Sunday, May 26, 2013

Arrested Development Strikes Back Today

Since Arrested Development is one of my favorite comedies ever I wanted to mention this even though it isn't horror or exploitation related whatsoever - although there is a guy from Saturday the 14th involved, that's kind of scary. Anyone who has been with this site as long as I have (if such a person exists) might remember the early days featuring a lot of bitching from me about Arrested Development being canceled prematurely. As I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of, the show has been resurrected by Netflix and all 15 episodes are up at once starting today.
I personally think that Netflix putting up all episodes at once might not be a great idea financially. I have Netflix, so they're getting my $8 a month already, but I think tons of AD fans are going to just sign up for free, watch all the episodes within a month and cancel the trial before they get billed. So Netflix might think "well, we didn't make any money from that show at all, we won't be doing any more of those."

If you're not on Netfix already and want to check out the episodes click here to sign up for a free month.

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