Saturday, December 23, 2006

Twisted Sister - Oh Come All Ye Faithful

To celebrate the holiday I thought I'd share one the all time greatest holiday songs being completely desecrated by Twisted Sister. Featuring what appears to be Bobcat's brother Fredcat Goldthwait on drums. I'd like to thank Mike Nelson for that joke I shamelessly stole from him.
Thanks Mike!

My question, how come the girl in the video keeps her shirt on the whole time? What the hell? That's the rule, a video for this kind of music, women are there to lose their clothes at some point and nothing else, I know the 80's
Sister wouldn't have stood for this crap. I'm totally kidding by the way, in case anyone takes offense to that. One more question, did this
video need to be like 7 minutes long?

1 comment:

covered64 said...

lol well i love the 80s a lot, but i must say, twisted sister did not really change since they begun.

to you and all your friends



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