Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just One of the Guys

Someone requested this one recently and I just got it, so here it is. This is the soundtrack from the highly entertaining 1985 film Just One of the Guys. This one had a great cast. Joyce Hyser was good as Terry the girl, but just wonderful as Terry in guy form. Very fun watching her try to adapt to acting like she has testicles. Also two people from one of my favorite horror films, April Fools Day show up, Clayton Rohner as Rick Morehouse, and Deborah Goodman as Deborah. The movie also starred the highly attractive Sherilyn Fenn, Leigh McCloskey of Hamburger: The Motion Picture "fame", and William Zabka, who had the "80's bullying asshole" character down right from the start of his career.

I've always wondered how Terry was able hide a certain part of her body so well. When she flashes Rick Morehouse at the end of the film it turns out that Terry is, uh, quite....bossomy, for lack of a better word. Seems like that would've shown a little more in her guy get-up. Okay, I didn't wonder too hard, I'm sure she just wore a sports bra. And she's in a bikini early in the movie so you know what's going on there already. But still, you get so used to her being a boy when that part comes up and Bam!! It's a little startling. And being 7 or so when I first saw this, it was the coolest thing in the history of the world for that 2 seconds while it lasted. So here you go, enjoy. I'm off to watch the movie now, talking about it has me wanting to see it again.

1. Just One of the Guys
Performed by Shalamar
2. Girls Got Something Boys Ain't Got
Performed by Midnight Star
3. Tonight You're Mine
Performed by Ronnie Spector
4. Prove It To You
Performed by Dwight Twilley
5. Jealous
Performed by Berlin
6. Way Down
Performed by Billy Burnette
7. Burning
Performed by Brock/Davis
8. Thrills
Performed by Greg French
9. Hard Way
Performed by Brock/Davis
10. Guy Talk
Performed by Tom Scott

All balls itch! It's a fact!


Anonymous said...

It's great to see a 80's comedy movie soundtrack on here. I read on here that you love Rock and Roll High School Forever is there anyway of getting a hold of that soundtrack, i've been looking for that one forever. Thanx and keep it up this site is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic! And what a coincidence, I just downloaded a torrent for the Caddyshack soundtrack. But I can't find the soundtrack to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which I remember as being excellent, dude. Does anyone know where it is? I'll be happy to post the Caddyshack LP too, if anyone wants it.

phelpster said...

Not sure about Ridgemont, but I'd be interested in Caddyshack. If you wanted to uploaded it somewhere and send the link to me I could use the link and make it a post on the main page, giving you credit of course. If not I'd still like to have it, and I'm sure some other people here would as well. It's up to you, let me know.

Oh and enjoy Just One of the Guys.

phelpster said...

Sadly I do not have Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever. I think I found an LP of it a year or so ago on eBay, but I have no way of playing an LP so I didn't get it. If nothing else your post made me realize a DVD release of the movie had snuck past me earlier this year, so I'll be getting that for Christmas now. I will keep an eye out for the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive! :)

It's a fun soundtrack, at least if you're old enough to have been the right age at the time. I'm glad to finally be able to contribute something back, considering how many cool albums I've gotten off this site that I could never find elsewhere. The problem is I don't have a lot of stuff that's obscure and unusual that isn't already here!

Mulling through my music collection, some possible items are

the Addams Family TV show OST
Buck Rogers TV show OST
all John Carpenter OSTs
Local Hero OST
Mirrormask OST
The Mighty Quinn OST (great!)
Toys OST
the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes OST
Run Lola Run OST

I dunno, I just don't have much in the way of obscure except for cool stuff I've found here!

Anonymous said...

Oh heck, it cropped that long URL. Here's a tinyurl version.

Vinnie Rattolle said...

My appreciation for this one, phelpster -- I've wanted it forever! Was this released on CD? This doesn't sound like an LP rip, and you mentioned not having a record player...

phelpster said...

Awesome, thanks alot for the link! I've just posted it, which I'm sure you saw if you've come to the site and are reading this. I just credited "a reader", but if you would like me to use your name let me know and I can edit it.

You're welcome to send me any links you'd like, I'm always looking for music I don't already have. I think Toys, Buck Rogers and Mirrormask would be postable, I couldn't find any available for sale anywhere, not 100% though. Thanks again for Caddyshack.

phelpster said...

Vinnie - I got Just One of the Guys as a CD-R from a friend of mine a while ago, I'm not sure where he got it. According to Soundtrack Collector it's only been released as an LP, so I guess it would have to be from an LP, you're right though, doesn't really sound like it.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks so much Phelpster, it's a Christmas miracle. Thanks so much for posting this one.

G said...

thank you so much for posting this! i've been looking for this forever!!

Kristy Langford said...

This is a great soundtrack to a great movie! Thanks for posting it.

BTW, if you're still looking for the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack, let me know. I have the CD of it and can upload it for you.

phelpster said...

Sure, I'd love to have it. I think it's available on Amazon so I don't know if I should make a post of it but if you want to leave it here that would be cool. I love trying to point out to people that Angela Baker from Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 has a part in Fast Times, and that the girl who played her is Bruce Springsteen's sister, but nobody I know knows what the hell Sleepaway Camp is. It's a shame, really. That's some great useless trivia that I have noone to share it with.

Kristy Langford said...

Ok cool, I can do that. I had no idea that Pamela Springsteen was in Fast Times. I need to see that again. Did you know that she's in a movie called Fast Food? I love that movie...hehe!

The 80's rules!!!!!

phelpster said...

Yeah, she's only in Fast Times for a minute, she's a cheerleader, I can't even really remember the scene, I just know she was in it. I just read about Fast Food, it has Jim Varney so that's a plus. It also has Traci Lords in one of her first non-smut appearances, I must seek this film out immediately.

Kristy Langford said...

You should definitely see Fast Food. It's hilarious. I bought a used VHS copy at Movie Gallery for only $1.99. Now that was cheap!

seandonson said...

Scratch my previous comment... I found it, but its dead. Wah. Any chance of getting this back up?

seandonson said...

Thank you! A long search, now at its end...

phaota said...

This is one of my favorite 80s comedies and it has a great soundtrack. Though the official release is missing 7 extra songs. Took me awhile, but I have a near complete extended edition of this soundtrack with 18 songs, covering all of the tunes heard in the film. I got two songs directly from the music artists that did them, the rest I tracked down from online sources or LPs. Still missing one really hard-to-find tune by Neurotica called "Gone Too Far". Can't find anything by them. At least not the 80s group.

Anonymous said...

Hey, phaota, I am impressed. How did you get the 2 tracks? Did you email the artists themselves? Did you check out the website for the San Diego band Private Domain who made that rare song for the movie. The song wasn't even listed on their site or discography. Wow, I can tell you are a serious collector (this coming from a guy who was literally thousands of cds, dvds, games, etc.) let me know if you want to trade, heh heh? hope you're looking at this. email Hope this works!

Anonymous said...

This is such a good look! THanks so much! I have been trying to find this for a while. I was going to just buy the record and have someone help me rip it because it is NOT out there on CD...

So pumped!

Anonymous said... it not possible to still get this soundtrack?

Phaota said...

Yes, Brew, I wrote The Bonedaddys personally (or more exactly, King Cotton) and got the song needed directly from him (as well as a second tune needed for another soundtrack I was working on at the time. Wrote Johnny G. Lyon as well and got his tune. When possible, I try to contact music artists on hard-to-find songs for assorted soundtracks I'm working on and I have a massive collection (425 at this time, either officially complete or extended form, or incomplete due to rarity or never released). The problem with the missing song for "Guys" (that being Neurotica's "Gone Too Far") is that they don't exist. There is another group by the same name, but they are 1990s and up, and did not do the song. My e-mail is

Jeff said...

Hey phelpster!

I was referred to you by The Long Island Ripper for this soundtrack, which I have been looking for for years! Thanks so much for uploading it.


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