully lure every man in town! How did you spend your summer vacation? 

It probably wasn’t anything like TEEN LUST. Find out what happened to the girls next door while you were away at camp! Co-starring Robert Gribbin (TRIP WITH THE TEACHER), Michael Heit (BARE KNUCKLES), Stan Kamber (TV’s FIRST & TEN), and George Buck Flower (SEX IN THE COMICS). Written, produced, and directed by cult actor James Hong (BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, KUNG-FU PANDA).

Police Connection (Mad Bomber)

Chuck Connors (TV’s THE RIFLEMAN) plays William Dorn, a madman who wants to get back at all the people he blames for the overdose death of his daughter. Dorn goes on a deadly and destructive bombing spree starting at his daughter’s old high school. His next bombing target is the mental hospital where his daughter was when she died. However, during his attack on the hospital, Dorn’s actions are witnessed by two people: a creepy rapist named Fromley (Neville Brand STALAG 17) and his victim, a young mute girl. Tough police detective Geronimo Minneli (Vince Edwards, TV’s BEN CASEY) is assigned to the case. He must find rapist Fromley, not only to keep him from striking again, but also to keep him alive before the Dorn makes him his next victim. 

Written, produced, and directed by Bert I. Gordon (FOOD OF THE GODS, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS), this legendary exploitation film is finally presented with all its R-Rated violence and nudity intact for the first time on DVD. Code Red DVD spent painstaking hours and $$$ in restoration to present this movie in its rare, uncut theatrical version. The Mad Bomber is back, with a vengeance!

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