Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chuck Me - Chuck Lives!

This has never been an entertainment news site - and given my general sense of laziness it never will be - but since I am a huge Chuck fan and I had that Chuck petition up here, I thought I should probably mention this bit of news. Chuck has been officially given another season. But not until 2010, after the Olympics (the Olympics, are they still doing that?):

"NBC's shared time period strategy will kick off this fall on Mondays with the premiere of "Heroes" (8-9 p.m. ET) continuing with all originals before "Chuck" assumes the time period after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, which will be a powerful launching platform with its broad, female appeal and strong ratings as the most-watched event of the year. Using "NBC Sunday Night Football's" potent promotional platform, the new high-octane drama "Trauma" will debut Mondays (9-10 p.m. ET) with the epic event series "Day One" taking over the time period following the Olympics."

Full article can be found here

I hate to have to wait that long, but that is certainly better than cancellation. Now I suggest everyone who hasn't seen the show check out the first season, or the even better second season some time before 2010.

Check back later, I've got some new (old) music uploaded and I'll be posting later on today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ooky, Animated Volume 2

Here are 7 more episodes of the early 90's Addams Family cartoon. I know it seems like I'm running some kind of cartoon-centric site of late, but I assure you I have plenty more music and non-cartoon related material to put up after today's post.

The episodes:

Season 1, Episode 7: Sir Pugsley/Festerman/Art to Art
Original Air Date—24 October 1992
Season 1, Episode 8: Puttergeist
Original Air Date—31 October 1992
Season 1, Episode 9: F.T.V.
Original Air Date—7 November 1992
Season 1, Episode 10: Itt's Over
Original Air Date—14 November 1992
Season 1, Episode 11: Hide and Go Lurch/Hook, Line and Stinkers/A Sword Fightin' Thing
Original Air Date—21 November 1992
Season 1, Episode 12: Addams Family PTA
Original Air Date—28 November 1992
Season 1, Episode 13: Little Big Thing/Little Bad Riding Hood/Metamorphosister
Original Air Date—5 December 1992

The link:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Return of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Animated Series

And...I'm back. Back from my vacation which started with my car's A/C Compressor costing me $800 and ended with me getting a cold and coming home early. Good times. The memories, they'll last a lifetime. But enough pessimism from me, onto today's post.

I've actually gotten a couple of comments requesting more of the Killer Tomato cartoons, so here we go. This is episode 7-12 of the series. Again I've put them up on MegaUpload, so you can watch them directly from the site, or download them for a more convenient viewing experience.

Here's a list of the episode titles and their original air dates.

Season 1, Episode 7: Invasion of the Tomato Snatchers
Original Air Date—27 October 1990
Season 1, Episode 8: Terminator Tomato from Tomorrow
Original Air Date—10 November 1990
Season 1, Episode 9: Camp Casserole
Original Air Date—17 November 1990
Season 1, Episode 10: Spatula, Prinze of Dorkness
Original Air Date—24 November 1990
Season 1, Episode 11: Frankenstem Tomato
Original Air Date—1 December 1990
Season 1, Episode 12: The Gang That Couldn't Squirt Straight
Original Air Date—15 December 1990

Quick note, could the gentleman who is leaving Chinese spam on 10-20 of my old posts a day maybe cease with spamming my site in Chinese. People don't click obvious spam links in blogger comments, especially if they're in another language. I don't want to have to put the word verification on for the people who actually have real comments to leave but I might have to if this doesn't stop soon.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ooky, Animated

Today, I have 6 episodes of the Addams Family animated series that ran from 1992-1995. The 90's series features the voice talent of John Astin (who also worked on the recently posted Killer Tomatoes series), Rip Taylor and Carol Channing. There was another animated series in the 1970's, but sadly I don't have any of those at the time. If anyone does, guide me to them.

I've posted all of the episodes on MegaUpload. As a Rapid Premium member I usually upload there, but Mega is much quicker for uploading TV shows. Plus they have the MegaVideo feature which allows you to just watch the episode, so that's a cool bonus.

The link to the folder with the links to the episodes lies beyond...

In my last post I mentioned the Hideous Sexy book put out by Penny Dreadful. I'm very impressed with CreateSpace, a mere two days after ordering the book, my copy showed up. And this is with me choosing the absolute cheapest shipping option, so I highly recommend ordering from them. The book itself is gorgeous, Simon did an outstanding job putting this thing together. I know, I know, it just sounds like friendly ass-kissery on my part, but this book just looks incredible. I've only had it in my possession for about 90 minutes so I haven't had a chance to read any of it yet but how could stories with titles like The Scalpel of Hate and Nudist Gym Death Riddle not be amazing? I'll report back with more of the gory details when I've given it a proper once-over.

I thought someone out there might want to see the ad I made for the site that shows up in the back of the book. I made it in color and had to convert it to grayscale for the book. Somehow I screwed up and didn't save this one in color, so what you see here is the grayscale version as it appears in the book:
And here's another I made that I decided against using. As you can see I hadn't quite finished it up before deciding to go with the other, so try and ignore that all the text at the bottom is the same:

This will be my last post for about a week. I'm going on a trip to visit family/friends out of state, so I'll be unavailable to do any kind of posting here or on Space Bastard during this time. When I return, I'm planning to start doing more compilations, and post more movies/TV shows. In addition to my usually music/other random crap posts. So once I return expect to see more Addams, Cartoon Killer Tomatoes, You Can't Do That On Television.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Miracle Beach

This is Miracle Beach, one of my favorites I used to catch pretty frequently on HBO around 2 in the morning in the early 90's. It seemed like this always came on right after Dream On. Why I was up at 2 in morning watching Dream On and Miracle Beach when I was 11, I don't know.

Miracle Beach is comedy about a hot lovelorn genie starring Dean Cameron, Ami Dolenz and Pat Morita. It was directed by Skott Snider (yes, with a 'K'), you may remember his work on Playboy's Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Reneé Tenison, and Playboy: Wet & Wild II. Miracle Beach has been out of print on VHS for a good 15 years and as of this post it has never been released on DVD anywhere in the world. Shame really.

The plot, as written by some dude on the IMDB:
"A romantically hapless young man (Scott) has his life changed when he finds the proverbial genie-in-a-bottle, in this case a very comely lass (Jeannie). With Jeannie granting wishes left and right, Scott soon has a fine house, a wonderful car, and a chance to impress the girl of his dreams. But is this the way to true happiness?"

By traditional standards, this is not a very good movie. However, for some reason I really find it to be an enjoyable, and dare I say sweet movie - terrible 90's fashion aside. (Dean, is that a shirt or a Jamaican flag?) I think if you enjoy slightly fantasy based comedies with likable leads and a bit of heart thrown in for good measure, or you just like Dean Cameron and Ami Dolenz you should at least get something out of this one.

Star-Studded Things To Watch For:
Dean Cameron in the dorkiest "favorite hat" ever
Ami Dolenz - Cutest Genie since Jeannie
Pat Morita in overalls
Pre-She Alexis Arquette
Dean Cain one year prior to his big break with Lois and Clark. He was Clark.
Jim Miller as Himself, whoever the hell Jim Miller is
Afterbirth - Kings of Rock

While I'm here, I thought I'd plug a book some of you guys might want to check out. Simon, of the band Mary Shelley Overdrive has just published a collection of 16 pulp stories from the 1930's and 40's entitled Hideous Sexy: Giant Shock Show Vol. 1. For more info on the book, plus several others check out Penny Dreadful Books

He was kind enough to let me advertise my site in the book, so I thought it was only fair to return the favor and advertise the book here on the site. Plus, look at the cover, how could you not be intrigued? Readers of this site who are interested in purchasing a copy can get 15% Off by using the code NWSHAFU6 over at CreateSpace. Tell them Phelpster sent you, they'll know what that means.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Christina Lindberg

Here are a couple of tracks from Christina Lindberg's (of They Call Her One Eye, not this chick) short singing career. Originally released on a 45 in FIB Aktuellt magazine, these two tracks were bonus features on Synapse's recent DVD of Lindberg's 1971 film Exposed.

Allt Blir Tyst Igen (Everything Goes Quiet Again) (3:28)
Du Ar Min Enda Van (You Are My Only Love) (3:14)
Lindberg, baby. (I know, it's spelled differently, just go with it.)

If you're bored, check out Space Bastard for some shocking, terrifying and at times even a bit titillating movie posters. I went about a month without an update over there, but I'm back into a semi-regular posting schedule. Tell your friends.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Eden Log

Here's something cool I just stumbled upon. Seppuku Paradigm, composers for the 2007 French film Eden Log are offering up (most of) the score to the film here as a free download. Seppuku Paradigm's music was also featured in the wildly uneven 2008 film Martyrs, so if you enjoyed the music in Martyrs, give this a listen. I haven't heard this yet myself, but I'm downloading it now and thought I'd share the link.


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