Sunday, December 31, 2006

Frank LaLoggia + David Spear - Fear No Evil

The1981 film Fear No Evil by Frank LaLoggia and David Spear. Fear No Evil was kind of a missed opportunity. In the film Stefan Arngrim is Andrew. Andrew as it turns out is Lucifer personified. For some reason he chose the body of some nerdy highschool kid for his visit to Earth. So, basically we have a Teenage Mephistopheles set lose in a highschool. Mayhem, homoerotic showering and eventually zombies, ensue.

LaLoggia's heart was in the right place with this one, but the film misses the mark in the long run. I think the film might've done better if they had gone with the working title, "Wussy Lucifer". I don't know, when I think of Lucifer and Hell, I think "Ultimate Evil and Unholy Darkness", you know, horned red guys torturing virgins, drinking the blood of virgins, and other evil activities involving virgins like depicted in all the 80's Metal album cover imagery that caused such a stir back then. When I see this guy I think "Man, if there were ever a guy who deserved a wedgie...."

This movie does feature a "death by ball" scene that predates the one in Deadly Friend by several years. Although this film uses a dodgeball and not a basketball. I think a dodgeball makes more sense though, I'm sure dozens of children over the years have met their fate at the business end of a dodgeball. Worst game, ever? Quite possibly. Speaking of that scene, how into it was that Gym teacher during the dodgeball game? "Get them!!! GET THEM!!! KILL HIM!!!!" I mean, I take dodgeball as seriously as the next guy, but come on, that was just ridiculous. Also, I dare you not to chuckle when our Lucifer exclaims "I am the life source! I shall be, like, the most high!". What? Like, the most high? Bill S. Preston Esquire as the profane incarnation of Lucifer. As goofy as the movie can get at times the music is actually rather well done, so while I can't really recommend the film I do recommend giving the music a shot.

1. EPILOGUE (06:00)2. MAIN TITLE (02:14)3. THE CHRISTENING (00:42)4. EIGHTEEN YEARS (00:55)5. BICYCLE/DAMON'S DEATH (03:13)6. MIKHAIL'S PRAYER (00:47)7. THE ISLAND (01:06)8. MIKHAIL'S LAMENT (00:57)9. BATTLE BALL/THE FUNERAL (02:36)10. GABRIELLE'S VISION (02:05)11. FOLLOW ME/IS HE THERE? (03:46)12. RAISE THE DEAD (01:25)13. PASSION PLAY (01:43)14. TO THE BOAT (01:06)15. KNOCKERS (01:10)16. FINALE (07:06)

If anyone has the soundtrack with The Ramones, Talking Heads, etc., please let me know, I'd love to have that one as well.

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Rocket From Mars said...

Hi phelpster---
Thanks for sharing this one. i remember seeing this movie in the early eighties at a great old seedy Times Sqrare movie theater (ah the good old days before they turned NYC into Disneyland) and laughing and screaming taunts outloud with the audience.
I love your site.
All The Best,
Rocket From Mars


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