Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hitting Shelves Today - The 5/21 Edition

A ton of great new releases hitting shelves today, here's a few we highly recommend picking up:

The Burning [Collector#39;s Edition] with Exclusive Poster! Deformed caretaker Cropsy uses his clippers to trim more than  just hedges in this grisly summer camp classic. Check out my review...if you dare!

Charles B. Pierce's "We aren't sure whodunnit" classic about the notorious Phantom Killer. Check out my review, you won't regret it.

Captain America [Collector#39;s Edition] Stupid superhero fun, with a few veteran character actors thrown in for good measure. From the director of Radioactive Dreams.

The Last Stand - Now you're probably wondering what this one is doing here. One name, and it's not Schwarzenegger (though I do still love the guy): Jee-woon Kim. His 2010 film I Saw The Devil is hands down one of the most intense and exciting movies I've ever seen. The strength of that one film has made me a lifelong fan of the man, and I'll check out anything he does from here on out, even if it stars Johnny Knoxville. Anyone else interested in this should know Amazon and Best Buy will have the Blu-ray on sale for $15 starting today.

The Aquabats! Super Show!: Season One! Good spirited mix of wholesome superheroes, nerdy ska-punk and hilarious Kaiju style monster action. Fun for the whole family, though my nieces seem to hate it so this might just be a show for the dudes of the family to enjoy. For the super Aquabats fans out there, pick up the T-Shirt/DVD bundle.

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