Friday, December 08, 2006

Body by Jake - Yes, there was a soundtrack.

Okay, this is probably the dumbest thing I've posted here to date. This one might even beat out Freddy's Greatest Hits. This is the soundtrack from Body by Jake, the 80's workout show featuring Jake Steinfeld, Chairman of Body By Jake Enterprises and one-time PCP ingesting movie maniac.

This is a collection of tacky pop/rock music that I guess a 100-pound, 40-year old woman clad in leopard print spandex, brandishing 5-lb plastic weights in either hand would've worked out to in 1988. My personal favorite is track 7, "Hard as a Rock", which has some hilarious accidentally porngraphic sounding lyrics. Enjoy?


Rotten said...

This has nothing to do with Body by Jake but more with Zombies, and hey, lets face it, who doesnt love em? But my question, well more of a request is this... Do you have the score for Zombi 2? and if you do would you be so gracious as to post it ASAHFP. That would be rad.

chihiro said...

please re-upload this. it would make a great difference for me and my friends if you did.
thank you!
chihiro, japan

moxiegallant said...


Please re-up if you can, I loved this when I had it before but my ipod died


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