Friday, December 22, 2006

George A. Romero's Day of the Dead vs. Vanilla Ice is 'Cool As Ice'

Okay, this is kind of a collaboration I have going with the newly founded Covered's Place. These few were soundtracks I had requested for him to put up and he said it was cool to just use his links to them, so I'll put them up here unless he changes his mind on that. Be sure to swing by and check out the site, plenty more stuff to check out, I'm just putting the stuff I requested up. There's usually a few new things added a day.

This is the music from my personal favorite of Romero's Dead Trilogy. Well, I guess it's a "Quadrilogy" at this point, isn't it? Still my favorite.
I don't know, I just really like the film. The effects are just outstanding, Dr. Tongue immediately comes to mind, and Joe Pilato is a great bad guy. I think it's an all around great film, though I understand why Dawn would be the more popular of the trilogy. Random trivia, the actor who played everyone's favorite zombie, Bub actually appeared as Elaine's "Fat Starving Artist" on the Junior Mint episode of Seinfeld. Let's go watch them slice this fat bastard up.

1. The Dead Suite (19:39)
2. Breakdown (03:50)
3. Escape Invasion (03:56)
4. The Dead Walk (04:51)
5. If Tomorrow Comes (03:37)
6. The World Inside Your Eyes (02:29)
7. Deadly Beginnings (07:25)
8. Diner of the Living Dead (01:39)
9. Dead Calm (01:53)
10. Bub's 9th (00:36)
11. Dead End (21:39)
The Dead have waited. The day has come:
Fuck You Sir!

I'm saving the best for last here, Vanilla Ice's feature film debut, the current holder of the #23 spot on the IMDB's Bottom 100, a reliable source if there ever was one, Cool As Ice. Directed by the man who brought us Inspector Gadget and a shitload of Playboy videos. My question, how in the hell is Sinbad not in this movie? Also, didn't they rip off that motorcycle/horse scene from Top Gun? While I'm on roll with the questions, didn't Adaptation also rip that off for the "technology vs. horse" bit? What happened to Ice's "metal" image he created for himself years after the kibosh was put on his rap career? So many questions, so little actual concern regarding the answers.

01 - Cool as Ice
02 - Gonna Catch You
03 - You've Got to Look Up
04 - Luve 2 Love U
05 - People's Choice
06 - Never Wanna Be Without You
07 - Forever
08 - Faith
09 - Drop That Zero
10 - Get Wit' It

When a girl has a heart of stone, there's only one way to melt it. Just add Ice:

Thanks again to Covered's Place for letting me post these, be sure to click the link above and give his site a visit, like I said, a lot of great stuff you will want to check out.


Covereds Place said...

hey you

always a pleasure to share, help and give.......that's me!!!

keep checking the blog for more of your wishes lol.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this guys, listening to the "Day..." soundtrack now, really glad to have this.

Juan J. Espinoza said...

Day link appears to be broken..


Any chance of a re-up for Day & Cool?

Lori said...

Okay, it must be said. You're awesome! I now have something to listen to at work!!

Thank you!


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