Tuesday, May 07, 2013

4-Movie All Night Horror Marathon from Scream Factory 8/20

Their first 4 movie set was a total blast, I can't wait for this one. Releases August 20th, and like the last set will retail for $9.99.

THE VAGRANT (1992) with Bill Paxton, Michael Ironside and Mitzi Kapture
THE OUTING (1987 aka: The Lamp) about a murderous genie stalking victims in a museum!
SCHIZOID (1971 aka: A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin) directed by Lucio Fulci
THE GODSEND (1980) From Cannon Pictures starring Angela Pleasence (yes, Donald’s daughter).


Dick said...

Wow, Shout Factory doing some Fulci ! It'll be interesting to see what version shows up here. These 4 packs are great.

phelpster said...

I believe it's the AIP US R-rated version from what I can gather on the Facebook page. I'll be ordering one as soon as the link goes up


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