Friday, December 22, 2006

The Morgue Wants try and help me out with some requests.

Thought I'd try my luck and see if anyone happens to have a few things I'm looking for. Well, things I'm looking for, and things I've had requests for that I couldn't fulfill. If anyone has any of these let me know. If you upload it yourself I can make a post with it, or just send me in the direction of a site you find it on, if you do. Whatever works for you. Also, if you're here to make a request you can check on my links, my Rate Your Music list is there, so you can see if I have it first. So, here's the list, which as of this update is alphabetized.

Action Jackson
American Flyers
An American Werewolf In London, music by Elmer Bernstein - Got it!
Bare Knuckles
Brainscan - Got it!
Buio Omega (Beyond the Darkness)
Cav. Costante Nicosia demoniaco, ovvero: Dracula in Brianza, Il
La vergine di Norimberga by Riz Ortolani
C.H.U.D. or C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the CHUD
Children of Dune - Brian Tyler
Dead Presidents
Doctor Faustus by Mario Nascimbene
Doppia Faccia by Nora Orlandi
Dracula A.D. 1972 by Michael Vickers
Dracula Père Et Fils (1977) by Vladimir Cosma
Dune Miniseries - Graeme Revell
Elmer Bernstein - Stripes
Elmer Bernstein - Spies Like Us
The Eye (Pang Brothers)
Femme Fatale
Grand Canyon by James Newton Howard
Goblin - Contamination
Mama Dracula by Roy Budd
Major League
Miami Vice
Murder By Death
One Missed Call
Phenomena (Creepers) - I have the score, but Bill is looking for the one with Iron Maiden and Motorhead.
Polar Express
Private Eyes
Profeta, Il by Armando Trovajoli -
Profumo di donna by Armando Trovajoli
Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever
Roller Boogie
Slaughterhouse Rock - if a bootleg edition exists out there somewhere
Slugger's Wife
Spring Break - Got it!
Tender Mercies
Tokyo Decadence by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Twins of Evil by Harry Robertson

I'm adding to the list as I get comments, so if you're looking for something leave a comment. I'll try and help you find it. Or maybe someone else will be kind enough to share it.


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Anonymous said...

"Nella stretta morsa del ragno" OST is here:


nomwl1 said...

Hi Phelpster!

Thanks so much for the mention! I hope it goes as well over here (if you enjoy chaos, that is......just kidding). Some of the titles you mentioned seem familiar, but maybe I'm just thinking of the movies. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them though. :))

buck135 said...

Hey, speaking of rare requests, anyone have Grand Canyon (The Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Steve Martin movie) Soundtrack? I can't find that anywhere.

phelpster said...

Wow, cool, got one already. Thanks for pointing that one out to me, I used to visit there daily before the hiatus he went on. I must've missed that one.

phelpster said...

nomwl1 - Hey no problem, I like helping one of my fellow Bloggers out, send some more visitors their way, and I know you've mentioned me once or twice. Plus your site's name is really fun to type, so it's not a problem at all. I seriously doubt my little request thread is going to get anywhere near the 700+ mark yours was at last time I checked, hopefully I can at least hit 100.

phelpster said...

buck135 - I don't have that one myself, but when I update the site tomorrow I'll add that to the post so maybe someone else will have it. Plus I'll keep an eye out for it myself for you.

stapleton said...

I have the rock n roll high school sung by PJ Soles

It has to be heard to be believed!!!

Vince said...

Actually there's 3 versions of the Creepers soundtrack, other than the score.

Italian LP:
Phenomena - Claudio Simonetti
Flash of the Blade - Iron Maiden
Jennifer - Goblin
The Quick and the Dead - Andi Sex Gang
The Wind - Goblin
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Valley - Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor
Sleepwalking - Goblin
Locomotive - Motorhead
You Don't Know Me - Andi Sex Gang
Jennifer's Friend - Goblin
The Maggots - Simon Boswell
The Naked and the Dead - Andi Sex Gang

The Italian CD had the same tracks, minus Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The US release has Goblin's Transmute instead of Andi Sex Gang's You Don't Know Me, and doesn't have the Frankie track either. ASG's You Don't Know Me will appear on his upcoming Best Of CD.

Michael said...

I've got GRAND CANYON at home (though I'm not home now, as I'm visiting people for the holidays). If you still need it I could try uploading it sometime after Jan. 8th...

Anonymous said...
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phelpster said...

Michael - Sure, I still haven't found Grand Canyon yet, and I haven't seen it pop up on any other site. So if you upload it then let me know, I, and buck would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have the OST for Halloween 6: The Return of Michael Myers? I *think* there were 2 different scores for it (due to the 2 different versions of the film out there... neither good may I say)... one with the traditional Halloween music, the other with electric guitars and such.

Either one would be spectacular, seein' how it's the only score from the series I'm missin'.


Anonymous said...


I am looking for the following film soundtracks....

An American Werewolf In London, music by Elmer Bernstein and not the Meco Impressions of.

Friday 13th
Roller Boogie

Would be much appreciated


Steve PMX said...

Hey I love your spot, Phelpster. I'm in VA too (Annandale) so I'm syked to find someone with such dope interests parallel to my own from the same state. Keep doing what you do! Peep my music blog if you get a chance:

Just upped Part 3 of my James Brown tribute mix series....

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

The website is great but I have a really daft question. What do I need to open / read / listen to an RAR file?


phelpster said...

You need a program called WinRAR. All the music files are MP3s but instead of putting them up one by one you just RAR the folder and it keeps them together. It's the same thing as a .zip file pretty much.

You can get get a free 40 day trial version at It's $30 to buy after the trial, but it will still work after the trial ends, I've had mine for like 7 or 8 months now and I haven't paid anything. You just get an annoying little message that pops up when you open a file, but it's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff !
does anyone have by any chance Ryuichi Sakamoto's OST for Tokyo Decadence (Topāzu 1992 dir Ryu Murakami)
finding it quite elusive indeed - thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I came across this blog of yours on YouTube and it's absolutely fantastic! Can't believe how many horror movie soundtracks I don't own!

Anyways, I was actually curious to see if you by some chance have the DEMONS 2 soundtrack? I've been searching for it for some time and was able to secure a copy of the soundtrack for the first film but have had no luck with the second. Hope you might be able to help me out with this as I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm alittlevoice on YouTube, I'll check back here in a few days to see what's up if I don't hear from you on there.


Chris M.

phelpster said...

Thanks, glad to know you enjoy the site! I know Demons 2 was on Skunkape's Crap, but it's been deleted. I can check some of my old discs and see if I have it, I can't remember if I actually grabbed that one when it was up. You could also ask over there for a reupload, but I know he hasn't posted in quite a while. Might be worth a shot though.

Chris said...


I sent him a comment, hopefully he'll repost it. I have literally been looking for this soundtrack for over 5 years now.

Thank you very much for the info! Oh and if he for some reason doesn't reply, if you have it, would you mind listing it?


Jason said...

Hi Phelpster. I just posted my first comment on your site on the "Lone Wolf McQuade" section. I forgot to mention thanks so much for the very rare "FLETCH" soundtrack. I wanted to also let you know that the 5th track of the "Career Opportunities" score is corrupted. Any way we could get a new file? Thanks a lot and have a sweet day.

Jason "Freycanthrope" Frey

phelpster said...

Hi Jason, I checked out track 5 of the Career Opportunities and it seems to be fine, something must've happened when you downloaded the file, I've had that happen before. But to save you the trouble of trying to download the whole thing again in hopes that it works I went ahead and put the track up on Sendspace. Here's the link:

Check that one out, and let me know if you have any problems with it.


Anonymous said...

can get ahold of that Demons 2 soundtrack let us all know! I had got from different sources like all the songs minus one. they sound good but i'd like a rip of the CD from one source myself. If the person at the manchester morgue would like to see a list of my soundtracks we can try and get in touch by email as i have some pretty rare stuff. Horror movies and sci-fi and fantasy also. An example would be my Space Camp ost cd or friday the 13th part 3 vii and viii and jason goes to hell. The Gate, Hocus Pocus, Heavy Metal 1 and 2 both scores and ost,Predator 2, Runaway w/gene simmons,Robot Wars, yes i even have all 3 movie soundtracks of the neverending story cd's including the german score. please don't boo me for that last one lol

Jordan said...

Hey Phelpster

Thanks for the MST3K movies, i love them they are great. I was wondering if i could get more of them. Maybe some from their Later seasons? Thanks Alot
My email is
since i dont have an account on here.
Thanks aot

phelpster said...

jordan - I'll be putting up a new episode soon, I've got it halfway uploaded, so expect it this weekend.

tristeele said...

Hello- I was wondering if anyone had ever seen a release of The Sluggers Wife or American Flyers? I would be willing to share two very obscure ost's. 1. Radioactive Dreams and 2. Band Of The Hand if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Hi looking for Hellraiser 3's soundtrack and score do you have it also is there a soundtrack for Night Angel available

jason said...

Howdy Phelpster. I don't know if you had noticed my comment on your Friday 13th Part 6 post rambling a few things a couple of weeks ago. I know we are all busy rats in the race. I am here at work and just wanted to follow up and see if you want to let me know how to upload some sweet rarities to either your site or to you so you can post it. I could start with a couple of single songs and then some whole albums. I have some awesome stuff and I wanted to also let you know that after you had stated that you wanted to find Tuesday Knight album, I bought an unused cassette of it off of the internet to digitize. Let me know what I should do and how you're doing in general. Good to hear you have today off.
Also, do you have a way to contact the guy who posted about finding the Demons 2 soundtrack because he says he has the score or soundtrack to THE GATE - I want that one bad!

Take care,


phelpster said...

Jason - Hey! Yeah I got that comment, I meant to respond in that post but I totally forgot to do it. Sorry about that. I'm doing pretty well, not great, but pretty good.

The best way to share anything with me would be to just upload it somewhere and then leave then link in this thread. Rapidshare is quickest for me since I have an account, but, Megaupload, or Sendspace are good as well. Pretty much any site will do, except Axifile, I never get that site to work. If you put the link here, I'll get an email letting me know, and as long as it's not available to buy I can post it. I'd leave my email here, but I'm afraid those Spam Nazis will jump on it and go crazy emailing me stuff about earning money and improving my genitalia, or whatever those people used to send me.

I really appreciate anything you want to share, but I would absolutely love to hear the Tuesday Knight album, so please let me know as soon as you get it finished. I've been looking for it forever now, so I'd really be interested in that one, and you'd be my idol if you help me hear it, if that helps.

Oh, almost forgot, I'm not sure how to contact the guy with The Gate soundtrack. Sometimes anonymous posters will leave a link or something, but no dice with that one. Hopefully he'll read this and post again. But I'll add that one to my "lookout for" list.

Talk to you later,

Anonymous said...


jason said...

Hi Phelpster. Glad to hear you're at lest doing well enough. I am doing well myself except for those damn emotions mostly early in the morning or late at night because I don't have my girl - women: can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em - ARRRGGHH! We're men so we have that to be thankful for right outta the gate! Anyway, yeah man I'll try to digitize the Tuesday Knight cassette this weekend. Also, after reading the info you gave me yesterday, after work I went ahead and created my own blog page to join you guys in the sharing ranks! I thought that I might just give back with my own time and money a little like you guys and it seems pretty easy to maintain so what the hell! I also want to promote all of you as well. I have the page created already and now I have to decide what site to use for the file uploading. I guess any of the ones you mentioned would do, so maybe you can give me an idea of your route on monthly/yearly costs and anything I should know to make it all optimum and cost efficient. How long the files are/should be available, what seems most stable without danger of lost data or deletion, etc.... Hope your day is going well bro.

Talk soon,


Sharkysmachine said...

Hey there, love your blog. I have gotten so many great socres here in the last few days and I really am enjoying them. Couple of things. I would love to have "Straw Dogs" the link has been pulled. Also, do you or anyone you know have "8 Million Ways to Die" by James Newton Howard? I love it and have found a cover for it but no where can I find the track. It is a GREAT score for an underrated film. Otehrs I am looking for. "White Dog" by Morricone, "Femme Fetale", "Miami Vice" Score, "The Polar Express" by Silvestry.

One other thing, "Baron Muchhaousen" stops expanding leaving only an empty folder on the desktop.

phelpster said...

Jason - Great! I'm always happy to know I'm one of the people partially responsible for inspiring someone to start up their own site. I'll add you to my links when I update later on today.

Rapidshare is around $13 a month, but there's a special deal right now making it closer to $10. And of course the more months you do at a time, the lower it goes per month. I like using them because the downloads are fastest from them, in my experience at least. Also, if you pay your files are supposed to stay up until you end your account. I'd say about 70% of the files I've downloaded have been from Rapidshare, so having no download limit is well worth the money. I downloaded almost 4GB of stuff in a day last week. The problem with Rapidshare is if someone doesn't think it's right to share the music you're sharing, even stuff that's out of print or that's never been officially released, all they have to do is report the link to Rapidshare and they will delete it without question. I think all the sites I visit have been hit by these guys at least once, I lost 40 files in a 2-day period several months back.

A way around that is to try and use a site like or and get a link from there instead of just using the direct Rapidshare link. It helps a little at least. Also using weird file names that have no description is a good idea. For example instead of "Footloose OST" try FtLsSt or just random stuff like 2k3jksij33, something hard to decode like that.

You could also use Filesend, little slower to download from but I've never had a Filesend link deleted. I don't know how much it costs monthly, or how long files stay up, but I've got some that are still up from like 4 months ago.

Hope that helps, if you've got any other questions, feel free to ask. Oh, and I look forward to hearing that Tuesday Knight album, and good luck with the site.

sharkysmachine - Sure, I'll put Straw Dogs back up sometime this weekend. Let me download Baron Munchausen and check it out, I'll see if I can fix the situation and reup it if necessary.

I have White Dog somewhere, actually I got it from this site:, link is still up from the looks of it. I'll add those others to the list later on.

jason said...

Hi Chris thanks for all the info! I'm actually going out of town today until Tuesday evening so when I get back into town I will try to decide on which to sign up with and use. I will digitize the Tuesday Knight album during next week. Have a sweet weekend and thanks again for the ongoing friendship and support!

Talk soon,


phelpster said...

Jason - Great, I look forward to it! Just let me know if you need any more help in the future with anything.

Sharky - Hey, when you extract Baron Munchausen the password is:

I swear I redid the RAR with no password when I reupped it, that soundtrack has given me so many weird little problems. I think someone is playing an elaborate, mildly funny joke on me, but only with that one soundtrack. It's driving me mad. Anyway, try that password, and if it still gives you trouble report back here and I'll figure something else out.

dahulk12 said...

phelpster, LOVE your site! I love finding sites like yours by accident! Sometimes it pays to be bored AND browsing! LOL
Hope this is the soundtrack you were wanting. I didn't make these MP3s, I only found them. These were made from a cassette. This is the movie soundtrack for SPRING BREAK (1983) with David Knell and Perry Lange. I have looked for this soundtrack on CD and I am starting to believe it has only been released to record and cassette. (Besides, I'm still waiting for the movie to be released to DVD). Link to SPRING BREAK soundtrack:

To download, click the PLUS (+) signs.
One thing I have noticed with this soundtrack is that they use 38 Special's song "Caught Up In You" in the movie (loved that part!) but it is no where in sight on the soundtrack records and cassettes.
Also, I have a confession to make: I have downloaded about 10 soundtrack albums so far from your site! I am waiting for some of my own soundtrack CDs to arrive this week in the mail. When they do, I will definitely come back and share with you and everyone else. These are soundtracks I haven't seen on your site yet! Until then...

phelpster said...

dahulk12 - Thanks a lot, really glad you like the site! And thanks a ton for sharing the Spring Break soundtrack with me! I found the .38 Special track (which is a damn fine song by the way) so I'll go ahead and post that one in a bit here. When your CDs arrive, if you want to share that would be great! You can just post the links here like you did with Spring Break if you want.

ben said...

Hey, phelpster, great site. I stumbled onto this site a few weeks ago and it's in my essential daily sites I check now. Thanks for putting up so many great STs.

I was reading above that you pay $13 a month for the Rapidshare, etc sites. I was wondering whether or not getting your own space at a host might be more affordable and easier than the file sharers. My web host offers 200G of space and 2500G of transfer (per month) for $6.95 a month, and I know that there are quite a few similar deals around. I'm not sure what Rapidshare offers, though. I can give you the name of my host and a couple others that are similar if you want to drop me a line at: gumboenator at

I just hate Rapidshare and their ilk, and you could easily keep the blogspot and just use your space for storage and transfer, or get yourself some fancy new digs and move up to WP or Drupal! I would be more than happy to help out with technical issues if I could, as well.

dahulk12 said...

dahulk12 back as promised! The CDs I was waiting on finally arrived! I ripped these @ 320 kbps because I have DL some soundtracks @ 128 or 192 and the voices sounded tinny and the music "hallow". Also, I upped these to Megaupload because some of the STs are over 100 MB. Megaupload was 500 MB. Also, some people has trouble DL from Rapidshare in other countries, I am told. I will let you add more links to Rapidshare, if you like.I included scans of CD covers whenever possible.
I will let you DL and post the soundtrack song/music listing as I don't want to use up more space for this post than needed.
Movie soundtracks:

1. A Little Romance(1979) (Georges Delerue)

A Little Romance ST won 1979 Academy Award for "Best Score"

2. Creepshow(1982, 2003) (John Harrison)

This is for the 1982 George A. Romero/Stephen King movie, with a couple tracks John did for the TV show, Tales From The Darkside

3. John Carpenter's Halloween 2 (1981) (John Carpenter & Alan Howarth)

I love this "more Progressive/aggressive" theme version. Cool organ sound! Cool cover scan of the Skull/pumpkin painting for those who want it.

4. John Carpenter's Halloween movie soundtrack 20th Anniversary(1998)(John Carpenter & Alan Howarth)

Newer expanded version than original. Now includes more tracks and dialog from the movie. I have ALWAYS loved the music for this movie. CREEPY!

5. John Carpenter's The Fog movie soundtrack extended (1979,2000)(John Carpenter)

Again, love the music theme from The Fog! Cool, creepy sound! Also includes four new tracks than original release and bonus interview with Jamie Lee Curtis.

6. Shadowlands (1993) George Fenton)

This soundtrack is getting harder to find, as I have had numerous people ask me for it. Very beautiful. I love Veni Sancte Spiritus. Plus I like the actor Anthony Hopkins.

7. THE BIG BLUE(1988)(Eric Serra)

Love the movie and the soundtrack. Love the track Synchronised Instant.

8. The Exorcist(1973)(vaious composers)

I'm including this one because this is the original release, NOT the RErelease. The newer RErelease does NOT include Tubular Bells because of licensing problems.

9. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966, 2004) (Vic Mizzy)

I found this one by accident, as I didn't even know it was recently made into a soundtrack CD. I love both the movie and soundtrack. Love Vic's haunted organ tracks.

10.The Haunting (1999) (Jerry Goldsmith)

Loved the movie up until the end. I love the original 1960's movie and music as well.

11. The Thing(1982)(Ennio Morricone)

Very Hard To Find movie soundtrack. Is selling on Ebay for about $100-150. Soundtrack gives the feeling of isolation, as the men in the movie feel. VERY effective soundtrack!

12. XANADU (1980)(Olivia Newton-John & Electric Light Orchestra)

I'm including this one as I have now DL 12 STs from your site. This will make us even. Also, this is newer remastered reissue. Sounds better than first released CD (Yes, I own that one too) and also, the cover is printed better with better graphics. The first issued CD look like it had a sun-faded cover as soon as you bought it. Plus, I LOVE Electric Light Orchestra!

OK, that's it for now. Do what you want with these phelpster. Hope you can use any/all of these!

I saved the links if you need them again.

phelpster said...

dahulk12 - Wow, you are awesome! Thanks so much for stopping back by to share those links! Especially the Ghost and Mr. Chicken and The Thing. I'll definitely download them all, a couple are available to purchase, so I wont make posts with those, but I'm certainly going to use some of them to post on the site. Probably use one or two today even. Thanks alot, I really appreciate you doing that.

ben - Hey, that might be worth looking into. Right now I pay for Rapidshare because a lot of stuff I download is on Rapidshare, so I get to host my stuff but also download a ton of stuff from other sites, so I don't know if I want to switch over though. Like I mentioned before I sometimes download like 3 GB in a day, so I definitely keep busy downloading, so I think it's my best bet at the moment. said...

Does anyone have the song "Please Answer Me" by Broken Edge from the Karate Kid soundtrack? I once found this song a long time ago so I know it exists. Please email me if you do! Thanks.

Bond22 said...

Hi I like you blog

can you please repost

Bruce lee Dragon story
final destination 2/willard

check out my blog

Bond22 said...

I would like to request

Randy Edelman: Anaconda

jason said...

Hi Phelpster! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I have not forgotten about the Tuesday Knight cassette transfer. I have players here at work but I am looking into finding a semi-cheap cassette player that has digital output for and even cleaner digitized signal (I have other cassettes such as "Silver Bullet" that I need to digitize as well). Also, I am finding out if I can host files on my blog to share from my website's FTP instead of Raidshare, etc. I'll let you know when I get my first share file up. If you'd like to add my link to your list, at least everyone can keep an eye on my blog and anticipate some good stuff.
Hope all is going steady and strong for you my friend and that you're not getting too distracted by your "career oppurtunities" shared by a co-worker with a bosom that resembles Jennifer Connelly's.

Talk soon,


phelpster said...

bond22 - Look for Final Destination 2/Willard in a little while, and I'll try and get Dragon up today as well. I'll check around for Anaconda for you, and I'll add it to the list.

Jason - Hey, site looks good! I can't wait till you get it going, I'll add you to my links in the meantime. Very nice of you to mention me on there, means a lot to me and I wish you the best of luck on the site.

dahulk12 said...

phelpster, dahulk12 here. Maybe I just might have something you want! I have tracked down that record album of the Friday the 13th score for movies 1, 2 and 3! I don't know if this is the one skulla posted on his website THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB as most/all of his links are dead. (TRUST ME, I tried them! I was REALLY trying to get the American Werewolf In London score by Elmer Bernstien (more on that later!)
This record album was released when Friday the 13th part 3 was released. The album cover had a painting of Jason in 3-D and included 3-D glasses. I included a picture of the album cover. It's kind of small but you'll get the picture (pun intended!)
PLUS I will included something else I came across you might like. I found the ACTUAL instrumental piece called 'Fly Away, Little Bird' by Harry Manfredini!!! This is the dreamy synth and drum instrumental that played at the end of the first Friday the 13th movie when Alice is in the boat in the morning after decapitating Mrs. Vorhees and Jason jumps up and pulls her under the water! Here are the files:

As always, I saved this link and the file. If this link goes dead, let me know and I will check back and upload it somewhere else you choose.
Something else I found was a webpage talkiing about the scores for the Friday the 13th movies I think you might like to read. There is a link (STILL ACTIVE!) where you can download the ultra rare Friday the 13th part 6 score. Get it while you can! I have saved this file as well and will post it if you don't get the chance to DL it. The link to the web page:

Last but not least, I MIGHT have tracked down a person who MIGHT have DL the American Werewolf In London score by Bernstien before THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB's links went dead. Chief Brody has the score but he listed many reposts he was going to do for people - AWIL was not one of them. Darn it!!!I will keep checking back though.
BUT another person had a chance to DL the score (before the links went dead) so I will see if they have an email link so I can get a hold of them and ask them if you can have the score also to use on your blog. Cross your fingers! Hopefully I can get a hold of this person and he is willing to SHARE!
I have DLed both Frances Lai's scores for Bilitis and Emmanuelle 2 so I am trying to repay you with the scores for Friday the 13th and American Werewolf In London (OK, actually I want them also! LOL)! I will check back soon.

Tony said...

Hi there i was wondering if you have it could you post the soundtrack to the 80s film "Street Hero" which has Vince Colosimo! It has some really great 80s tunes in it! PS: Cheers for all the great albums theyre awsome!

monster said...

Hello there

I`m monster and I requested as anonymous the following soundtracks......

Friday 13th

An American Werewolf In London - Elmer Bernstein and not Meco Impressions of

Roller Boogie

I am now able to log on properly and would like to say a very big thank you that you were able to help with the Friday 13th soundtrack.

I will willingly help with any requests where possible.



dahulk12 said...

monster, dahulk12 here.
You are welcome for the Friday the 13th score!
I put in a request at the blog 'You don't have to visit this blog'. They have a section for only requests. So I will continue to check back there. If/when someone posts any links and I have a chance to download it, I will return to this site and share here. I'm sure phelpster will DL the file and share on his site, as the links for this music file are dying out.
Be patient for the "American Werewolf In London' Bernstein score. It's just a matter of time for someone to see the request and to be willing to share. Most music I have looked for I have eventually found, even some music I WASN'T looking for I have found!
Keep checking back here at the Manchester Morgue! -dahulk12

jason said...

Howdy Phelpster my friend! I just finally posted the 1st music share link on my blog. Go get it man and please add me to your link list so others will find me. Dude, I am buying a certain kind of audio cassete deck that has better circuitry than a regular deck off of ebay so I can get even better sound digitizing Tuesday Knight's cassette and the Silver Bullet score, among others. I will still be figuring out my upload sharing choices with further posts but I promise to have another one to tide all over tonight or tomorrow.
Could you let me know how to add the extra page to my blog so folks can make random posts or requests like on this page? Also, I have a cool banner that I'd like to add at the top of my blog but I'm not sure how you got yours added into the html or however you did it.
Oh and, I think I had read in one of your posts about the movie Session 9 - yeah, that is a newer film that scared the fuck outta me and had residual effects for over a week. Have a great weekend man.


jason said...

Hey Chris thanks for writing the response post on my blog - you were the first! Thanks for adding me to your link list bro. I just posted another rare piece of music so go check it out! Talk soon.


dahulk12 said...


As promised: the Elmer Bernstein score for AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON!
phelpster, if/when you post this, will you please give credit to Olaf and Ronnie C. over at 'You Don't Have To Visit This Blog' for stepping up to the plate and answering my posts. They both were very nice and generous. Link for AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON OST -Elmer Bernstein:

I understand that there are going to be "deletion-Nazis" but thats a shame someone has to go through so much just to look for an OOP or obscure piece of music. Anyway, hopefully you can and will post this and others can grab it and use it and share it with others. ;)
Also, just a heads up - I have found SILVER BULLET (Steven King) on two different sites but, unfortunately the links were dead. So the music is out there. Hopefully Jason can get his copy up on his new blog.
One more thing, I have looked for the "soundtrack" for ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER for you but keep coming up empty. I have read more than once an official ST wasn't even released. I don't know.
The only thing I have found was a song called ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER by The Pursuit Of Happiness. I'm assuming that this is the title song for the movie? If you want this song and you don't have it, let me know!
Last, I have searched AT LEAST 30 music blogs looking for music and you would be surprised how many other blogs mentions your site or has your site in their links. Just thought I'd let you know! Keep up the great work, phelpster. Don't worry if you miss a few days here and there. This should be a past ime or hobby, NOT a full time job. Don't burn yourself out. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much dahulk12.

I`ve been after An American Werewolf In London for 20 odd years and now you`ve been so good to find it on this great site.

Much appreciated


phelpster said...

dahulk - hey, thanks a ton for helping me out with these requests. I really appreciate it. Wish I could repay you in some way for helping me out. Yeah, I'm thinking a R'n'R High School Forever soundtrack doesn't exist either. I could've sworn I saw it on eBay once, but the fact that nowhere has ever mentioned one being available makes me pretty certain it doesn't exist. It's a shame, I really like that Dare
Dreamer song The Eradicators play, but there is dialog during the scene in the movie so I can't really rip it.

Yeah, I've seen the site listed on other sites, and it's exciting everytime. I've actually seen it mentioned on a couple non-Blogger/Opera sites like The Horror Blog, puts a smile on my face everytime.
Makes me happy knowing people like the site and stop by even though they have to read through my rambling attempts at comedy to get to the music. Anyway, I'll be posting AWIL today, so again, thanks a lot for the link.
Do you want me to credit you by name for the help? I wanted to ask because I did it before for someone and they asked that I not mention their name.

dahulk12 said...

phelpster, thanks for the reply. Naw, you don't have to mention my name. I wasn't doing any of this for the recognition. I just wanted to give back the same amount I *took* from you. Thats just who I am. Whenever I go out with my friends, one friend will buy movie tickets and popcorn, then after the movie, I pay for food at a restaurant, another friend will fill up the gas tank, etc. So I always like to *return the favor*, help each other out.
You won't believe me, but even though I have heard of a "blog", I had no idea all of you share so much music with each other. In only one week it feels as if a veil has been lifted from my eyes and I have seen a new side to the Internet I have never known. All of this is a new experience for me. I always pictured "blogs" as people locked away in their rooms complaining about their life and the world, something along that line. I avoided them. WOW! I was totally wrong!
I love scary movies and their scores, mostly John Carpenter. I am not a thief but, at the same time, you wouldn't believe how many times I had been tempted to pay for an OVERPRICED CD or import. I probably have about 20 albums DL just this week. So I am grateful to have "accidentally" stumbled onto your site and other blogs. I will definitely check back here every now and then to see how everything is going with you and your site.
One last thing, keep writing your "ramblings" as that helps people to see a little bit of who you are. I think that is what blogging is really about, right? ; )

dahulk12 said...


you won't believe this but now NOMWL1 , who runs "You Don't Have To Visit This Blog" has now got ahold of me and sent ANOTHER file of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Evidently, what I was sent the first time was what someone had already opened the folder and removed the songs they didn't want(?). There were tracks missing. NOMWL1 has now sent the COMPLETE "AMERICAN WEREWOLF" SCORE!

I wonder if it would be possible for you to just replace/switch links from the old file to this more complete file. Or maybe post the "missing" tracks? I'm sorry for this mix-up! I've never had this score before so I was unaware of how many tracks were to be included. SORRY! :(

Sincere said...

Hey man, great site and your doing a great job. Can I get a re-up of the ennion morricone citta violente soundtrack. Its been deleted by rapidshare. I would also suggest maybe going to another site for uploads, like mega or zshare?

Anonymous said...

Great job-some terrific posts. Is there a chance you could repost "Cannibal Ferox" and "Requiem In Blood"? I was so excited to see these listed, but unfortunately, the links are dead, and I've been looking for both of these for a while. Thanks.

phelpster said...

Did you mean Cannibal Holocaust? That one should still be up, the site I had to use to hide the link is kinda confusing, try this:

I'll get Requiem in Blood back up later on tonight.

Anonymous said...

I was actually looking for "Cannibal Ferox", which is a lot like Cannibal Holocaust. I must have seen it on a different blog - my mistake. I'll be looking forward to Requiem In Blood. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

what a great blog!!!!!!

does anyone has the soundtrack of "Abre Los ojos"?? (not the original score).

I'm also searching for the OST's of "Vampyros Lesbos" (With bonus tracks), "Get Shorty", "Infernal Affairs", "Se7en"...


Anonymous said...

Does anybody have the Dragon the Bruce Lee Story soundtrack? I would really appreciate it.

phelpster said...

I just got Dragon back up. I think it might've been you who requested a reup before, totally forgot to do it, sorry about that. I'm updating the post, but here's the new link that I'll be using in case you come to this post first.

Anonymous said...

The person who wanted Dragon before me was a different person. Thanks for that link.

Anonymous said...

Phelpster what an amazing site.

I don't know if you can help me I'm trying to find music by a composer named Gus Russo. He did the music score for a movie called Brain Damage (1988) (Frank Henenlotter)

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

yeah! amazing site!!!

i'm also searching for the OST of "Vampyros Lesbos". the one with the bonus tracks

thanks in advance

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Phelpster, thought you'd like to know that the Mama Dracula review is up over at my blog.

Anonymous said...

hi there!! great blog!!!

can you please repost GERT WILDEN - Schulmädchen Report?? can't find it anywhere... I searched a few blogs, but couldn't find it... please??? do you also have the other Gert Wilden soundtrack "I Told You Not to Cry"???

much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Can someone post or tell me how to get the soundtrack to "Tender Mercies" with Robert Duvall. Also, the soundtrack to Bachelor Party.

Franco said...

You might consider adding the Tourist Trap (1979) O.S.T. to your soundtracks catalogue. Here it is just in case:


Anonymous said...

Hey i had a request for the Manchester Morgue or anyone who knows what this is :)

I been looking a long time to find this, supposedly it's from a rare horror score of some kind but i still haven't been able to find it. I put the clip on zshare (it'll start playing when the window opens) and does anyone know where it's from? Thanks if anyone can check it for me!

Anonymous said...

i'm searching for the "pop-shopping" compilations... does someone know where i can find them???

phelpster said...

2nd to last anonymous - Not sure what that one is from. I've listened to it a couple times and it's not ringing a bell. Hopefully someone else is familiar with it and will be kind enough to let us know.

anonymous directly above this post - I don't have any of those at the moment, but I'm on the case. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking it and making a front page request Phelpster, i do appreciate it! I was originally going to send you an e-mail about it, but couldn't find your address on the blog...

Joe said...

By the way the last anonymous poster is me who asked about that clip...i just mentioned that since i checked your requests list and have 1 of those soundtracks you need. Is Polar Express the 2004 Tom Hanks movie? If so i just uploaded the soundtrack and here's the link...

Greg said... you mean such as this one?
I found it a month or so ago and couldn't believe I had found this because my mother had this particular one when we were kids!

Anonymous said...

@ Greg: yes it's such a compilation, but with German songs...

The Godfather said...

hi!! first of all, congratulations with this amazing blog!!!
I wanted to request a soundtrack if possible: Luis Balacov - Il Grande Duello.

thanx in advance! greetz...

The Godfather said...

oops, a mistake, it' Luis Bacalov :)

Anonymous said...

Hi man!

This blog kix az! But could you post the soundtrack of film "Zombie Flesh Eater" or "Zombi 2" by Fulci (the soundtrack is by Fabio Frizzi).

Thanx man!

Anonymous said...

ZOMBIE FLESH EATER is the alternate video title for the third BLIND DEAD movie....and there is no soundtrack for those films, unfortunately. Great music in the BLIND DEAD series, but it's never been recorded (that I know of).

Greg said...

Speaking of "The Blind Dead"....
THE BLIND DEAD - Music themes by Antón García Abril


ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY (1945) - 3 music tracks

Greg said...

Here's a Halloween-related promotional soundtrack:
THE 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN (2001) - Family Channel/General Mills cereal promotion

Anonymous said...

nice blog!!!

just wanted to ask if someone knows a link where i can download soundtracks to 60's & 70's porn movies???

Greg said...

Here's a blog where (if you use the search there for "porn" or "adult"), he has posted the soundtracks to Deep Throat (2 versions) and a collection of themes from various porn films of the 70's:

Greg said...

Here's a compilation someone put together from various sexploitation films:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the soundtracks but they are not the one I'm talking about. Don't you know the movie "Zombie 2" by Lucio Fulci? The soundtrack is by Fabio Frizzi. It's an italian movie! It would be very nice if someone can find it...

Greg said...

Yes, I know that film (have it on DVD), but my Blind Dead reply above was in reference to that film's alternate title "Zombie Flesh Eater" (which is how I have it on DVD) for the third film which was titled "Ghost Ships of the Blind Dead" (aka Horror of The Zombies). You were asking about two movies....I only knew about the one.

Anonymous said...

Looking for one piece from Thomas Newman, simply called "Love Music" from Whoopi Goldberg's "Jumpin' Jack Flash" motion picture soundtrack. If anyone could post that one piece it would be much appreciated, it's great composition.

Greg said...

Aha, okay....I looked up ZOMBIE (aka Zombi 2) and saw that the British title was "Zombie Flesh Eaters.....hence my confusion. Gotcha now. :-)

Greg said...

For the first time ever!
THE MIDNIGHT HOUR (1985) - Brad Fiedel and Various Artists
Songs from the cult classic tv movie, plus segments with Brad Fiedel's score. 320kbps.

Creepy Little Boy said...

Hey man, awesome, awesome site.

Could you upload the OST to Hardware? Dying for it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, first of all, great blogs here... all this great, hard-to-find music made easily available. Thanks a million.

I have two rather obvious requests - one is the original Night of the Living Dead OST (which I downloaded from another blog but the mp3s wouldn't work)and also the brilliant soundtrack to Mario Bava's shock (aka Beyond The Door 2). (The latter was recorded by Il Libra, a group which contained two Goblin members and has the trademark Goblin sound, so it's a must-have!)

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Greg said...

Night of the Living well as George Romero's three sequels....can all be found here:
On that page are links for each of Romero's zombie films soundtracks. When you click on one, a new small window opens up with a link for each track. You have to click and download each track, but they're all there.

phelpster said...

Creepy Little Boy - I didn't have time to log in and repost the new link, but this is the new one for Hardware:

Greg - Thanks a lot for posting those links here, lot's of cool stuff there. I'm looking forward to checking out the Midnight Hour one.

To the anonymous requesting Zombie 2 - I actually do have that one, but it's not complete, and it's really shitty quality (it was ripped at 96 kbps) so I'm trying to find a better version before I post it.

To the anonymous requesting Shock - Don't have that one but I'll add it (and several others that have been requested lately) to the list next time I update the site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks phelpster. I hope you''ll find the Zombie 2's soundtrack, it would be so great!

Greg said...

Here's something I upped tonight which horror afficianados might enjoy:
Radio Spots - Horror Movies

Joe said...

Hey i asked about a clip here last time and i had another one i wanted to ask about if that's cool...supposedly this is from a 70's Italian giallo but i don't know which one though, thanks if anyone can check it for me!

phelpster said...

Anonymous Zombi 2 requester - Okay, I found a Zombie Fleasheaters soundtrack, but I wasn't 100% sure what version of it I found so I didn't want to make a post of it just yet. The track list doesn't match up with the ones listed on SoundtrackCollector, so I'm not sure. So here's the link, please check it out and come back and let me know if that's the one you were looking for. I'd love to post it on the main page if it is, so the same goes to anyone else who reads this and might know:

phelpster said...

Greg - Cool stuff, thanks a lot! I just left a comment over on your site, love those old radio spots.

Joe - I really like that one, but sadly I'm not sure what it's from. Sorry I can't be more helpful, hopefully someone else will be able to figure this one or the last one out.

Joe said...

I'm hoping someone knows where those 2 are from as well haha, i do appreciate you checking it out anyway though phelpster!

Greg said...

I listened to some of these ZOMBIE tracks, comparing the running times and/or the track titles with the listings on, and what Phelpster posted appears to be a compilation from two or more of these various releases, not just from one of them. Add to that the first track, since it has dialogue from the intro of the film, is clearly a DVD rip.

Difficult to verify which tracks are from which release, since running times can vary slightly by a couple of seconds (depending on the program used for the ripping and other factors), and also the fact that some of these tracks appear to have been retitled or even possibly broken off separately from another track (hence the reason "Voodoo Rising" almost matches the "Dead On Main Street/Voodoo Rising" track listing), not to mention that the first release listed at simply has tracks listed as "Seq. 1", etc., so it's hard to say which is from which.

Again: My belief is this is a compilation from the various issues.

Greg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greg said...

Redux (Link in my deleted posted was messing the page width up here)...

More Zombie/Zombi 2 madness:

Did a quick Google Blog Search, and found these two pages which had tracks from the ZOMBIE score. This page:
Has what's described as a "remix" of the main title's actually the same as Track 2 of what Phelpster posted, except it runs a few seconds longer because there isn't as quickly of a fade-out at the end. Nothing "remixed" about this one (direct link to what's a file-hosted page for the MP3 is Fabio_Frizzi___Zombi_2_Main_Theme__Remix_.mp33 ).

This page:
33° Episódio (#33) - 26.10.2006 - HALLOWEEN v.1.0 - Parte 2
Has a Halloween mix which contains what's described as the "Zombie (Skeeter remix) (2003)". This file is unfortunately only 64kbps in mono, but the direct link is here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting the soundtrack of "Zombie 2"! I don't know how many versions there are but I know there is a compilation with "Zombie 2" and "Cannibal Ferox" soundtrack. Here's a pic :

It's written that the songs are remastered, I don't know if the ones posted by Phelpster are remastered... But if someone can post a link about this compilation, It would be very very very kind!

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, thanks for the NOTLD d/l links... i don't have anything about that Zombi 2/Cannibal Ferox compilation, but I did find Cannibal Ferox online somewhere and my Zombi 2 dvd has got the soundtrack on it, perhaps I can extract it.

No word on that Shock soundtrack yet?

Greg said...

Which release of ZOMBIE do you have? The original Anchor Bay, or the Blue Underground issue? (I have the AB disc)

Greg said...

I did a quick Google search, and saw that the Japan Shock release does indeed include the entire soundtrack score....Depending on what program you use, you can indeed extract the soundtrack from it to post. Here's the first page I found with the info about the included soundtrack:

Greg said...

Something for fans of early 30's horror films:
DOCTOR X (1932) & MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (1933) - Bernhard Kaun

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the Pino Donaggio score from Body Double?

Greg said...

(1931 - Guiseppe Becce & Bernhard Kaun) Plus BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935 -
Franz Waxman)

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, I do indeed have the Japan Schock DVD. I have extracted from the DVD before but never separate soundtracks, would you know any programs that do this?

Greg said...

Depending on which program you use (I use ImToo's DVD Audio Ripper in most instances....but it doesn't handle DVD audio-only tracks, which is likely what you have), there ARE freeware programs out there, but your other option would be to play back each track and record off the sound card on your system (something I've done before too).

phelpster said...

Update on the Zombie 2 situation. While looking through some of my stuff I stumbled upon my long lost Cannibal Ferox/Zombie soundtrack CD-R. It's the one that the anonymous poster linked to here:

So, I've ripped it but I want to check it out thoroughly before posting to make sure there are no skips or anything. I'll give it a listen tomorrow when I get up and as long is the tracks a skip-free I'll put it up tomorrow.

Crash 517 - Sorry, don't have that one at the moment, but I'm on the case. Expect to see if here if I locate it.

Greg - I wanted to thank you for your help in my request thread here, and for posting the links to the stuff you've been putting up. I went ahead and added your site to my Morgue Approved Links list, something I meant to do before now, I'm just terrible about remembering to add new sites. Thanks for checking out that other Zombie link I put up, definitely appears to be a compilation just put together by someone. This one I'm going to post tomorrow appears to be the one the main requester was after. Hopefully at least.

Greg said...

Just added the Morgue to my links also. :-)
Yeah, that Ferox/Zombie disc is one I saw over at According to the listing there, Tracks 20-25 are from ZOMBIE.

Happenstance said...

Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Femme Fatale" is here:

Anonymous said...

Anyone got the soundtrack to "The Night Evelyn came out of the Grave" by Bruno Nicolai?

Greg said...

MUMMY (1932) - Unofficial Complete Music Score Soundtrack

Greg said...

The Fearless Vampire Killers - Krzysztof Komeda's score to the Roman Polanski film

squidracerX said...

Hey, great stuff Phelpster, I was just getting a hold of you for two things; one to let you know that track 11 on "at 250 miles per hour" that i found on your site had some glitches in it at the 2:25 mark and on, maybe it was just my copy, just thought i'd let you knw :) And two I just watched "Gore Gore Girls", and it had a great soundtrack but i can't find it anywhere, so this is the place I thought i'd ask around at, anyone have it? thanks!

Greg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greg said...

I'm working on creating a GORE-GORE GIRLS rip from DVD....In the meanwhile here's something else I just finished which horror fans may enjoy (320k DVD rip):

BLACK CAT (1934) - Unofficial Complete Music Score Soundtrack

Greg said...

Coming Soon (probably later today):
AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948) - Unofficial Complete Soundtrack with
Frank Skinner's score and all the dialogue

Commander said...

Hey, Phelpster!

Wow...just discovered this site thanks to a friend of mine. Amazing selection you got here. Don't know if you or someone else might have access, but I'm looking for "The Two Jakes" soundtrack by Van Dyke Parks. I hear it was part of a 2-movie CD alongside "Wild Bill". Any help would be most appreciated!

Greg said...

SquidracerX.....this will be up a little later on tonight (DVD rip at 320k):
GORE GORE GIRLS (1972) - Unofficial Soundtrack with Music by Herschell Gordon

Koorosh said...

hi ..

may you reupload "Bilitis" OST on ?

thanks in advance.

Greg said...

GHOUL - Unofficial Soundtrack Compilation of Cleveland's legendary tv horror

Greg said...

Will have this up either later tonight or early tomorrow:
MANITOU (1978) - Lalo Schifrin's complete score (with dialogue & sound effects)

Greg said...

All in 320k (unless I forgot about one):

(1979) - John Williams

OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) - 30th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack

Greg said...

3-D (1983) - Howard Blake promo score release (192k)

Greg said...

70's Disaster Film Scores (most are CD ripped at 320k):
(1970) - Alfred Newman

1975 (1974) - John Cacavas

(1978) - William Kraft

ALLEY (1977) - Jerry Goldsmith

(1974) - John Williams

HINDENBURG (1975) - David Shire

(1979) - Laurence Rosenthal

POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) - John Williams

TOWERING INFERNO (1974) - John Williams

manucosma said...

In first of all you blog is amazing !!
I've got "Dracula père et fils " from vladimir cosma , are you still interested ?

manucosma said...

I'm looking for:

thanks in advance !

phelpster said...

manucosma - Thank you, really glad you like it! I'm very interested in Dracula père et fils if you want to upload it somewhere and send me the link. I still haven't found that one, so I'd really appreciate it. I don't have Contamination or Patrick, but I will let you know if I come across them.

Greg said...

I'm also interested in "Dracula père et fils" (aka Dracula And Son) that incredibly funny film!

Greg said...

By the way....anything from Anonymous who has the DVD soundtrack (not yet ripped, though) for ZOMBIE?

manucosma said...

@ greg
@ phelpster
Vladimir Cosma
Dracula père et fils

i can't find back the link for
BEYOND from Fabio Frizzi
anyone have the link ?


Greg said...

I just checked/searched for that BEYOND post and can't find it....Phelpster, what happened?

Thanks for the DRACULA post, but I thought you had an entire soundtrack album of all the music. What album/CD did this theme track come from? Soundtrack Collector only has a 45rpm single listed containing two music tracks from the film, on this page:

Greg said...

Actually, I did find this, but it's not the BEYOND-specific post that was up, and the download link in this one is dead, Phelpster:

Greg said...

Oopsie wasn't here, but here that I had seen THE BEYOND:
52 Zombies & 1 Bullet

manucosma said...

@ greg
this track is "Dracula fils"
i have only this track..sorry
only a 45rmp have been edited
i took it from the compilation
"les plus belles musiques de film de Vladimir Cosma vol 2"

Greg said...

Thanks for it's a neat piece of music from a funny film. :-)

Please...oh please said...

I need...the Burbs.
It may just very well complete me!
I will love you long time. It has hence forth been deleted since I have came to your eeelustrous site. Please get back with me. forever a manchester morgue fan (and yes I'm kissing ass),,, Joe

Anonymous said...

great site and thanks for some great OST's...
I'm searching for the score of 'Dead Presidents' by Danny Elfman. one track is on the ost-album an some others are on "music for a darkened theatre"... who can help me??

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm searching for 'a doppia faccia' by nora orlandi.

phelpster said...

please...oh please - I don't have the Burbs on my computer right now, but you can find a more complete version over on You Don't Have To Visit This Blog. I checked the link and it appears to still be working.

Greg said...

Just saw the comment above in regards to opening RAR files....You can also get the free program ExtractNow, which handles ALL forms of compressed file formats (zip, rar, etc.). You can either open the program and drag the compressed file into the program window to extract it, or what I did was to associate the .rar extension on my system with that program. All I do is double-click on a rar file and it opens up in the program....then I extract the contents.

Greg said...

LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (1973) - The Complete and Unedited Score by Brian Hodgson & Delia Derbyshire

DREW (1938-1939) - Music themes from the original film classics

Anonymous said...

Would love the album: "Twins"

Anonymous said...

I love your blog SO much! I just got the CHOPPING MALL tunes you uploaded and it's so furkin' amazing. Do you have the CRITTERS soundtrack? Preferably that one main track they play while the Critters are causing havoc? It almost sounds like the CHOPPING MALL main theme.

Mom Smackley said...

Have you happened to ever find soundtracks for MURDER BY DEATH or THE PRIVATE EYES? I've always wanted the music to those movies...also, um, that was me before posting about CRITTERS. I'm still trying to figure out this Blogger site. I think I mistakenly created TWO accounts. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know if an official soundtrack exists... but there was a film in 88 called SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK which featured the music of Devo & Toni Basil.

If there was a soundtrack. I want it!!


john said...

hi, thanks for this extremely cool site.
I was wondering if someone could help me find the dune miniseries soundtrack by graeme revell and the children of dune soundtrack by brian tyler.

manucosma said...

192 kbps

I'm still looking for
from Goblin

Anonymous said...

does someone have the soundtrack of "The Long Good Friday" by Francis Monckman???


phelpster said...

eric/mom smackley - I don't think I have Critters. I saw it on a site not too long ago but I can't seem to remember where. I'll let you know if I remember the site. I haven't seen the other two you're looking for anywhere, but I look around and see what I can do.Don't feel bad about having two accounts, I've actually got two Manchester Morgue sites, the other one has never had anything posted on it, but there are two on my "dashboard".

anonymous Slaughterhouse Rock requester - There was never a soundtrack released from that one (which is odd since the movie was proud enough of the soundtrack to put "Killer Soundtrack By Devo!" on the cover). But I checked around and someone said that two tracks from the movie are on the album Total Devo, but I don't think the other stuff is available anywhere else. If you want to try and find them the song titles from the end credits are The Only One, Man Turned Inside Out, Set Me Free, and Part of You.

john - I'll check around and see if I can locate either of those for you. I'll add those and the others request recently to the official list when I update the site again.

manucosma - I actually have La Chiesa on the site already, you can find it here.

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Critters was posted by 52 Zombies & 1 Bullet here. He also posted Critters 2 (he got this from me).

manucosma said...

@ phelpster
thank you very much for the link

Anonymous said...

Hey Phelpster!

Could you PLEASE repost the OST to Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story? I've been looking everywhere for it!!


Regardless, love the site. Keep up the great work. Happy Fourth of July!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I don't know if it's just me but the Dragon: Bruce Lee Story OST you reposted doesn't download completely. It stops at 97% and closes due to malfunction.

Is there anyway you can upload this using something other than rapidshare. Maybe it's just that the file is corrupted.

Let me know. I've been looking everywhere for this soundtrack.

Thanks again for your help!

Anonymous said...

Forget what I just said! I tried downloading the Dragon OST again and it worked!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really am incredibly grateful.

Been looking everywhere for this and you, thankfully, delivered.

Once again, great site! Thanks for your generosity. I'm so happy right now!

Greg said...

320k rip from the isolated DVD score:

THING (1982) - Ennio Morricone's complete score

Anonymous said...

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ??????? i have been looking for Umberto Lenzi's Seven Blood Stained Orchids..... can find it anywhere ........ i would love for anyone who knows where i could get my hands on it to email me at said...

@ anonymous: i've uploaded the OST from "The Long Good Friday".

can someone please help me find the Danny Elfmann score of "Dead Presidents"?? please??

Addam said...

hey, i saw on your post "the saw is family" 08-2006 you had a broken link of the texas chainsaw massacre 2. i was looking for both the score as well as the OST. do you have a working link? thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, it's been far too long since you've posted a MST3K episode. Bring on Joel, bring on Mike. The fate of the world depends on it. OK, not really but it would be cool nonetheless.

phelpster said...

xMaradona - Thanks for uploading The Long Good Friday. I really appreciate you helping out with that one, thanks!

Addam - I'll get that new link up for you later on today or tomorrow.

anonymous MST requester - I'm working on getting a new episode uploaded right now. Sadly it takes a really long time to actually upload them so it might be later tonight, or maybe even tomorrow morning before I have it up. It takes about 2 hours for each part and my internet likes to just stop working numerous times a day so it's a bit frustrating trying to get one up, otherwise I'd put these up pretty frequently. This one will be a Joel episode, since I don't think I've put a non-Mike episode up yet.

Greg said...

Anything yet, Phelpster, from the Anon who has the ZOMBIE dvd with the isolated score? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey bud,

Any chance you can repost the MONSTER SQUAD soundtrack???

I've been aching for it and you're the only one who has it on their blog.

Thanks a mil,


phelpster said...

Greg - Nope, still haven't heard anything back about the Zombie DVD. He's probably busy or something I guess, hopefully we'll get it eventually:)

Last anonymous - Actually Monster Squad is still up on my RS account, I used some weird site instead of to hide the link. But here you go, that's the link to the RS download. But let me know if you can't use RS for some reason, I'll put it up somewhere else.

Greg said...

Well, if need be....I have it on a CD-R and can post the Monster Squad soundtrack, including both songs from the movie.

BTW.....have you heard that Intrada is going to be releasing the Broughton score on an official CD at last? They're talking about it over at, and I posted there that I've already had it for a few years now. Quality is just the same as it would be off the upcoming release....I checked the Intrada site and the running time of the entire release is identical, but it WON'T include the two songs, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Are the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Promo scores around, or Escape from the Planet of the Apes? Thank you.

Greg said...

BUFFY promo scores ARE around, but I can't recall where I've seen them. EFTPOTA is also around.....I have it.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of an escape post? Thanks

Greg said...

Here's a link I dug up for you (still works):

Escape From The
Planet of the Apes (1971) (Jerry Goldsmith)

Greg said...

....and in case you're interested, this is the Planet Of The Apes soundtrack which includes a 17 minute suite of music from Escape:

Anonymous said...

thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Buffy soudtracks on Industrial Cocktail, but could not download for some reason. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Stoned Age

Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Manucosma, thanks a million for the Shock OST.

I have yet another request - does anyone here have the soundtrack for Aristide Massaccesi's Beyond the Darkness/Buio Omega? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hello there and i want to ask you if you can find the Soundtracks of the Asian Horror Movies of the Next List...

One Missed Call (Chakashin Ari) 2004. This is a Japanese One directed by Takashi Miike.

The Eye (Gin gwai) 2002 This One is a Chinese movie and is directed by Pang Brothers

I try a lot to find it but i cant find it... And you have a lot of OST and maybe you can find it. said...

does anyone have soundtracks of Michelangelo Antonioni movies??? I only have blowup...

UniversalHorror said...

Great blog here....Keep up the great work!

Looking for only soundtracks from Universal horror classics? I just started my own blog for just such soundtracks:

Krug+Company said...

hey phelpster!

i love your soundtrack blog. it's one of the best out there. i go here daily. and the compilations you made are phenomenal. i recently made a blog of my own for soundtracks and music. give it a visit and check it out. i have your site on my favorite blogs on the site. also thanks for the blog rating link. i just got my blog rated and it's the same rating you got. awesome. anyway here's my blog addy:

hope you enjoy your stay at the crypt! :)

sc bilbrey said...

I just found this blog it's great!!
I found this by looking for the Fright Night Soundtrack. Would it be possible to repost the file?
And is the Critters soundtrack availble for download anywhere?
I wish I had something from the list to contribute.

brian said...

Hi Phelpster! Thanks so much for all the great shares. I was wondering if you or any other lurker 'round these parts has the Return of the Living Dead II soundtrack? If so, I would greatly appreciate it.

phelpster said...

Just wanted to apologize really quick for no responding to you guys for while. I've been exhausted pretty much all summer for no real reason and I haven't been keeping up the site as much as I'd like. But I'm trying to spring back into action here, so I'll start by responding to some requests here.

Anonymous looking for Asian soundtracks - I don't have either of those, but I'll definitely let you know if I find them.

Universalhorror - Hey, off to a great start there. Really like what you're sharing there. Thanks for adding me to your links, I'll do the same for you next time I update the links.

Krug+Company - I really like what you've shared so far as well. I appreciate you stopping by to share the link, considered yourself added to the Morgue Approved links.:)

sc bilbrey - I'll get that one back up, check back tomorrow or Thursday and it should be back up. I saw Critters on a site a while ago, but I can't remember the name. I'll check around and see if I can find the site.

Brian - Looks like ROTLD II is still up on this here, but let me know if the link is dead, I'm pretty sure I downloaded it from there and probably have it around here somewhere.

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

The Critters soundtrack is available at the 52 Zombies & 1 Bullet blog here.

He also has Critters 2 here.

Anonymous said...

could someone please re-up Werewolf In Unnecessarily Short Gym Shorts : A Manchester Morgue Compilation? one of the best covers i've ever seen plus it's got a pretty nice tracklist..

brian said...

Thanks for the quick response and link to ROTLD2!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found out your blog, and it seems you're the one who could help me with a rare OST, that is stuck in my mind for years. It's the 1986 "No Mercy", by Alan Silvestri (with Kim Basinger & Richard Gere). I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

sc bilbrey said...

phelpster, Thanks so much for putting up Fright Night again!
And thanks to Erick Monsterama2000 for the link to Critters. I'm glad to get the Critters score, but it didn't have 'Power of the Night' on it, so I still need to get that song.

bryan said...

Hey there! Just ran across your site and it is AMAZING!! I love the work you've done, this site is a cornucopia of rare soundtracks. I'm addicted. Anyway, I'm curious if anyone has the following:

Dennis Michael Tenney - Night of the Demons (title sequence music)

The song that plays over the opening credits in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. I assume the name of the song is "Fear in the Darkness" but I'm not certain nor do I have any idea who the artist is.

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead soundtrack. That song "Chains" by Lorraine Lewis is SO catchy.

I've got the Phenomena sndtrck but need those Andi Sex Gang songs very badly.

Also, it's not a soundtrack but I'm desperately seeking the album "Transatlantic" by Jon St. James (musician/producer and whatever else on SSQ/Stacey Q albums.)

OK, one more (sorry). The song "Body Talk" by Sandy Farina from the Toxic Avenger. It plays over the opening credits.

If anyone has these I'd be forever in their debt. Thanks!!!

Charlie Brown's Best Friend said...

What about the original soundtrack to the original CARNIVAL OF SOULS from 1962?????? I want that soundtrack really really really bad.

Logan said...

Heya P, Could you please re up INFERNO? thanks:)

Anonymous said...

hi great site!!! found a lot of interesting OST's in here...

does someone know where i can find dvd-ripped audio-commentaries, especially from criterion editions...

much appreciated

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of such a thing....primarily because the whole point of a DVD commentary is for one to listen to it while watching the movie in question. It would be kinda pointless and lose a LOT to listen to a commentary all by itself without watching the film.

xMaradona said...

@ anonymous 1: i also don't know such a site...

@ anonymous 2: not all audio-commentaries are scene-specific, so you can listen to some on your mp3-player (i've done it sometimes... ) and maybe the 1st anonymous has already the dvd, but it's probably a version without commentary... criterion commentaries are rather exclusive and the criterion dvd's are expensive to import outside the US... so i can understand a bit the 1st anonymous...

but back on-topic: does anyone have soundtracks to italian crime movies of the 70's?? the so called polizieschi/poliziotteschi??


manucosma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shadymoon said...


I have the Grand Canyon.

I will Post The Links Later Today US Time Or Tomorrow.


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