Monday, May 04, 2009

Christina Lindberg

Here are a couple of tracks from Christina Lindberg's (of They Call Her One Eye, not this chick) short singing career. Originally released on a 45 in FIB Aktuellt magazine, these two tracks were bonus features on Synapse's recent DVD of Lindberg's 1971 film Exposed.

Allt Blir Tyst Igen (Everything Goes Quiet Again) (3:28)
Du Ar Min Enda Van (You Are My Only Love) (3:14)
Lindberg, baby. (I know, it's spelled differently, just go with it.)

If you're bored, check out Space Bastard for some shocking, terrifying and at times even a bit titillating movie posters. I went about a month without an update over there, but I'm back into a semi-regular posting schedule. Tell your friends.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesomeness... Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Lol thanks for the upload - after I went through the trouble ripping the songs from your site some time ago ;)
This should be better quality... haven't listened to them yet on my Exposed DVD.

Anonymous said...

(Sorry, I was referring to another blog, that only posted the songs through a player, without DL feature... so thanks again!)

Wendel said...

I'd love to check out "Space Bastard," but for some reason I have to run out and buy some batteries.

Anonymous said...

I would translate "Du Ar Min Enda Van" to "You Are My Only Friend".
Gret site! :D

Anonymous said...

Obviously it should say "Great". :P

Anonymous said...

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