Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode 610: The Violent Years

Okay, as promised, here is MST3K Episode 610: The Violent Years. A film written by Ed Wood and directed by the guy who edited Tarantula, so you know you're in good hands. The Violent Years is a film about some rich girl who is spoiled with money and gifts from her parents when all she wants is some affection from them. So her and her gang go around robbing and eventually killing people. Makes sense. Oddly the gang in the movie didn't seem to have a name. That's the best part of starting up a gang. I bet a good 80% of all gangs were started just because someone thought of a really good gang name that they didn't want to see go to waste.

I apologize for this not being up until now, I had it ready to post at about 3 this afternoon, which is the very time my internet inexplicably stopped working. Amazingly, shaking my fist violently in anger at the computer and calling it names like "Dickweed" failed to help the situation. 5 hours later it finally sprung back into action. It started working again as inexplicably as it stopped hours earlier.

So I had a chance to watch this one during the internet downtime. It is, in fact, a great episode. There is a short before the film, some weird ass sitcom-like electricity advertisement called Young Man's Fancy (which sounds like the name of some kind of spanking fetish magazine from the 40s). This short was absolutely hilarious, one of the all-time best in my opinion. Several lines made me have to stop the episode because I was laughing so hard. We then move on to the 1956 film The Violent Years, or "Penthouse Forum: The Movie" as it's referenced as at the start of some weird sweater theft/4 women on 1 man reverse rape scene. Hard to explain, but Mike, Tom and Crow are just on the whole time during this odd scene making it one of the funniest of the episode. The host segments were great too, minus one with Tom in a wig screaming for 3 minutes. Tom Servo's theme song he makes himself is funny as hell and Mike and Crow do a brilliant reenactment of the robbery scene from the movie. So, great short, great movie choice, and great host segments. I highly recommend this one.

As I said before, if you try TMPGEnc or Nerovision Express you can make a decent DVD out of the file. Not great quality, but very watchable. I don't have a cover for this episode, if anyone has a decent quality poster image or a DVD cover they can scan with art from The Violent Years I would appreciate it and I could make one. I just can't find any art of decent enough quality to use.

Three parts, you need all three to view the episode:

On a side note does anyone recommend or having anything negative to say about switching from "Old" Blogger to the Beta version? I was okay with sticking with the old version out of fear that switching would mess up the site somehow. But I saw Beta has some "Drag and Drop" editing feature that sounds like it might be cool. It's a bitch for me to fix stuff like the small dot in my banner, and the actual banner itself. Any comments on that would be appreciated.


nealsnow said...

Shaking my fist and calling my computer dickweed always works for me. You must not be doing it right.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

I'm on the new blogger and on the plus side it makes changing content and the template very easy. The other (plus?) is that everyone is going to have to switch eventually.

on the negative: there have been some teething problems - some of the blogs were inaccessable for a day a while back and for a day some of us lost the ability toupload pictures. These are, however, teething problems, as I say.

The biggest negative was when I first went to change the template. When you do this for the first time I lost 98% of my custom HTML and had to re-do the custom stuff from scratch. This also caused all my menus to run into one! I'd advice ensuring you have a text copy of your custom HTML code prior to switching.

phelpster said...

taliesin - Hey, sorry I forgot to reply back to this. Thanks for the response. I'm still not 100% ready to switch over yet, but like you said, we'll all be over there eventually. So I just set up a new template for now, as you can see.

One of my concerns, does anyone know if your url changes when you switch over? I'd hate to have to bug everyone and make people who frequent the site have to fix their links.


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