Friday, December 22, 2006

Norman Orenstein - American Psycho 2

This is Norman Orenstein's music from the uh, film American Psycho 2. One of the greatest all-time "cash-in with nothing at all to do with the original" sequels. Okay, the movie is more or less a complete shit-pickle, so by "greatest", I mean worst offender. The movie stars Mila Kunis and William "The Shat" Shatner, and was directed by Morgan Freeman! Okay, Morgan J. Freeman, not the actor. It's a shame though, the other Morgan would've been far more interesting. In the film Mila Kunis is Rachel. When Rachel was 9 years old her babysitter took her with her on a date with Patrick Bateman. Who brings the kid they're babysitting on a date? Seems like "Don't take her with you on a date" would be like number 2 in the "Things Not to do While Babysitting" Handbook, right behind "Don't let the kid die". Anyway, Patrick kills the babysitter and while he's not paying attention Rachel in turn, kills him. This prologue scene is like 34 seconds long and was totally tacked on after the film was finished to sell a few more copies.

As a sequel to the great American Psycho, it's completely shameful. However, by itself it's a fairly entertaining lite-slasher film. Mila Kunis gives a pretty fun performance and she's damn cute in a tiny little chick kinda way. Plus you also get The Shat hamming it up, both with his acting performance and with his physical appearance. Yep, I just made a fat joke at a 75-year old man's expense. I've just bought myself a ticket straight to hell.

The music is very fun actually. It's got a light-hearted feel that really reminds me a lot of Beetlejuice at times. Not on the same quality level, but it just sounds kinda similar on some of the tracks. I'm not familiar with Norman Orenstein's work, in fact his listing on Rate Your Music didn't even exist until I added it, but this one is pretty entertaining.

1. All American Girl (02:10)2. Rachael & Starkman (01:31)3. Get Gerty (00:43)4. Press Release (01:22)5. Killing Brian (01:54)6. Dr. Daniels 1 (02:02)7. Dr. Daniels 2 (01:48)8. Faster Women (02:53)composed by Norman Orenstein 9. Cassandra & Rachael (00:45)10. Rachael & Dr. Daniels (02:32)11. Stalking Keith (01:08)12. Starkman Investigates (03:25)13. Flashback (04:21)14. Security Guard (00:44)15. That Really Intense Girl (01:03)16. Daniels Phone (00:37)17. In The Bedroom (00:45)18. Rachael & Daniels Encounter (01:21)19. Stark Jazz (02:25)20. Daniels Investigates (01:33)21. Police Investigate (08:00)22. Quantico (00:21)23. Elizabeth McGuire (01:56)24. That´s The Story (00:58)25. Stuck With You (03:34)performed and written by Kelly Slattry

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